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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 11, 2015

We spend a lot of time reviewing supplements that make big claims – “Take two of these every day for three months and you’ll lose 25 pounds!”

What we’ve realized is that the claims which seem the most unbelievable are truly unbelievable. They lack the science or the hard results to back up their claims.

Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System is not one of those schemes. The core of the program is physical exercise and a calorie-controlled diet along with daily doses of a green-tea supplement.

Even though we like the fact that Oxygen 8’s foundation is exercise, we aren’t in the business of judging books by their cover. We dig deeper, and today we’re going to take the fact-finding shovel and dig down into the roots of this program.

We’re going to look at what Oxygen 8 is, what it claims to do, what it actually does (according to science) and our conclusions about the truth behind Oxygen 8’s statements and claims.

Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System: What is it?

Oxygen 8’s founder is the blonde-haired 80’s fitness-queen Greer Childers. Greer has promoted a variety of different workout products, including the workout tool BodyFlex and the supplement Essential Boost (more on this later).

Since launching BodyFlex three decades ago, Greer has ditched the Olivia Newton-John Spandex body suit and has started Oxygen 8.

Most fat-loss programs we review are one dimensional and, usually, that one dimension involves a pill of some sort or a single piece of workout equipment.

Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System is different because it implements three different weight-loss tools: exercise, supplements and a low-calorie diet.

Those who sign up for the program receive:

  • A Getting Started video
  • A video about the diet
  • A bonus video including three extra workout plans
  • A 30-day supply of fat-loss supplements
  • Access to the Oxygen 8 user’s portal

When website visitors click on the “Buy Now” buttons, they’re taken to a page where they’re offered the items listed above for $9.95. They also get the option of adding an “Advanced Workout” DVD for $19.95. This DVD provides another set of 8-minute workouts to add to the normal program.

What Does the Oxygen 8 Weight Loss System Do?

Oxygen 8’s three-pronged approach to weight loss results in, according to the website, a typical loss of 5 pounds after one week (what does it offer and what does it claim to do) Bridge this section with the previous one.: People are coming riding on a cloud of excitement and hype and we want to gently bring them down to earth. Strategy/Execution for Twitter

Exercises That Build Muscle

Oxygen 8 ‘s workout program consists of daily, 8-minute exercises which provide an intense workout involving slow-motion movements. Short workouts aren’t anything new -- we’ve been inundated with high-intensity workouts guaranteed to burn fat, build muscle and leave you begging for mercy at the end of the session.

However, Oxygen 8 System brings a different element to this genre. The program’s specific exercises are based on “slow motion muscle against muscle exercises” and special breathing techniques. The website did not provide any additional information about the types of slow-motion exercise or breathing techniques, so we did a little research and found out that slow-motion exercises are nothing new.

In fact, according to WebMD the fad has been around since the early 80’s when a Florida trainer named Ken Hutchins developed a style of working out called “SuperSlow.” Participants would perform a variety of exercise without weights (lunges, for example) but instead of doing them quickly, they would do them extremely slow. The theory behind the exercise was that slow-motion movements eliminate all momentum and place the entire workload on the muscle.

Eleven years later, Wayne Westcott, a Massachusetts fitness researcher, tested the SuperSlow method and found that people who used slow-motion exercises “saw strength gains at least 50% greater than the group doing traditional weight training.”

While proponents of the method say that the workout is effective in building muscles, other experts have said SuperSlow and similar programs lack aerobic exercises and also are so difficult that many people drop out of their workout program before completing.

The exercise method has critics on both sides, but it seems to us that, at the very least, slow-motion exercises really do build muscle.

A Diet That Cuts Calories

Low calories and high volume are the key to the Oxygen 8 diet. In fact, it goes by the name of “High Volume Eating Program.” The diet program diverges from the usual fad diet because it claims you can actually eat a lot of food while you are losing weight.

Sound too good to be true? We thought so, until the company’s website noted that the generous diet is based on low-calorie foods. So, you can toss the notion of cramming hamburgers of Skittles on this diet – low calories only!

Supplements That Boost Fat Burning

The company which owns Oxygen 8 is named Savvier, which happens to also be the name of the company who owns Essential Boost, the fat-loss supplement used in the Oxygen 8 workout.

We couldn’t find any details about the supplement on the Oxygen 8 website, so we did some digging and found Savvier’s Essential Boost website. The site includes claims that their supplements ”harness the power of green tea extract (EGCG)” to burn fat, boost energy, slow cellular aging and support health.

This sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And when you couple the supplements with the low-calorie diet and the 8-minutes-a-day workouts, Oxygen 8 seems like the perfect way to lose weight. However, after we did a little research about the claims of the diet, we found some interesting information that will help you decide if this workout plan actually does what it says it does. More on that in the next section…

Claims Made by Oxygen and its Science

The Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System website is unique in that it doesn’t bombard you with a million extravagant claims about weight loss. There’s really just one claim and 17 photo testimonials.

