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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 1, 2018

Claiming to make you look younger in just 90 seconds, NeuBeauty is an anti-aging skin care formula that claims to be able to reduce the appearance of visible wrinkles and fine lines while also shrinking pores for a flawless look. The website tells us that it can tighten and firm up sagging skin, and that the effects will last anywhere from six to nine hours.

The manufacturer claims that the serum is perfect for use on the forehead, eyebrows, hooded eyes, under-eye bags, and facial pores, stating that its proprietary formula specifically targets areas that have lost their elasticity in order to rejuvenate them instantly.

In fact, they even claim that the product works on a cellular level to “decongest the dermal matrix and reduce lymphatic leakage,” which they state lifts and plumps the skin. According to the instructions on the website, all you’ll need to do is apply a small amount of the serum to the problem areas, and the results will start to appear.

This all sounds great on paper, but in order to determine if it’s really what you can expect from using the product in practice, we’ll need to take a closer look at the ingredients used in its formula. Before doing so, however, let’s briefly explore what causes wrinkles and fine lines in the first place, in order to better understand how NeuBeauty may be able to combat them.

Understanding Wrinkles and Fine Lines

According to WebMD, 75 percent of the skin is made up of a substance called collagen. They go on to mention that this protein acts as a “fountain of youth” of sorts, protecting the barriers that fend off impurities and warding off fine lines and wrinkles in the process. However, as we age, our natural ability to produce collagen diminishes.

Given enough time, this can lead to the formation of these and other blemishes, and without some sort of intervention, almost everyone will experience wrinkling, sagging skin at a certain point in their lives.

At HighYa, we’ve reported on many different anti-aging serums like NeuBeauty over the years, and based on this experience, we’ve found that many promise to replace or supplement your collagen stores in order to provide the same effects described by the makers of the product in question.

Interestingly, as it turns out, collagen as a molecule is too large to pass through the layers of our skin when applied topically. This was further ingrained in a 1988 clinical study, where it was found that even if collagen molecules could penetrate the skin, there is not enough evidence supporting the idea that they could form new fibers, or reinforce existing ones.

Though this is the most common method used by anti-aging serums, NeuBeauty doesn’t specifically state anywhere that this is how their product works to deliver the results they describe. Because of this, we’ll need to take a closer look at the ingredients used in its formula to determine what sort of effects, if any, you can expect to get from using the serum on your face. In the next section, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

NeuBeauty Ingredients & Potential Side Effects

As of this writing, we didn’t encounter any sort of ingredient list on the product’s website, so we reached out to customer support for clarification. After speaking with multiple agents, however, we were told by a supervisor that they were only talking about the “benefits” of NeuBeauty right now, not the ingredients.

Based on our aforementioned experience reporting on similar products, we view this as a red flag of sorts. Why, exactly? To put it bluntly, we feel that you have a right to know what is inside a product before you apply it to your skin for the first time. After all, if someone handed you a pill and asked you to take it on blind faith, would you? This situation is no different.

Also, without knowing which ingredients are in use, or crucially, in what concentration amounts, it’s all but impossible to say whether you will experience the benefits described by the manufacturer or not. It’s also difficult to know what sort of potentially adverse side effects you may run into, as well.

NeuBeauty Pricing & Return Policy

As of this writing, NeuBeauty was available exclusively from the manufacturer online either as part of a “free trial” or in bulk. This means that you’ll only be required to pay $4.95 for an initial month’s supply of the serum if you select the first option. The terms, however, state that this constitutes the start of your 21-day trial window. Once this period is up, you’ll be charged the full retail price of $99 and automatically enrolled in the company’s autoship program.

This means that you’ll continue to be billed this amount each and every month until you contact customer service at 877-268-4384 to cancel. You can also do this before the trial expires to avoid the initial $99 fee. If you chose to go the bulk option, you’ll have two packages to choose from:

  • Three bottles: $138 + free shipping
  • Six bottles: $207 + free shipping

As for the return policy, the terms state that only unopened products are eligible for a refund. Opened or partially used product is not accepted, and you’ll need to pay for return shipping on any unopened goods. To initiate a return, contact customer service using the number provided above.

Purchasing a Skincare Product Similar to NeuBeauty

As we mentioned earlier on, we’ve reported on hundreds of different anti-aging formulas over the years, and as a result, we’ve learned a few things to look out for when considering making a purchase online. In total, there are thousands of different options out there on the market, so how can you decide which ones, if any, are worth your time and money?

For starters, it’s crucial to realize that the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements and cosmetic products like NeuBeauty the same way that they do food or prescription drugs. In short, they don’t require brands to back up any of their claims with demonstrable clinical evidence. For most companies, this isn’t an issue, but based on our experience, a handful of manufacturers will promise the world without providing anything in the way of evidence backing it up.

If you’re searching for a product that will actually work for you, follow these three easy steps during your search:

1. Look for products that include a full ingredient list. This is perhaps the most important first step you can make when you see a serum that catches your eye online. As is the case with NeuBeauty, without this information, you won’t be able to evaluate a product’s effectiveness prior to putting your money on the line.

2. Avoid autoship programs and free trials whenever possible. Though they are optional in the case of NeuBeauty, many of our readers have reported that these programs were not made clear to them going into a purchase, and some have told us that they had great difficulty canceling them once they were set in motion.

3. Know all the details before committing. Regardless of how excited you are about a given product, it’s important to fully read and understand the return policy before entering in any credit card information. Like here with NeuBeauty, some products cannot be returned once they are opened, and you’ll likely want to try something else if you find that your first choice isn’t what you expected it to be.

The Bottom Line: Is NeuBeauty Right for You?

Recapping everything that we’ve learned, can you truly expect NeuBeauty to help you look younger in just 90 seconds? In short; we aren’t sure.

Without having more information about what the formula contains, or in what concentration levels, we don’t feel that we have enough information to recommend a purchase, as consumers ourselves. This is especially true when you consider the fact that your only options are to opt-in to the potentially expensive free trial (should you not cancel it in time), or pay over a hundred dollars for a bulk order that can’t be returned once opened.

In our view, a good first step might be to schedule an appointment to speak to your doctor directly about the skin issues you are facing. No one else is more qualified to provide you with actionable, reliable information on a proven solution that may work well for you in the long run.

Have you used NeuBeauty before? How did it work for you? Leave your thoughts below!

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