What Is NuRetnol Lifting Skin Cream?

By HighYa Staff
Published on: Oct 1, 2017

NuRetnol Lifting Skin Cream uses a specially blended formula of intelligent ingredients to restore nourishment and hydration, as well as boost collagen and elastin production. It also claims to improve immunity and prevent free radical damage, leaving you with a rejuvenated, radiant, youthful appearance.

To experience these benefits, the company tells us you simply need to wash your face, apply the cream, and enjoy the reduced look of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the decreased appearance of dark circles.

In theory, this all sounds great. But once you’ve handed over your money and applied NuRetnol to your skin, can you realistically expect to experience these benefits?

We’ll start by discussing the science behind aging, and then move to the clinical evidence for the cream’s ingredients, pricing, and finish with the competition.

What Happens As Skin Ages?

As mentioned on the NuRetnol website, youthful-looking skin is all about maximizing elasticity and firmness. This is because when we’re young, our skin contains high levels of collagen, which provides skin with firm underlying structure and support. It also contains a lot of elastin, another protein that—like its name implies—provides skin with elasticity.

Due to the natural aging process, though, collagen and elastin production slowly decreases, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and a dull appearance of the skin.

Other factors, such as excessive sun (ultraviolet light) exposure, a poor diet, not getting enough exercise, smoking cigarettes, drinking excessively, environmental contaminants, and free radicals can speed up this process and lead to premature aging.

While no one can halt the process altogether, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you should do the following if you’re looking to minimize premature aging:

  • Wear the appropriate sunscreen for your skin type, every day
  • Stop smoking or drinking excessively
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Get plenty of exercise
  • Cleanse your skin gently, especially after heavy sweating
  • Use a moisturizer daily

What about the ingredients found in NuRetnol’s formula?

Taking a Closer Look at NuRetnol Lifting Skin Cream’s Ingredients

While there wasn’t a label posted, the NuRetnol website listed the following ingredients:

Water, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Glycerin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Acrylate/Dimethicone Copolymer, Isohexadecane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Retinol, Ceramide-3, Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract, Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) Seed Extract, Eryngium Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate, Avenanthramides, Silica, Betaine, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Cetyl Palmitate, Arachidyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol, Arachidyl Glucoside, Trideceth-6 Phosphate, Laureth-23, Polysorbate-20, Polysorbate 80, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer Isohexadecane, Disodium EDTA, Aminomethyl Propanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol

Breaking It Down

According to resources like Truth In Aging, Paula’s Choice, and EWG.org, these ingredients essentially fall into one of seven broad categories (keep in mind that many are reported to serve more than one purpose):

  • Emollients: C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Isohexadecane, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Palmitate, Arachidyl Alcohol
  • Surfactants, Emulsifiers: Trideceth-6 Phosphate, Behenyl Alcohol, Polysorbate-20, Polysorbate 80
  • Skin Conditioners, Moisturizers, Lubricants: Glycerin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ceramide-3, Eryngium Maritimum Callus Culture Filtrate, Avenanthramides, Betaine, Dimethicone
  • Texture Enhancers, Thickening Agents, Preservatives: Acrylate/Dimethicone Copolymer, Laureth-23, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer Isohexadecane, Disodium EDTA, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol
  • Antioxidants, Exfoliators: Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinol
  • pH Adjusters, Solvents: Aminomethyl Propanol, Caprylyl Glycol
  • Miscellaneous: Spilanthes Acmella Flower (everything from a potential antioxidant to an antimicrobial agent), Black Currant (high vitamin content), Silica (anti-caking/bulking agent)

Can NuRetnol’s Ingredients Cause Side Effects?

These same sites report that these ingredients are generally considered safe, with a slim chance of meaningful side effects. And when they do occur (no specifics noted), they often aren’t worse than mild, temporary redness and inflammation at the application site.

