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By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff Published on: Dec 28, 2017

Using just three ingredients, NutriO2 is a stabilized liquid supplement that promises to help boost cellular oxygen levels, resulting in healthy energy levels and immune system function, as well as support for your body’s metabolic processes.

According to their website, all you have to do is add 15 drops of the supplement to eight ounces of water (or any other liquid, such as coffee or tea) three times per day, about 30 minutes before or one hour after a meal. From there, we’re told you’re guaranteed to notice its “massive healing and immune boosting power,” without having to worry about stomach problems or other side effects.

Bottom line: You’re here because you want to know if NutriO2’s claims are legit. Can you really expect this small—and not inexpensive—vial of water to actually “release your body’s miraculous healing power” and “reverse any illness,” as claimed on the website?

Let’s kick things off by getting right to the core of the matter.

Are There Any Health Benefits Related to Stabilized Liquid Oxygen?

Although liquid stabilized oxygen—often called Vitamin O—has been promoted by a variety of companies over the past several years, WebMD reports that:

“It’s a little hard to know exactly what it is. Manufacturers are not clear about the chemical formula. One supplier describes its product as a mildly buffered solution of deionized water and sodium chloride with a pH of 7.2. Another supplier lists magnesium peroxide as the active ingredient. Still another claims the ingredients are secret.”

And while the supplement is often promoted for helping to boost energy, immune function, and toxin elimination, as well as to eliminate bacteria and other potential pathogens from the body, they emphasize there’s little scientific evidence to back any beneficial claims.

In fact, they point out “the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that vitamin O appears to be nothing more than saltwater.”

And while the main NutriO2 website tells us their stabilized liquid “allows actual oxygen to exist in a natural, safe, non-chemical liquid,” WebMD points out that “oxygen only exists in a liquid form at temperatures below -183 degrees C [-274 degrees F].”

With these details in mind, is NutriO2’s formula a mystery?

Taking a Closer Look at the Ingredients In NutriO2’s Cellular Oxygen Enhancement Formula

No label or ingredients were listed on the NutriO2 website at the time of our research, although we called the toll-free number listed below and spoke to a friendly support rep who advised it only contains three ingredients (no concentrations were available):

  • Distilled water
  • Sea salt
  • Polyatomic oxygen molecules

These first two ingredients likely need little-to-no introduction, since they’re available at just about any grocery store:

Distilled water is pure H2O that’s had its impurities removed, while sea salt is “produced through evaporation of ocean water or water from saltwater lakes” that “leaves behind certain trace minerals and elements. The minerals add flavor and color to sea salt, which also comes in a variety of coarseness levels.”

But what in the world are polyatomic oxygen molecules? At their most basic, molecules consist of atoms that have bonded. And when more than two atoms come together, the molecule they form is termed ‘polyatomic.’ Two common examples are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

Therefore, all oxygen molecules are polyatomic, so there doesn’t necessarily seem to be anything unique about what’s contained in NutriO2. And coupled with what we learned from WebMD in the previous section, it largely seems to consist of salt water.

Are There Side Effects & Precautions Related to NutriO2?

According to the supplement’s website, NutriO2 is completely stable, nontoxic, and pH balanced (about 7.4), contains no chlorite molecules, and is safe for everyone to use orally, topically, internally, and externally.

However, returning to the WebMD article cited above, they emphasize that there isn’t enough known about vitamin O to discern whether or not it’s safe, or what the potential side effects might be.

With this said, the manufacturer indicates that NutriO2 shouldn’t be taken with food, since it can “result in lower concentration of oxygen uptake by your body.” Furthermore, they emphasize that you should also “avoid using metal utensils in stirring and mixing, as the oxygen may react with the metal and cause a loss of strength of the bio-available oxygen.”

As always, it’s a wise idea to speak with your doctor before taking any supplements, who can advise of any potential side effects and precautions, based on your specific diagnosis.

How Much Does NutriO2 Cost?

