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By HighYa Staff

Update: Like most things, products have a natural life cycle, and when they outlive their profitability they become "dead," or discontinued. This is a frequent occurrence with "As Seen on TV" products, and it's often the case that the only notice we're given of their passing is an inactive website. With this in mind, as of now it appears that Nebraska Slimdown is no longer being offered by the manufacturer.

Nebraska Slimdown is an “As Seen on TV” weight loss program that is claimed to help you lose weight, while still allowing you to eat your favorite foods, and to spend less time exercising. The product is also claimed to have helped thousands lose weight, and to be able to work for anyone.

Though Nebraska Slimdown was created by Ton Dean, “Nebraska’s weight loss authority,” the product is manufactured and distributed by Telebrands, who also makes the Hurricane 360 Mop, Wow Cup, Ankle Genie, and many more. Telebrands holds an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, despite having more than 1,600 closed complaints over the past three years.

Regarding Nebraska Slimdown specifically, it appears to be a very new product, so online customer reviews were non-existent as of the time of this writing. This would seem to be supported by the fact that the product’s URL was just registered in January 2014.

How Nebraska Slimdown Works

Nebraska Slimdown is a new weight loss program that is claimed to be based on “nearly a decade of research,” though it only consists of only a DVD and weight loss guide. In this material, you’ll be taught how to “think like a thin person,” “eat right and not be hungry,” and to help you control your eating by finding “your on/off switch.”

However, there isn’t any information on the product’s website that gives you an idea of how you’ll be able to accomplish this.

Nebraska Slimdown Pricing & Refund Policy

Nebraska Slimdown is only available through the manufacturer, and is priced at $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. For this price, you’ll receive the complete DVD and weight loss guide.

Nebraska Slimdown comes with a 30-day refund policy (less shipping and handling charges), though you’ll first need to contact customer service at 855-668-1655 to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Keep in mind that S&H is one of the primary methods of making money for “As Seen on TV” products, so by the time you pay for return shipping back to the company, you’ll be lucky to break even.


  • Claims to help you lose weight by “thinking like a thin person,” “eating right and not being hungry,” and helping you control your eating by finding “your on/off switch.”
  • Claims to have already helped thousands lose weight.
  • You can still eat your favorite foods, and complete only minimal exercise.


  • Provides no information on how it will help you achieve these benefits.
  • Nebraska Slimdown is an “As Seen on TV” product, which tend to have lower overall satisfaction ratings than other types of products.
  • Refund policy does not include shipping and handling charges.
  • Based on their Privacy Policy, your personal information may be used to sell additional products.

Bottom Line – Should you use Nebraska Slimdown?

With the well-earned reputation of most “As Seen on TV” products, in conjunction with Nebraska Slimdown’s lack of reviews and usable information on their website, you may want to spend your hard-earned money elsewhere if you’re looking to lose weight. In addition, keep in mind that when it comes to weight loss, there is no "cutting corners" allowed; after all, it's your health we're talking about. Truth be told, how does one expect to be healthy and fit while continuing to eat what and when they want, on top of not exercising?

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