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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Oct 14, 2015

Formulated by Dr. Bob Martin, Nerve Pain Plus is a homeopathic supplement that’s guaranteed to directly relieve nerve pain—whether related to neuropathy, sciatica, or muscle, back, or headache problems. Nerve Pain Plus will also work whether you’re experiencing numbness, tingling, or burning.

All you have to do is take one capsule twice per day and Nerve Pain Plus’s safe, natural ingredients with provide you with real pain relief in 90 days or less.

We don’t have to tell you, but suffering from chronic pain is no joke. Even if it’s mild, constant pain can definitely decrease your quality of life.

But have you finally found a natural, safe solution with Nerve Pain Plus, or are you being sold a bunch of lies? So that we can provide you with a complete answer, let’s start by talking about what causes nerve pain (hang on, because it’s going to be a wild ride!).

Common Causes of Nerve Pain

Perhaps more than anything else, it’s important to understand that nerve pain is a symptom, not a cause. In other words, for it to cause pain, something has to have happened to a nerve, which causes it to malfunction and send pain signals to your brain.

As far as these causes? They can be almost as varied as the number of people suffering from nerve pain. These include sciatica, “pinched” nerves, trauma, some diseases and the treatments used to address them, damaged nerve structures, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, cancer, excessive alcohol consumption, and much more.

The type of pain experienced by patients can vary as well, including shooting, sharp/stabbing, numbness, and tingling. Some might experience this pain all day, while others might experience it only when in a certain position.

Whatever causes nerve pain, it’s often diagnosed as neuropathy, 30% of which comes with an unknown cause. Neuropathy can affect just about any nerve in the body, including sensory, motor, and autonomic nerves, although it generally affects sensory nerves (a condition known as peripheral neuropathy).

If this sounds like you, can you expect Nerve Pain Plus’s ingredients to help? Great question! We’ll be sure to answer it in a second, but we first need to talk about homeopathy.

What’s the Deal with Homeopathy?

If you were to discuss homeopathy with someone who already practices it, they’ll probably tell you that it’s a proven science for helping people overcome pain, illness, and other conditions. But is this true?

Basically, homeopathy is based on the premise that “like cures like.” As such, homeopathy practitioners will dilute natural substances into a pill, elixir, or topical solution, which is then introduced into a person’s system to treat a specific condition.

For example, if you suffer from reactions to poison ivy, a homeopath would create a formula of diluted poison ivy for you to take. The thinking is that, like a vaccine, this would cause your body to learn how to fight off these substances and prevent side effects from occurring in the future.

The problem is that, by and large, the basic underlying principles of homeopathy are unproven by science. As such, these treatments are not backed by a large part of the medical community, and shouldn’t be considered a viable treatment for most (if any) conditions.

Now, let’s talk specifically about Nerve Pain Plus’s ingredients.

Nerve Pain Plus’s Homeopathic Ingredients

Important note: Homeopathic treatments don’t include dosages like normal supplement labels. Instead, as LiveScience explains:

“Homeopathy is based on rigorous dilutions and mixing, called successions. The dilution level is printed on the bottle of medicine. A typical homeopathic dilution is 30X, where the X represents 10. So, one part toxin (such as the aforementioned poison ivy) is mixed with 10 parts water or alcohol. The mix is shaken; one part of this mix is added to 10 parts of water or alcohol again; and the whole process is repeated 30 times.

The final dilution is one molecule of medicine in 10 to the 30th power (1030) of molecules of solution — or 1 in a million trillion. At this dilution level you'd need to drink 8,000 gallons of water to get one molecule of the medicine — physically possible but implausible.”

With this in mind, here’s how Nerve Pain Plus’s label reads:

Other than the fact these are all contained in Nerve Pain Plus, know what else they have in common? There is zero clinical evidence showing they provide any of the benefits claimed by the supplement’s manufacturer.

In fact, WebMD specifically states that “All species of the plant [acontum napellus) are dangerous, and so are processed products.” Do not take!

How much will it cost you to purchase these largely ineffective (and possibly dangerous) ingredients?

The Price of Nerve Pain Plus

Three bottles (180 total capsules) of Nerve Pain Plus are priced at $89.90, which includes free shipping.