There weren’t any purchasing options listed on the main NutriO2 website at the time of our research. But after speaking with a representative, visiting the company’s long-form sales video, and attempting to click off the page, we were presented with the following purchasing options:

  • 1 Bottle: $49.95
  • 3 Bottles: $119.95 ($ per bottle)
  • 6 Bottles: $199.95

According to the rep, all orders are sent via USPS first class mail, so your exact shipping charges will depend on your location. However, they couldn’t tell us how much liquid was contained in each bottle, although they reported each one should last about 30 days, when used as directed.

Regardless of the quantity you purchase, all NutriO2 orders come with a 365-day money back guarantee, which we verified with the rep applies to open bottles. In order to request one, you’ll need to reach out to 844-258-9260 or support@nutriO2.com.

What Can We Learn From NutriO2 Customer Reviews?

Despite being available on the marketplace since 2014, the only place we encountered online customer feedback for the NutriO2 liquid oxygen supplement at the time of our research was on Amazon, where nine consumers had given it an average rating of 2.6 stars.

There, common compliments referenced its ease of use, ability to quickly reduce pain, and increased energy, while complaints frequently referenced no results.

From a company perspective, NutriO2 is manufactured by NutriFrontier Pte Ltd., based out of Lockbourne, OH. They held a D rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on two closed complaints, as of 12/28/17. Details were only available for one, which referenced difficulty getting in contact with support.

The BBB also sent a letter to the company in July 2016 asking them to substantiate the claims made on the NutriO2 website, including that it “Destroys harmful bacteria; 3) Contributes the basic building blocks of the body’s critical components; 4) Equips the body with effective energy for efficient daily functions; 5) Strengthens the overall immune system.” To date, they don’t report receiving a response.

Are There Other Stabilized Liquid Oxygen Supplements Like NutriO2?

Entering the term ‘stabilized liquid oxygen’ into Google returned dozens of water drops at the time of our research, all promising to provide many of the same benefits as NutriO2, and many of which were available through well-known online retailers like Swanson Vitamins, Vitacost, and LukyVitamin.com, to name just a few.

Price-wise, most seemed to fall somewhere between $10 and $30, putting NutriO2 much higher than much of the competition. Will paying more for this supplement necessarily provide better value, though?

The most important thing to point out is that claims made by manufacturers are subject to little government oversight before their dietary supplements make their way to consumers. On top of this, according to organizations like the US Preventive Services Task Force and the American Cancer Association (to name just a couple), otherwise healthy individuals do not need to take supplements.

Based on this, as well as the side effects concerns we discussed earlier, it’s ultra important for you to talk with your doctor before purchasing NutriO2 or any other supplement, who can advise if it represents a valuable use of your hard-earned money.

If they recommend that you proceed, based on our experience writing about hundreds of dietary supplements over the years, we’d recommend only doing business with companies who:

  • Price their products competitively
  • Provide a refund window of at least 30 days, with no restocking fees
  • Offer a supplement facts label, or a complete list of ingredients, including dosages
  • Support their claims with clinical evidence
  • Don’t require customers to sign up for recurring shipments

Does all of this work out well for NutriO2?

Our Final Thoughts About NutriO2

Based on what we learned from WebMD earlier, it appears there’s insufficient clinical evidence that ‘stabilized liquid oxygen’ can provide any meaningful benefits in humans, including those promoted by NutriO2’s manufacturer. This alone—not to sound like a broken record—indicates you’ll want to consult with your physician before making any purchases.

On top of this, NutriO2 was among the highest priced stabilized liquid oxygen supplement at the time of our research, and we found it took some jumping through hoops—and a brief call to support—in order figure out how to place an order.

But, if your doctor indicates that it might deliver some benefit, the manufacturer seems to stand behind the supplement with a one-year refund policy, so you might not be out more than a little time—and perhaps return S&H charges—if you give it a shot and find yourself dissatisfied with the results.

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