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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jun 15, 2016

If nothing else, life is all about balance—whether you’re talking about fostering personal relationships, riding a bike, or maintaining healthy digestion.

To this last point, NuCulture is a probiotic supplement from AlternaScript that promises to deliver five clinically studied bacteria strains that support immune function and promote digestive health. Compared to the competition, the company claims these bacteria are contained in “advanced delayed-release capsules” that help them survive harsh stomach acid.

Once they arrive in your digestive tract, NuCultures’ bacteria feed on a “perfectly balanced” PreforPro® prebiotic to help them thrive and provide you with maximum benefits.

Taken together, this is why AlternaScript claims NuCulture represents the “world’s best probiotic.” How well does the company back up this claim? How does NuCulture stack up against the competition? When it comes down to it, can you expect a solid value from NuCulture? We’ll explore all of this below.

How Does NuCulture Work?

Within your body (mostly in your digestive tract), trillions and trillions of bacteria go about their job of promoting food breakdown, reducing the growth of harmful microorganisms, training immune system response, and directly defending against some diseases. Each one of us has a unique “bacteria signature” in our gut, based on our diet, environment, and many other factors.

While most of these bacteria are helpful, “bad” bacteria can sometimes outnumber the “good” due to a variety of circumstances, including a round of antibiotics, too much stress, a change in diet, and more. This can then lead to a variety of unwanted side effects like decreased energy, digestion issues, and even weight gain.

To help alleviate this problem, supplements like NuCulture reintroduce specific bacteria strains into your gut, which crowd out the bad bacteria and maintain certain level of homeostasis, thereby reducing gassiness and bloating, improving immune system response, etc. Inside these capsules, you’ll also find prebiotics, which act as a food source to help propagate the bacteria once they reach your gut.

Which Bacteria Strains Are Found In NuCulture?

Now, the important thing to remember here is that, while many of the most common bacteria strains provide similar benefits, some are especially good in specific instances.

For example, Lactobacillus acidophilus is clinically proven to be effective for reducing IBS-related symptoms, while Bacillus coagulans might be especially useful for treating immune system support. Bifidobacterium longum is often used to treat some gastrointestinal diseases, while Escherichia (closely related to E. coli!) can prevent some eye diseases.

What’s the point? This is just about everything we’re told about the strains contained in NuCulture:

“This blend of the top researched probiotic strains in the world works together to help naturally regulate your digestive system. They improve your overall digestive health for optimal intestinal balance and a healthy immune system.”

We are told that NuCulture contains 15 billion CFU (colony-forming units) per dose, but this doesn’t tell us much about the supplement’s formulation, or how it stacks up against the competition. Speaking of which, let’s talk about that next.

Is NuCulture a Standout Probiotic?

Outside of the company’s business practices (more about this next), it’s difficult to really say with any certainty how NuCulture is better than the competition. Why? As we just discussed, the company doesn’t elaborate about the proprietary bacteria strains found in their supplement, which really makes all the difference.

We did learn that NuCulture contains PreforPro, a proprietary prebiotic made by Deerland Enzymes, which claims to work within hours (instead of days), doesn’t lead to flatulence, and works with a variety of bacteria species. There is some positive clinical results cited on the company’s website, although the studies themselves aren’t available for third-party review.

What about NuCulture’s advanced delayed-release capsules?

Here at HighYa, we’ve reviewed dozens of popular probiotic supplements over the years, and even recently penned an updated Probiotic Buyer’s Guide. What we’ve found is that nearly all claim to feature something that improves passage through the stomach, whether it’s an acid-resistant bacteria strain, a special coating, or delayed release technology. And despite all these differences, we have yet to see a clear distinction based on customer feedback.

Finally, while NuCulture’s 15 billion CFU count might seem high, it’s important to point out that some probiotics, such as Probiotic America, Essential Cultures, and more, contain 30 billion or more.

Does this mean these other supplements are more effective than NuCulture? Not necessarily, but we think it’s important that you have all the information.

What about from a price perspective?

How Much Does NuCulture Cost?

At the time of our research, NuCulture was only available through a 14-day trial.

Here, you’ll receive 7 free capsules of the probiotic and charged $47.89 at the end of the trial. You’ll also continue receiving a new bottle of NuCulture once per month and charged $47.89 each time.

Outside of the trial, NuCulture comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to request a refund or cancel your trial/autoship enrollment, AlternaScript’s in-house service department can be reached at 888-784-9315.

If you’ve spent any time here at HighYa, you know that we go to great lengths to warn you about the perils of free trials and autoship programs. Basically, we recommend staying away whenever possible.

NuCulture’s business model stands out sharply in an industry known for scammy tactics.

Just because AlternaScript is a legitimate company, does this necessarily mean you should purchase their NuCulture probiotic supplement?

Is NuCulture the “Future of Probiotics”?

While we can only hope that AlternaScript’s business model is the future of the supplements industry, it’s much more difficult to say whether or not NuCulture represents the “future of probiotics.” Why?

In a nutshell, as we outlined above, it’s because we know so little about the supplement. Based on customer reviews for the company’s other product, OptiMind, it seems like you could expect high quality, but as far as real-world results, we’ll just have to wait and see.

As with OptiMind, NuCulture appears to be priced on the upper end of the spectrum compared to the competition, likely due to the acquisition costs of their five patented probiotic strains. Again, whether or not this means you’ll get a solid value for your money, we’ll have to wait and see.

One thing’s for certain though: If you’re not satisfied with NuCulture, you’ll be able to easily cancel your trial without further obligation, or request a refund within 30 days of delivery. In this way, you really might not have anything to lose for giving NuCulture a try.

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    I just finished with the 7 day trial and am truly impressed with the product so far. My stomach/ intestinal issues are practically gone. I used to experience bloating, cramping and sometimes diarrhea after my first meal of the day. It was awful. I would be afraid to leave the house after I ate breakfast. Since I started taking this product I've not had any intestinal issues in the morning. How liberating.

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