With your order, you’ll also receive Nerve Pain Relief Topical Treatment, although no additional information was provided about this product.

Important note: Like most New Vitality products, you’ll continue receiving a regular supply after you’ve placed your order. In the case of Nerve Pain Plus, this means you’ll receive a 90-day supply of Nerve Pain Plus once every three months, and your credit card will be charged $89.90 plus $8.99 S&H each time.

Nerve Pain Plus comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges.

In order to request a refund or cancel your autoship enrollment, you’ll need to call New Vitality’s customer service department at 800-943-6465.

A Quick Note about New Vitality’s Arbitration

All New Vitality products are subject to an arbitration agreement. What’s this?

In essence, it means you’ll be waiving some of your legal rights, including to a trial by jury or becoming part of a class action lawsuit.

We’ve talked a lot about Nerve Pain Plus so far, so let’s tie everything up into a nice, neat package.

Should You Take Nerve Pain Plus To Relieve Your Nerve Pain?

Did you read this entire review? If so, you probably already know what we think about Nerve Pain Plus. But if not, here it is:

If you suffer from chronic pain, the first person you should speak with is your physician, who can recommend specific treatments based on your diagnosis. Remember, pain is a symptom, not a cause.

And even if your doctor did recommend that you take an all-natural supplement to relieve your nerve pain, the ingredients contained in Nerve Pain Plus have zero clinical evidence proving their efficacy—at least one might be dangerous to your health.

Want even more reasons? Even if Nerve Pain Plus’s ingredients were shown to be effective, because the supplement is based around homeopathy, it probably wouldn’t contain enough to make a difference.

Three strikes and you’re out!

In all, we’d recommend avoiding Nerve Pain Plus from New Vitality, as well as any other homeopathic treatment.

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  • 7 out 7 people found this review helpful

    Remarkable relief

    • By John Edwards,
    • Ventura, CA,
    • Aug 4, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    I pay about $400 for Lyrica per month and I take 3 100mg caps per day, it is a miracle drug.

    Then I heard a radio commercial about Nerve Pain Plus so I ordered some. It sat on my desk in my room for about a month. I ran out of money and my insurance went into the donut hole and the Lyrica price went to $700 for a month. I was in severe pain and unable to sleep for four days so I opened and tried one of the NERVE PAIN PLUS. Within an hour the pain was gone. I take a capsule each morning I have not had the pain return for three weeks. Thank you nerve pain plus.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 8 out 8 people found this review helpful

    Seems Like It's Working, and For More Symptoms than I thought

    I bought this product to help my disabled 79 year old father. He has a number of physical problems, including chronic pain in the lower back, shoulders, and aches in his arms, as well as numbness in one foot/leg. He also suffers from either neurogenic or vascular claudication, which is an inability to walk more than a few steps without extreme weakness in the legs. He's been to doctor after doctor for the last three years, with no real answers. He has been prescribed pain medications a number of times, but his side effects are so strong that it's really not worth it. So those are out. Aleve and Ibuprofen have helped in a stop-gap way, but because he is on Warfarin, a blood thinner, his cardiologist strongly discourages them.

    Since being on Nerve Pain Plus for about five weeks, he says his lower back pain is almost gone, and he almost never complains about pain at all. He has not asked for an Aleve or Ibuprofen in that time as well. So I was encouraged by this!

    All this is background to another possible positive effect of Nerve Pain Plus. I think my father has suffered from PBA (Pseudobulbar Affect) for about five years now. I only heard of the term when I saw the advertisements with Danny Glover on TV recently. We did not understand why even the most mundane emotions would make him sob, or his body shake trying to hold back sobs. The kind of things that the rest of us might get a little lump in our throat or a warm feeling about, he would essentially “burst” into tears. There weren’t exactly waterworks rolling down his face, and the episodes would be over very quickly. He was aware of the issue, and even mentioned that he couldn’t control it. His friends and loved ones just kind of got used to it, but it was socially awkward. Well, since being on Never Pain Plus, I have not seen him cry at all in three weeks! I am waiting a bit longer before I mention it to him, since I’m not sure he is aware that this difficult behavior has disappeared. If this is a result of the use of Nerve Pain Plus, then that, combined with the pain relief he seems to be getting, is enough for me to give it a hearty recommendation.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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