Nu Beauty Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Dec 5, 2015

When it comes to scams, most of the successful ones are repeated time and time again as the years go by. After all, they work, right?

Well, we think anti-aging products like Nu Beauty—which claims to help you “appear much younger” using scientifically designed ingredients—are complete and total scams that have been duplicated hundreds of times.

What in the world are we talking about? Keep reading to find out!

Nu Beauty Serum’s Claims vs. Reality

Nu Beauty’s manufacturer would like you to believe that their anti-aging serum can help you look younger and give you “glowing, astonishingly youthful” skin.

All you have to do is wash your face, apply the cream, wait for it to absorb, and your skin cells will be softened and reenergized. And as a result, you can expect fewer wrinkles and other signs of aging. The company even claims that Nu Beauty resulted in a 92% healthier appearance, as well as 84% less visible wrinkles over the course of 28 days!

But here’s the thing: We’re not told anything about the actual ingredients contained in Nu Beauty, or how much of each ingredient it contains. As a result, there’s no way to know how well you can expect it to work or what kinds of side effects you might experience.

Why would a company provide so much marketing hype—and so little useable information—about their product?

Online-Only Anti-Aging Products

Here at HighYa, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to anti-aging products only sold online. We’ll come back around to this shortly, but suffice it to say that we’ve reviewed dozens and dozens.

And one of the biggest scams we’ve come across is products that recycle the exact same website over and over again—only the address, product name, and picture are changed. Why?

Pro tip: Nu Beauty appears to be using an updated template design that what we’re used to seeing, so it might be that these manufacturers are “upping their game.”

As we discussed in-depth in Exposing the Widespread Scam of Trial-Based Anti-Aging Wrinkle Creams we think all of these different products are made by the same group of companies (or even just one company). They constantly change their name and website address once too much negative feedback accumulates.

This way, they can always remain one step ahead of the game and make sure to keep scamming you out of your hard-earned money. How does this scam work, exactly?

Nu Beauty’s Free Trial and Autoship Scam

Like all of the other online-only anti-aging products we’ve reviewed, Nu Beauty can only be purchased through a free trial. Here, you’ll pay $4.97 to cover S&H and will be sent a full 30-day supply.

What you might not realize is that 14 days after placing your order (not after receiving the product) you’ll be charged an outrageous price of $139.97! And it doesn’t stop there, because you’ll also keep receiving a fresh bottle of Nu Beauty once per month and charged $139.97 plus $9.97 S&H each time!

Nu Beauty comes with a 30-day refund policy (only for unopened packages), which you can request by calling 855-511-2188.

Sure, the company claims that “Our only objective is to keep you 100% satisfied,” but if customer feedback for other nearly identical products is any indication, you’ll probably experience rude staff and difficulty getting anything accomplished. You might even have to get your credit card involved to put an end to the nightmare.

What else are customers saying about anti-aging products like Nu Beauty?

Customer Feedback Isn’t Pretty

As you might imagine based on their ultra-high prices, unknown ingredients, and poor customer service, most customers don’t have pleasant things to say about products like Nu Beauty.

In fact, taking a look at similar products, they have an average rating of 1.5 stars on HighYa. And across hundreds of reader reviews, the same three complaints come up over and over again:

  • Failure to experience any results. Many customers also claimed these creams burned their skin, while some others have experienced swelling, redness, and inflammation, sometimes requiring medical intervention.

  • And because they generally don’t work, customers feel that their ultra-high prices provided no value for their money.

  • Terrible customer service. Often times, readers claim that personnel is rude, will make you feel like the situation is your fault, and might even hang up in your ear. Ultimately, we believe this is a key part of these companies’ business plans, so that they can keep you hooked—and the money flowing—for as long as possible.

Given all of this, do we think you should buy Nu Beauty Serum?

Our Recommendation: Stay Away from Nu Beauty

If you read through this entire review, it’s pretty clear what we think about Nu Beauty, as well as the dozens of unscrupulous products out there just like it.

We don’t think you’ll experience any anti-aging benefits (and even if you did, that they’d be far out of line with the price you paid), but we do think you’ll experience huge levels of frustration should you contact customer service for any reason.

You’re busy and work hard for your money, and we don’t think you deserve anything that Nu Beauty has to offer.

Instead, to prevent premature aging, be sure to wear a daily sunscreen that’s appropriate for your skin type, stop smoking and drinking excess alcohol, get plenty of sleep, reduce stress, and eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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