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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 12, 2015

OMG Detox is a powdered blend of 10 different fruits and seeds (superfoods, they call them) that have been, the OMG website says, “freeze-dried at a low temperature to retain their nutritional values.” We’ll examine the meaning of “superfoods” later.

Natalie Elizabeth Diver, a graduate of the United Kingdom’s University of Newcastle-on-Tyne, founded the company in November 2014.

The 10 fruits and seeds included in the OMG mix are acai, maqui, goji, chia, camu camu, maca, lucuma, guarana, strawberry and cranberry.

According to OMG’s website, their detox blend contains no added sugar, is vegan friendly, doesn’t use genetically modified ingredients and is packaged in environmentally friendly materials.

The website adds that OMG sources its fruits and seeds from “suppliers with strong ethical philosophies.”

OMG Detox comes in powder form, the website says, because it allows the user to gain maximum effectiveness with smaller doses. Think of their blend of “superfoods” as a super-concentrated formula of, as they claim, healthy ingredients.

OMG offers five different options for purchase: a 14-day supply for $37.80, a 28-day supply for $60.48, a six-month supply for $378.11 or a monthly subscription for the 14-day supply (10% discount) and the 28-day supply (25% discount).

What Does OMG Detox Claim to Do?

OMG’s purported benefits are listed in several different places. The company’s home page makes the following claims, which are also repeated, in part, on the labeling included on OMG’s packaging:

  • Energy boosting and better focus
  • Glowing and radiant skin
  • Increased metabolism
  • Lose excess weight
  • Improved nails and hair
  • Reduced bloating
  • Nourish your body
  • Reduce cravings

When you take a look at the sections of the website devoted to the 10 “superfoods” used for the OMG blend, “Top 4 Benefits” are also listed. These benefits aren’t tied to OMG’s blend, but are tied to the particular ingredient in question.

For instance, the company’s rundown of strawberries includes a “Top 4 Benefits” list that features the following four points: lowers blood pressure, high in antioxidants, good source of fiber and aids in weight loss.

Of the 10 ingredients upon which OMG elaborates, six are claimed to aid in weight loss, five are claimed to be high in antioxidants, five are claimed to help with healthy skin and four are claimed to boost energy or fight fatigue.

The OMG website doesn’t provide links to scientific studies which prove the claims they make for each ingredient, nor do they provide proof that the “Top 4 Benefits” of each ingredient are proven to be the real “Top 4 Benefits.”

However, the list of eight benefits attributed to the 10 ingredients in the blend are, in fact, listed in at least one set of “Top 4 Benefits.”

There’s continuity between the overall claims of the OMG blend and the “Top 4 Benefits” of each ingredient, but we wanted to know if those “Top 4 Benefits” were legitimate and if, in fact, there’s science to support OMG claims that their product can do what it says it can do.

To find that out, we investigated the claims.

Why Detox?

Do you ever step in front of the mirror and think, “What happened to my body?”

Your skin is sagging, your gut is protruding and you look like you could use about a month’s worth of extra sleep. We’ve been there, just like you.

And in the middle of this moment you think to yourself, “I don’t want to feel like this anymore.”

You turn to Google to find cures for the sluggishness you feel day in and day out. Then, you come across the word “detox” and you think, “Yes! That’s exactly what I need. A detox!”

The concept of a detox is simple. You implement a radical diet change in which you consume a special blend of ingredients (usually in liquid or powder form) that clean out toxins that are hiding out in your body and causing you to feel blah. Through a detox, the usual pitch goes, you can gain energy, lose weight and bring back that beautiful glow you once had.

Do Detoxes Work?

We recently wrote a post about the legitimacy of detox supplements and diets. What troubles us about the detox market is that the claims are many – most often that toxins are sitting in your intestines and then spreading to the rest of your body – while the examples from legitimate science are few.

Are they effective? We like the way that Harvard University’s Family Health Guide put it in an article they wrote about the detox diet fad: “There (isn’t) data on this particular diet in the medical literature. But many studies have shown that fasts and extremely low-calorie diets invariably lower the body’s basal metabolic rate as it struggles to conserve energy. Once the dieter resumes normal eating, rapid weight gain follows.”

Harvard brings up an excellent point you should consider as you debate whether or not you should buy OMG Detox or other detox supplements like it: If you do actually see weight loss, you’ll most likely have to continue using the supplement in order to keep the weight off. As soon as you stop using it, the weight will most likely return.

Is There Truth Behind the Supposed Eight Benefits of OMG Detox?

Before we jump into the legitimacy of OMG’s claims about their 10 ingredients, we need to examine their use of the word “superfood.” Simply put, “superfood” is a word that has become popular in the past 10 years and describes foods which have ultra-healthy traits. It’s not a technical scientific term, nor does it have a set meaning. It’s a buzzword applied freely by anyone who wants to use it.

But generally speaking, according to the European Food Information Council, superfood is a term applied to nutrient-rich foods which provide more health benefits than your average food.

