About Nightlight Mat

Nightlight Mat claims you’ll never stumble around in the middle of the night again. This special rectangular floor mat contains battery-powered LEDs that they say light up when you step on it.

Nightlight Mat is marketed by Tristar Products, purveyors of many ASOTV products. They are not accredited by the BBB and have an A+ rating, but there are over a thousand complaints filed against their products and/or services within the last 3 years.

How Nightlight Mat Works

Nightlight Mat appears to be a standard-sized floor mat (although no dimensions are available.) What they say makes it special is its “smart sensor” LED technology which is AAA battery-operated and activated by your feet. They claim all you have to do is step on the Nightlight Mat and the 4 sides light up with what they say is a powerful light that will illuminate the surrounding area, so you don’t stub your toes or fall. They say this is better than turning on a bright overhead light which could disorient you or wake your partner.

Step on the NIghtlight Mat once and the light is activated; step on it again, and it turns off. They claim the NIghtlight Mat is machine washable and can be placed on the floor in any area of the house that inclined to late-night visits, including the hallway or kitchen. They suggest you can use it when stepping into a dark house,  as well as in a closet or basement. Even if you forget to re-step on your NIghtlight Mat, they claim it will automatically go dark within 3 minutes.

Nightlight Mat comes with

  • Beige or Cocoa Nightlight Mat
  • One “free” mat (extra P & H)

Nightlight Mat Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Nightlight Mat is available for $19.99, plus $7.99 P & H for a total $27.98. At checkout, you have the option to order another mat “free” - just pay an additional $7.99 P & H for a total of $35.97 for 2. You can also purchase “boys” or “girls” mats in blue and pink respectively for $14.99 each, with no extra P & H fees. Batteries are not included. Nightlight Mat offers a 60-day money back guarantee, minus P & H and the cost of shipping them back.

Bottom Line: Is Nightlight Mat a Scam?

There is so much better “technology” available than this mat for dark rooms or hallways - a traditional nightlight or flashlight being two. The area it does light up seems to be very small - the demonstration video shows someone stepping on a series of five mats to walk down a short hallway. Also, because of the location of the LEDs underneath the mat, it doesn’t look like it will be effective on carpeting. With half of your cost going to P & H, this is an expensive product with very little real-life usefulness.

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