About NutraFuels

NutraFuels are vitamins and nutrients that come in liquid form in a non-aerosol spray. You take these vitamins and nutrients by spraying them into your mouth, which the makers claim give you nine times the absorption rate of pill or capsule forms of vitamins and nutrients.

NutraFuel Features

The main selling point of NutraFuels is the fact that they are delivered by being sprayed into your mouth as a fine mist, meaning they are absorbed by your body more easily than other forms of vitamins and nutrients. They allegedly have a 98% absorption rate and the vitamins and nutrients spread throughout your body rapidly. They are also allegedly made with all natural ingredients following FDA guidelines and contain no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The makers outline on their website all the precautions taken to make sure the product is safe and conforms to all federal regulatory guidelines. Whether or not all of these precautions are followed cannot be verified.

All of the NutraFuel products are supposedly produced under climate-controlled conditions in FDA-inspected facilities operating under Federal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Again, these claims cannot be verified.

NutraFuels sells the following products:

  • Body Slim With Raspberry Ketones & Advantra Z
  • Sleep With Melatonin Valerian Root & Gaba
  • NRG-X Extreme Energy With Caffeine Boost & B-12
  • Energize With B-12
  • Immune Plus

Each product supposedly does different things for your body, helping with weight loss, sleep, energy or immunity, respectively.

The only reviews online for NutraFuel products (aside from the testimonials on their own website) are all for the sleep aid. The reviews are mixed, but it should be noted that the positive reviews appear to have been written for people working for the company.

Nutrafuels Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

Each NutraFuels product is sold in packs of three for a total of 30 servings for $11.99. Shipping is calculated at checkout depending on your address.

NutraFuels does not appear to offer any kind of money back guarantee and does not appear to take returns. You can call 1-888-509-8901 if you have questions.


  • Supposedly quick absorption into the body
  • Most of the vitamins or nutrients are absorbed by the body
  • Stringent manufacturing process outlined on website (only a pro if it is actually followed)


  • No apparent return policy
  • Unclear if they actually work or not

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