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By HighYa Staff
Published on: Sep 2, 2017

Parisian Secret is a skin care cream that promises to visibly brighten the skin’s appearance, enhancing it for a radiant, firmer look. The product also claims to smooth out the look of stubborn fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking younger in the process.

The company behind Parisian Secret bill it as an injection-free alternative to more involved skin care procedures and surgeries, claiming that it can naturally replenish your skin’s moisture to leave it healthier than ever.

Here at HighYa, we’ve seen these sorts of claims before. In the following section, we’ll delve into what that means for you.

Parisian Secret Ingredients and a Note on Similar Product Offerings

Over the past several years, we’ve reported on dozens of products that seem to use nearly identical website layouts to the one used by Parisian Secret, such as Derma Genetix, Sangeo, and Vlamorous. Often, the only thing that changes between products is the logo used, with all of the other imagery, text, and information remaining the same.

These sorts of template-based offers are common in the world of supplements and skin care solutions, and often, this means that one of the only real ways to distinguish between them is by looking at their formulas, evaluating the ingredients they contain for their effectiveness.

Unfortunately, no ingredients are provided on Parisian Secret’s website, and after speaking to multiple customer support agents, we were told that they did not have this information on hand. Based on our experience investigating these products, as well as listening to reader feedback on them, we consider this to be a red flag. Why is this?

Are There Any Potential Parisian Secret Side Effects?

Simply put, we feel that you have a right to know exactly what is inside a product before you apply it to your skin. Without this information, or any information on concentration amounts, we don’t know what sort of adverse reactions you might encounter when using Parisian Secret.

All we’re told by the manufacturer is that the product is supposed to affect the collagen levels of our skin. What is collagen, and why is it so crucial to our appearance? Let’s find out below.

Understanding Collagen

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and collagen makes up over 75 percent of its surface, just as suggested by the manufacturers of Parisian Secret. According to WebMD, the substance also acts as a “fountain of youth,” keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

This is because collagen gives the skin its physical structure, and when we are young, this structure is firm and intact.

As we age, however, this support network of collagen begins to weaken, losing its elasticity to the effects of time and exposure to UV rays. This is where Parisian Secret claims to come in, delivering whole collagen molecules to the skin instead of hydrolyzed fragments, something they say many of the product’s competitors rely on.

Scientifically, however, it turns out the collagen molecules are far too large to actually pass through the layers of your skin, instead remaining on top like icing on a cake. Here, any smoothing benefits this topical collagen would provide would only last as long as the cream remains on the skin.

As for collagen fragments, a 1988 clinical study reports that “Even if native collagen could penetrate to the dermis, it is inconceivable that the molecules could form fibers or integrate with existing collagen fibers because the precursors for fiber assembly are soluble procollagen molecules.”

In other words, even if collagen (in fragment or whole form) could pass through the skin, there’s insufficient evidence reported that it could generate new collagen fibers or strengthen existing ones.

Parisian Secret Pricing & Return Policy

As of this writing, Parisian Secret was available exclusively through the manufacturer in free trial form. This means that you’ll only need to cover shipping costs to receive a 30-day supply of the product, paying just $4.95 upfront.

However, the terms and conditions state that upon making a purchase, your 14-day trial begins. If you do not cancel before this period is up, you’ll be automatically charged $89.03 and enrolled into the company’s autoship program.

This means that you’ll continue to be sent a 30-day supply of the product month after month, and your credit card will be charged accordingly. To cancel this at any time, you’ll need to call customer support at 1-800-631-9410.

As for the return policy, it’s listed that you have 30 days from the date of your order to call customer support and request an RMA number. You will be required to pay return shipping, and the product must be postmarked before the 30-day window is up to be eligible for a refund.

Purchasing a Skincare Product Like Parisian Secret

As mentioned above, here at HighYa, we’ve encountered many different products that make virtually the same claims made by the makers of Parisian Secret, seeing as they share the same website template. Many of these are sold exclusively as free trial offers, just as the product in question is.

Our primary goal is always to keep you safe from less-than-stellar business practices, so in general, here are some questions to ask yourself when searching for a quality skin care solution:

  • Is there an autoship program or a free trial offer set up for the product? Over the years, many of our readers have reported that canceling these programs has been difficult, and some have even stated that they were not even aware they were enrolled until the charges started coming in.
  • Is the skin care solution available in retail stores, or just through an online website? If it’s available at brick and mortar establishments, you might be able to avoid shipping & handling charges and lengthy refund processes.
  • Does the product offer a transparent look at its ingredients? It’s important to keep in mind that cosmetics like Parisian Secret aren’t required by the FDA to provide clinical proof for any claims made, so it’s important to evaluate the ingredients carefully using trusted sources such as WebMD, Examine.com and the Mayo Clinic.
  • Are there any customer reviews listed online for the product? When searching, be sure to look out for affiliate sites.

Essentially, your best policy will be to slow down and do a bit of research before making a purchase. Keep in mind that many sales pitches for these sorts of products are designed to get you to make a quick, emotional decision. Resist this, and you’ll be well on your way to making a more well-rounded, informed choice with your hard-earned money.

For even more tips and tricks, you can read our comprehensive guide to buying an anti-aging product right here.

Final Thoughts On Parisian Secret

Putting everything that we’ve learned about Parisian Secret together, we have a few parting thoughts for you to consider about the product. For one, though the manufacturer claims that it can rejuvenate the skin, replenishing collagen levels and providing a visibly younger looking appearance, we aren’t shown what ingredients (or in what amounts) are in the formula to facilitate this.

For instance, we know based on our extensive research that retinoids and vitamin C can help to protect collagen and prevent it from breaking down, which may lead to a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles over time.

In addition, the mandatory free trial will lead you to an autoship program that will ultimately cost you nearly $100 a month should you not cancel it before the 14-day window is up. This is a pretty hefty price to pay for a product when you don’t know what’s inside it, or how effective you can expect it to be.

Because of this, we feel (as consumers ourselves) that you may find that slowing down and talking with your doctor about possible next steps first is the best course of action here.

Often, he or she will have a good amount of experience with both cosmetic products like Parisian Secret and other solutions that may be effective for your particular situation.

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