Now, let’s do a quick examination of OMG’s claims:

Energy Boosting and Better Focus

OMG lists acai, maqui, camu camu and guarana as ingredients which boost energy. While guarana contains energy-boosting caffeine, several sources we researched pointed out that acai, maqui and camu camu do not include caffeine and there is not mention of the ingredients increasing an individual’s focus.

Glowing and Radiant skin

Cranberries have long been known to help repair skin because they contain high levels of vitamin C, which the body uses to produce the skin-repairing substance collagen. It stands to reason that because OMG contains cranberries, it can increase skin health.

The problem with this claim is that there is no information about how much vitamin C is included in the OMG blend and therefore we cannot say with certainty to what level the detox powder actually increases skin health.

Increased Metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which your body burns energy. Low metabolism is usually associated with weight gain, while people with high metabolism can more easily maintain a slim figure. While OMG makes the claim that their product increases metabolism, there is no information listed in the 10 ingredient descriptions which mention increased metabolism.

Lose excess weight

As we mentioned above, six of the 10 ingredients listed on the OMG website are claimed to help with weight loss. There are no scientific studies provided by the website which link acai, maqui, goji, cranberries, strawberries and lucuma to weight loss.

There is plenty of information about the vitamins included in cranberries and strawberries, but, from what we’ve read through our research, the only reputable website which linked strawberries to weight loss was Live Strong, whose assertion seemed a bit dubious because they referred to a weight-loss diet as the source for their information.

Improved nails and hair

None of the information provided about the 10 OMG ingredients mentioned the ability to improve nail and hair health.

The general consensus is that protein helps foster hair and nail growth. Lucuma contains a moderate amount of protein (4 grams per 100 grams), but in order for the average woman to get her suggested daily intake of protein from lucuma, she’d have to take about 1,100 grams of the stuff each day; that’s more than two pounds of lucuma.

We don’t know the exact amount of lucuma included in OMG’s daily servings, but we’re positive it’s not 1,100 grams per serving because a daily serving of OMG is only two teaspoons, or less then 20 grams

Reduced bloating

Fiber has long been known to help reduce bloating by keeping the body’s digestive system in working order. However, suddenly increasing your fiber intake can actually create bloating.

Chia seeds, one of the ingredients in OMG, are a fantastic source of fiber, offering 10 grams of the stuff per 1-ounce serving of seeds.

Remember, though, fiber can actually have a reverse effect on bloating if you increase your usage too quickly. OMG’s website doesn’t show how many servings of chia seeds are included in their blend, so it’s hard to know how much fiber you’re getting.

Nourish your body

Of all the claims on OMG’s website, this one is perhaps the most accurate because the 10 ingredients included in their detox blend do have a nutritional value of some measure.

Reduce cravings

OMG doesn’t specify what “cravings” are, but in terms of hunger, we’ll refer back to the bloating section because foods which are high in fiber are effective in curbing hunger when they’re taken with water.

OMG's Auto-Ship Policy

OMG Detox’s subscription plan is what is known as an auto-ship plan. You buy the product the first time at the price point you choose and then, every month, that same product is sent to you.

While many supplement companies automatically enroll you in their subscription service when you make your first purchase (this trick is usually buried in the Terms & Conditions section), OMG offers a subscription services as one of four purchasing options.

They’ve chosen not to use the sneaky tactics most companies use, deciding instead to entice you into the program with discounted prices.

Is the OMG Detox Right For You?

Our conclusion is that, according to the evidence we’ve collected and the research that others have done, OMG most likely doesn’t deliver on all of the eight benefits it lists on its website. Research concerning the various ingredients in OMG Detox has been, in some cases, very weak.

We’re also concerned about OMG’s claim that it is a detoxing supplement. As we mentioned earlier in this review, the evidence for the effectiveness of a detox diet is rather thin.

We’ve concluded, in light of the evidence provided by several reputable sources, OMG nor any other detox diets/supplements do what they say they’ll do in terms of ridding the body of toxins.

While there’s not a lot of evidence to support seven of their eight claims, we can say with relative confidence there’s a good chance that their powder, which can be added to the food or drink of your choice, does nourish your body in some way.

If it’s a healthy diet you want, instead of cleansing your body through a detox we recommend you fill your diet with fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods.

One technique that can help boost your body’s metabolism and curb your hunger is to drink water. Trying infusing your water with citrus fruits (organs, lemons, limes) to add extra vitamins and nutrients. Green tea, with its powerful antioxidants, is another way to help you curb your hunger and give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

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    I tried the 14 day version Oh My Glow and really enjoyed it. I noticed from day 3 that my energy levels were higher, and after day 10 my skin was clearer than it had been in months. I ordered a 28 day detox then, to try out the longer results. I could really tell the difference when I hadn't taken it in a morning. I didn't follow the full detox plan that they gave but I did use OMG with my breakfasts so I was having a smaller portion and I did try to eat healthier for the month and a half that I was doing it. I only lost 3 pounds but I wasn't really doing it to lose weight. The best benefit for me was my skin being clear and having more energy.

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