The company says participants will lose 5 pounds in the first week (and one jean size) or they’ll get their money back. We found this simple claim refreshing because it’s straightforward and there’s a money-back guarantee.

According to the site’s terms and conditions, returns are as simple as sending all items back that were not given as a promotional free gift. You won’t need to explain anything – just give the company your name, address and phone number, and, according to the terms and conditions, you’re set.

It’s hard to determine if, in fact, these claims are true. The website gives no scientific proof about the fat-burning powers of their breathing-controlled “slow motion” exercises.

We couldn’t verify the “5 pounds in the first week” weight loss claims because Oxygen 8 gave no specific information about how many calories their workouts burn and how many calories their diet includes, nor could we verify the fat-burning ability of the green-tea pill used in the weight-loss program.

What we did find is a disclaimer in the “Results Vary” section of the home page which says that the diet is designed for people who want to lose more than 25 pounds. We won’t go as far as to call this “sneaky”, but we definitely perked up when we saw this (and we’ll explain why in the next section).

Bottom Line: Should you Use the Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System?

Like every weight-loss plan, Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System makes a claim: 5 pounds in 7 days! It’s believable, but only when taken in the context of the company’s caveat that the program is designed for people who want to lose 25 pounds or more. Why?

The Weight Loss Claims

People who are obese or overweight lose weight more quickly than people at a healthy weight who are doing the same exercises. It seems to us that Oxygen 8 has set itself up for success by stating the diet works best for overweight or obese participants.

Why? Based on the evidence presented by the study in the link above, people who are overweight or obese are going to lose weight at a rapid pace (as opposed to a normal pace) when they start exercising and controlling their diet. Which diet they choose and what exercises they do aren’t as important as the fact that they are eating well and exercising.

We can’t say that Oxygen 8 has any sort of special ability to help the overweight and obese lose weight, but we can say that the general themes of exercise and low-calorie diets have been proven to aid weight loss.

As for those of us who are of a relatively healthy weight, the site gives us no hard evidence about the effectiveness of the program for those who are not overweight or obese.

The Supplements

The Oxygen 8 Essential Boost supplements included in the program are your average green-tea extract pills. The supplement’s website says the extract can boost energy, promote weight loss and fat burning.

As we’ve already written, there’s a lot of hype about green tea’s powers. The National Institutes of Health has acknowledged that epigallocathecin gallate (EGCG), a component of green tea, can improve cardiovascular and metabolic health, but they make no mention of EGCG’s effect on weight loss.

Essential Boost also contains two other supplements: guarana seed extract and panax ginseng extract. We’ve covered these extracts in our Supplements section.

What you need to know is that, while guarana seed extract has been proven to increase energy because it has high caffeine content, but it has yet to be definitively proven to aid in the fat-burning claims on the Essential Boost website.

Panax ginseng extract (“panax” indicates ginseng of Asian origin) hasn’t been proven to burn fat or slow cellular aging, two of the four claims Savvier makes about Essential. There is some indication that the extract may improve mental performance, but because the Oxygen 8 is touted as a weight-loss program the inclusion of panax ginseng extract seems a bit irrelevant.

We want to point out that the supplement’s website includes the pills’ ingredients, a pretty rare occurrence in the supplement world. While the three supplements we mentioned above have been proven to produce less-than-definitive results for weight loss, the host of other vitamins in the supplement do, in fact, back up the “Supports Health” claim on the Essential Boost home page.

The Principle of Exercise

Many of the sites we review make big claims with very little supporting evidence. Oxygen 8 is a bit different than those sites because the company makes measured claims to weight loss with the caveat that the system works best for those who are at least 25 pounds overweight.

Although the site says the program includes green tea supplements, the program isn’t based on those supplements. It’s actually based on a low-calorie diet and exercise, two things which have (in moderation) been proven to foster healthy weight loss.

The Return Policy

Oxygen 8’s return policy, as we talked about above, is straightforward and this is really refreshing. Many weight-loss sites bury the fine print in an avalanche of super-technical paragraphs. Oxygen 8 doesn’t do this.

The company does use the notorious “auto-ship” program in which they send you a month’s worth of green tea supplements and then charge you $26.98 every two months for a 60-day refill of the pills. You can opt out of this program by calling 1-800-320-7784.

Our conclusion is that Oxygen 8 is headed in the right direction because it promotes exercise and a calorie-conscious diet. We’re not sold (nor have we ever been) on the magical powers of the supplements included in Oxygen 8’s Essential Boost Pills: green tea extract, guarana seed extract and panax ginseng extract.

If you’d like to learn more about other weight-loss programs, check out our weight-loss section.

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