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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 25, 2015

Ovation Cell Therapy is a line of men’s and women’s haircare products that are claimed to be safe, naturally-derived alternatives for providing thicker, stronger, and longer hair.

Each product in the 3-step Ovation Cell Therapy System (shampoo, cell therapy treatment, and crème rinse) is claimed to work synergistically with one another to maximize performance and cost-savings, and to be developed for specific hair types, although all are claimed to be safe for color treated hair. These include:

  • Volume – Claimed to help give individuals with fine to normal hair full body, without weighing it down.
  • Balance – Helps individuals with normal hair moisturize and add body, while keeping their hair vibrant. Offers both moisturization and volume for most hair types.
  • Moisture – Adds moisture and suppleness for individuals with dry or coarse hair.

According to the company, the key component of each one of their systems is their Cell Therapy Treatment, which is claimed to contain naturally derived ingredients such as Biotinyl multi-faceted protein-based complexes, Panthenol, as well as other vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids that “penetrate and feed the hair cortex.”

In addition to their shampoos, Cell Therapies, and moisturizers, Ovation also makes several different types of styling products, oils, and multivitamins. And because of their wide selection, the company claims that a Personal Account Representative can help you choose the right system for your needs.

You’re tired of having less-than-perfect hair, and you’re willing to pay whatever it costs to change the situation. But when it comes down to it, will Ovation’s Cell Therapy System provide you with a high amount of value for your hard-earned money? Consider the following:

Are Ovation Cell Therapy’s Products Proven to Work?

First, the statement that Ovation Cell Therapy is claimed to provide “proven results” probably caught your eye when browsing the company’s home page. However, there isn’t any proof provided on the product’s website to back this up.

Taking a look at one of the company’s more popular products though, their Volume Therapy Shampoo, it does appear to contain several ingredients that could be beneficial for moisturization, such as hydrolyzed rice protein, Sodium L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylate, aloe vera, and pantethol.

On the other hand, some of the product’s other ingredients, such as burdock, saw palmetto, and fenugreek, have little (or in some instances, no) clinical evidence showing that they provide any kind of haircare benefits.

Based on this information, it’s important to keep in mind that while Cell Therapy products may provide you with some benefits (primarily moisturization), they may not work exactly as advertised.

How Long Will it Take You to Experience Results with Cell Therapy?

Ovation claims that their Cell Therapy System can help you experience stronger and thicker hair after just a few uses, although full benefits should be apparent after 60-90 days of continuous use. However, keep in mind that this can be impacted by your general health, age, diet, and overall vitality.

This means that you could end up spending $300 or more during this time. For most, this appears to be the biggest stumbling block (we’ll talk more about this in a moment) to achieving the hair they want with Cell Therapy.

On a positive note though, all Ovation Cell Therapy Treatments are claimed to be paraben free, and to never be tested on animals.

Haircare Options Galore

Next, keep in mind that when it comes to specialized, high-priced haircare products and systems, you have a wide variety to choose from. This includes Wen Hair Care and Nutrisse, as well as supplements from companies such as Hairfinity, Hairburst, and Viviscal Hair Growth.

Granted, not all of these are priced as high as Cell Therapy Systems and not all will provide the same results, but you do have options.

What Are Customers Saying About the Ovation Cell Therapy System?

Overall, it seems that the majority of Ovation Cell Therapy users have had a positive experience. However, even among those who benefitted, many complained that they had to stop using it due to the very high price.

Next to high price, some of the most common complaints related to Ovation Cell Therapy included dryness/shedding (in fact, the author of this blog post claimed that Ovation Cell Therapy caused her to lose half the hair on her head, while the remainder was extremely dry “like cotton candy”), while other customers claimed that it was too heavy and made their hair look greasy.

From a company perspective, Ovation Cell Therapy is manufactured by DC Labs based out of Vista, CA, who holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and no closed complaints within the past 3 years (as of 2/23/15). The company has been in business since 2007.

Ovation Cell Therapy Pricing & Refund Policy

Single Cell Therapy products range in price between $9.95 and $56.95, while men’s and women’s packs and systems range in price between $54.95 and $96.49.

Note: Although most of Ovation Cell Therapy’s products can be purchased individually, the company recommends purchasing complete systems for best results.

To help you save money on future purchases of Cell Therapy Systems, you can sign up for the company’s loyalty rewards program, which allows you to earn points every time you make a purchase. Eventually, you’ll earn enough credits for free and discounted products.

In addition, Ovation offers a replenishment program (Ovation’s version of an autoship program), which allows you to continuously receive the products of your choice on a regular basis.

All Cell Therapy Products come with a 1-year guarantee, less S&H charges, although this only applies to your most recent purchase. However, you will need to return the bottle to the company.

In order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 888-411-DCLABS (3252).

Will the Ovation Cell Therapy System Improve the Quality of Your Hair?

Based on our research, it appears that most consumers were satisfied with their Cell Therapy Systems. However, because choosing the right system—based on your specific hair type—can make all the difference, you might want to contact the company for assistance before finalizing your purchase.

Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t use Cell Therapy products in combination with other shampoos/conditioners that contain protein, since this could result in over-exposure and might actually damage your hair. In addition, it’s important to remember that Cell Therapy Systems are not considered permanent solutions, and any benefits they provide will soon fade after you stop using the product.

When it comes down to it though, finding the right hair care product is a very personal choice, so what works well for you may not work at all (or may even damage the hair) of someone else. Fortunately, Ovation appears to stand behind their products with a 1-year refund policy if you’re dissatisfied.

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