However, because retinol (a form of vitamin A) causes rapid skin cell turnover, WebMD indicates it can sometimes lead to dryness, skin color changes, sunlight sensitivity, as well as crusting or blistering. This could be especially the case if you have sensitive skin.

To reduce the likelihood of experiencing these, they recommend minimizing sun exposure (especially between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.), avoiding over-applying any creams containing retinol (NuRetnol or otherwise), and making the most out of your moisturizer while you’re using the ingredient.

How Much Does the NuRetnol Trial Cost?

The only way to purchase NuRetnol at the time of our research was through a 14-day trial. How’s it work?

You’ll start off by paying $4.95 to cover S&H for a 30-day supply of the cream. Then, 14 days after placing your order, you’ll be charged the full price of $89.77.

Afterward, you’ll be enrolled in the company’s recurring shipping program, which involves sending you a fresh 30-day supply of NuRetnol once per month, and charging you $89.77 (which includes shipping) each time.

According to their website’s terms, “We do not accept returns or provide refunds for any shipments made after the trial shipment.”

To cancel your trial or alter/stop your autoship enrollment, customer support can be reached at 877-786-1236 or info@getnuretnolskin.com.

We also learned in NuRetnol’s terms that all orders are subject to an arbitration clause. In a nutshell, this means that instead of going to court or joining a class action lawsuit, you agree to settle any disputes via third-party binding arbitration.

The bottom line is that, while extraordinarily common in today’s consumer marketplace, arbitration agreements entail giving up many of your inherent legal rights.

Are There Other Trial-Based Anti-Aging Creams Like NuRetnol Lifting Skin Cream?

While there’s no doubt that the over-the-counter anti-aging industry is massive, even if you narrow down the competition only to those products sold through ‘free’ trials like NuRetnol, the number of options remains overwhelming.

And here’s something we’ve learned after years of research into the industry: Even if we restrict the search to products that use a nearly identical website design (except for the product name and picture) as NuRetnol, we’ve investigated dozens that still fit the bill.

In order of popularity here on HighYa, a handful of examples include LuxDerma, Aviqua, Luminis Advanced Skincare, Blossom Youth Cream, and Revye Skin.

Given their near-identical marketing approaches, how can you decide which of these trial-based options is best for your needs? Let’s carry this thought over to the final section as we wrap things up.

Our Bottom Line About NuRetnol Lifting Skin Cream

Based on our research, we outlined that the vast majority of template-based skincare sites come with almost wholly negative online customer feedback, whether here on HighYa or other consumer review websites. Why?

Most complaints tend to revolve around difficulty canceling trials and recurring shipping programs, with some even reporting that they had to get their credit cards involved in order to put a stop to the charges. Other common grievances include ultra-high price for what they got, along with ineffective results.

Now, we should emphasize that we’re not lumping NuRetnol in with all these other template products.

However, based on its site design, the fact that it’s only available through a trial and recurring shipping program, in addition to its high price, we think it’s in your best interest as a consumer to discuss any skincare product you’re thinking about purchasing with your dermatologist—before handing over your hard-earned money.

In the meantime, be sure to read How to Test Your Next Beauty Product to See If It Really Makes a Difference.

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Headache waiting to happen!

    • Highland, UT,
    • Nov 6, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I am kicking myself for requesting this “FREE” product. Don’t even attempt canceling by email because that won’t happen! I have had to change my charge card number to make sure I got myself out of this mess. They trick you into ordering for the eye serum as well as the skin cream, they put both $80+ charges on your account, and I haven’t seen another month's supply of either.

    I used the product faithfully but saw no changes. I hope this will help someone else from being as stupid as I was.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 4 out 4 people found this review helpful

    Big scam

    • Michigan,
    • Oct 22, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    They are a huge scam; you are better off buying Oil of Olay for much less and better results. They don't want you to cancel, so they first offer you a 35% discount, and when you say no, that's when they offer you a 50% discount only to keep you as a customer. They are rude and talk over you when you are talking.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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