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Nouvebelle anti-aging cream uses a blend of premium quality ingredients to help you achieve visibly younger looking skin. How?

By brightening skin’s appearance, restoring its radiance and firmness, enhancing hydration, smoothing fine lines, eliminating dark circles, and countering the effects of stress. And all of this without invasive surgery, painful injections, or expensive lasers.

Compared to the competition, Nouvebelle accomplishes this by featuring whole collagen molecules (compared to the fragments found in other brands), which provides superior skin rebuilding and rejuvenation.

If we didn’t know better, we might believe that Nouvebelle is some kind of miracle cream! But in reality, we think that this snake peptide cream is just a snake in the grass.

To explain why, we’ll start by taking a look at collagen’s role within your body.

What is Collagen? How Does it Work?

Collagen is the main structural protein found in our skin, and is what gives it a firm appearance when we’re young. As we age though, out body begins producing less collagen (as well as elastin, another protein), resulting in lines and wrinkles, sagging, and more.

Collagen has been widely used within the cosmetic surgery field, both for legitimate medical reasons, as well as for dermal fillers, which are injected directly underneath the skin. As the collagen fills in these areas, it can decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by aging.

Despite its usefulness in cosmetic surgery, there is insufficient clinical evidence showing that adding collagen directly to you skin using creams, or taking a collagen-containing supplement, can improve the appearance of your skin in any way.

This is because collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed by your skin, so they sit there helplessly all day until you wash them off at night.

Alright, so the collagen contained in Nouvebelle probably won’t give you the results you’re after. But what about its other ingredients?

Are Nouvabelle’s Other Ingredients Effective?

Here’s the problem: Nouvebelle’s manufacturer doesn’t think it’s important to let us know exactly what their cream contains, so there’s no way to be sure.

Other than the collagen discussed previously, the only clue we’re given is on Nouvebelle’s label, which reads “Snāk Peptide Cream.”

While we didn’t find Snāk peptide cream specifically mentioned elsewhere online, we’ve reviewed several other anti-aging creams that use Syn-Ake (including Auralux Snake Venom), a topical ingredient that mimics the effects of Botox.

In other words, it temporarily reduces muscle contractions in your face, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The key here is that, without a product label, we can’t be sure exactly how much Snāk Peptide Nouvebelle contains, or whether or not this is enough to provide any results.

Given what we’ve learned so far, it’s easy to see why we’re skeptical of the company’s claims. Need even more reasons? Let’s talk price.

Nouvebelle’s High Price & Recurring Shipping

You’ll only have to pay $4.94 S&H to get your hands on a tube of Nouvebelle, but this is how they hook you. What do we mean?

14 days after you order your trial order, you’ll be billed the full price of $97.83! As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll also keep receiving a new tube of Nouvebelle once per month, and will be charged $97.83 plus $4.94 S&H each time.

Sure, Nouvebelle comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges and a $20 restocking fee, which you can request by calling 866-508-7378. But we think your customer service experience will be less than pleasant.

We’ll talk about why next.

Feedback for Products Like Nouvebelle

We’ve reviewed hundreds of anti-aging creams here at HighYa, but the ones with the lowest customer feedback are almost always those offered through free trials, like Nouvebelle. In fact, it’s such a widespread problem that we wrote an in-depth article about it titled Exposing the Widespread Scam of Anti-Aging Products and Free Trials.

Pro tip: Nouvebelle didn’t use the same website template we’ve found with many other anti-aging creams, but we still think you’ll experience many of the same problems. What problems, you ask?

Most customers who purchase anti-aging products through free trials generally complain of one or more of the following:

  • Failure to work. Many customers even complained of skin reactions, such as redness and swelling.
  • High price. After all, you’d be angry if you spent nearly $100 on Nouvebelle and it didn’t work, right?
  • Poor customer service. Once customers realize that these products don’t work, they contact customer service to request a refund or cancel their autoship enrollment. However, these representatives are often specifically trained to make the process as difficult as possible, and might even yell at you or hang up in your ear.

Do we think you’ll experience the same with Nouvebelle? Based on Nouvebelle’s similarity with so many other less-than-stellar products, we think it’s likely.

Now, you probably know what we’re going to recommend when it comes to Nouvebelle, but let’s sum everything up anyway.

Nouvebelle Probably Isn’t the Anti-Aging Product for You

Here at HighYa, we’re always willing to give a product a fair shake. After all, helping you make important purchasing decisions is what we’re all about, which we accomplish by only giving you what you need to know and leaving it up to you to decide.

In the instance of Nouvebelle though, we feel pretty confident telling you that we think it’s a complete and total scam. Based on dozens of nearly identical products, we don’t think it will work, and we think you’ll only experience frustration when contacting customer service.

Instead, if you’re intent on giving Syn-Ake a try, we’d recommended purchasing it as a standalone ingredient and adding it to your existing moisturizer. This way, you might achieve many of the results promised by Nouvebelle, but at a much lower cost and without worrying about unwanted recurring shipments.

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  • Crap

    Nothing but a jar of silicone, plus you don't get a trial! They refuse to take returns unless they are unopened. How is that a trial? Crap. Scam!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 3 out 4 people found this review helpful

    Great product, works really well, from a postage only free trial.

    • Oxfordshire, England,
    • Feb 9, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I bought Nouvebelle and expected it to be a scam. I thought the product either wouldn't arrive or wouldn't work.

    It took four days to arrive, and as soon as it did, I read the small print and canceled my subscription, just in case it didn't work. I have to say, that despite my very low expectations, I couldn't have been more wrong.

    After the first use, I noticed a big decrease in the lines around my eyes and creases around my mouth. The appearance of my skin continued to improve each day. The lines around my eyes all but disappeared, and the creases around my mouth are dramatically better than before. My wife wasn't as convinced about the difference until I showed her a picture that she took of me shortly before started using Nouvebelle, and she was really surprised.

    When the product ran out after about a month, the effect lasted a couple of weeks and then faded a little. Now it's been some time that I have been without it, but not all of my of original wrinkles have returned, and my skin is still more radiant.

    I went online this evening to order another pot and saw several rather skeptical articles, so I thought I'd describe my experience just to offer a different point of view.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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