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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Oct 27, 2017

Organixx 7M Plus is an anti-aging supplement that uses a proprietary blend of seven powerfully potent mushrooms to help provide complete protection for your immune system, while supporting healthy, graceful aging.

Specifically, the company explains that they’re one of only two companies utilizing a patented fermentation process that “squeezes the most important nutrients and vitamins from our ingredients to magnify their benefits.”

The result is a nutritional breakthrough the website reports doesn’t just slow the aging process, but that could actually reverse it, leading to additional benefits like inflammation support, healthier digestion, and protection against aches and pains.

Just take two capsules of 7M Plus per day with eight ounces of water or juice. Or, the website lists the ‘advanced’ dosage as eight capsules daily, with the same amount of liquid.

Regardless of how many you take, can you expect Organixx’s 7M Plus supplement to help rewind your biological clock and recapture your youthful energy, as claimed on the website? Here, we’ll lay out the facts, discuss our experience, and reference authoritative sites to help you make an educated decision.

What’s the Relationship Between Telomeres & Aging?

As briefly mentioned on 7M Plus’ long-form sales page, similar to the plastic tips on shoelaces, telomeres help protect the ends of DNA strands from becoming frayed and no longer able to do their job within cells.

The University of Utah’s Learn.Genetics reports that each time a cell divides, though, the telomeres become increasingly shorter. "When they get too short, the cell can no longer divide," they tell us; "it becomes inactive or "senescent," or it dies. This shortening process is associated with aging, cancer, and a higher risk of death. So telomeres also have been compared with a bomb fuse."

Despite this seeming association between telomere length and aging, Mary Armanios, MD, clinical director of the Telomere Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, emphasizes there’s a lot the scientific community still doesn’t understand.

“It is not so simple that short telomeres are bad and long telomeres are good,” she says. “What we are finding is that ‘middle-of-the-road’ telomeres are the best. There is also growing evidence that telomeres cannot be altered by environmental choices.”

Interviewed in the same article, Jay Olshansky, Ph.D., and member of the board of directors of the American Federation of Aging Research adds that the overall aging process is complex, but it doesn't appear that it is driven primarily by telomere shortening.

Either way, is there clinical evidence supporting the health benefits associated with 7M Plus’ mushroom blend?

Will the Nutritional Mushrooms & Other Ingredients In 7M Plus Affect Telomeres?

According to the supplement facts label listed on the Organixx website, 7M Plus contains the following ingredients:

Fermented Mushroom Blend 800 mg: Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom, Organic Chaga Mushroom, Organic Shitake Mushroom, Organic Cordyceps Mushroom, Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Organic Reishi Mushroom Grown on Sprouted Fermented Cultiv8 Blend (Organic Purple Maize, Organic Chia, Organic Flax, Organic Black Quinoa, Organic Red Quinoa, Organic Canihua, Organic Purple Rice, Cumin Seed)

Fermented Kelp Blend 300 mg: Organic Sprouted Purple Maize, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Organic Kelp

Carbonic Organic Acid Blend 100 mg: Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid

Note: Per Organixx’s FAQ, “We do not give information on individual quantities of ingredients in proprietary blends other than what is listed on the label.”

Since no one on HighYa’s staff is a medical or scientific expert, we rely on commonly available consumer sources like the Natural Medicines Database, WebMD, and Examine.com to provide summarizations for the available clinical evidence about an ingredient, and whether or not it’s classified as ‘effective.’

To this extent, these sites cumulatively indicate there’s insufficient clinical evidence that Chaga, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, or Reishi mushrooms; humic or fulvic acid, kelp, or purple maize, can deliver on any of the benefits promoted by Organixx for 7M Plus.

None of these sites had an entry for Turkey Tail mushroom. We also didn’t find any additional details about the Cultiv8 Blend listed in the supplement, whether on Organixx or a third-party website.

Could Organixx’s Nutritional Mushrooms & Other Ingredients Cause Side Effects?

These same sites indicated that 7M Plus’ ingredients should be safe for most individuals, with mild digestive upset as the most common side effect (no specific dosages or circumstances noted).

As always, though, it’s important to discuss any nutritional supplements you’re considering with your healthcare provider, who can advise about any potential side effects or medication interactions.

How Much Does 7M Plus Cost?

Organixx has priced 7M Plus as follows:

  • 1 Bottle: $54
  • 3 Bottles: $147 ($49 per bottle)
  • 6 Bottles: $264 ($44 per bottle)

Regardless of the quantity you purchase, all orders come with free S&H, as well as a 12-month, no questions asked guarantee (less shipping). In order to request one, you can fill out the request form on Organixx’s website or call 877-750-6455.

What Can We Learn From 7M Plus Customer Reviews?

There were 43 customer reviews on the Organixx website for 7M Plus at the time of our research, who had given the supplement an average rating of 4.5 stars. Common compliments referenced improved health, while what few complaints there were (the lowest ratings were three stars) referenced no results.

We didn’t find any third-party feedback for the supplement, although Organixx (formerly Epigenetic Labs) is based out of Stateline, NV and held a B rating with the Better Business Bureau. This was based on 13 customer reviews (11 of which were positive) and 14 closed complaints, as of 10/26/17. Most of these appeared to reference difficulty reaching customer support.

According to the bio on his website, Daniel Nuzum is a “Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Medical Acupuncturist, and Nutritional Supplement Formulator” who’s based out of Nampa, ID. He received his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Are There Other Mushroom-Based Telomere Supplements Like 7M Plus?

There are dozens of mushroom and telomere supplements (although not necessarily together) potentially competing for the same customers as 7M Plus. And a quick online search on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart.com, and Google Shopping revealed that you could pay anywhere between $10 and $60+ for one.

Looking to narrow down your options? Our first recommendation would be to speak with your doctor, who can recommend treatment alternatives based on your diagnosis, and whether or not mushroom or telomere supplements would make a valuable addition to your regimen.

Another important fact we’ve learned researching hundreds of nutritional supplements over the years is that, according to organizations like the National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Family Physicians, most of us aren’t vitally deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients. And that unless you are, it’s unlikely that a dietary supplement will deliver meaningful benefits.

With all of this said, we’ve also learned to look for the following when choosing which supplement manufacturer to buy from:

  • Provide clinical support for their claims using double-blind, placebo-controlled studies
  • Don’t require customers to sign up for free trials or recurring shipping programs
  • Offer realistic S&H charges and refund policies that give customers plenty of time to try their product
  • No restocking or other penalty fees related to returns

Bottom Line About the Organixx 7M Plus Mushroom Supplement

The bottom line is that WebMD, Examine.com, and the Natural Medicines indicate that most of 7M Plus' mushrooms don't have sufficient clinical evidence indicating that they can provide meaningful benefits to humans. Furthermore, many respected health organizations don't recommend ingesting dietary supplements for those who aren't deficient in their ingredients.

But if you still feel like rolling the dice on 7M Plus, Organixx seems to stand behind it with a one-year return policy, with no fees (other than return shipping costs). Just be sure to have an in-depth conversation with your doctor in advance about whether or not the supplement makes a wise addition to your treatment plan.

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