About Pasta Swing

Pasta Swing is a combination colander and pot. The “swing” refers to the fact that the inner strainer swings out as you pour the boiling water catching the pasta, corn, potatoes, or anything else you have cooked that needs straining.

Pasta Swing is yet another product from Telebrands that offers very little in the way of value. It is sold under the “Orgreenic” brand (you can read about those here) and pitched by Iron Chef judge Mario Rizzotti who “pours” on his Italian accent so thick it almost sounds fake.

How Pasta Swing Works

Pasta Swing appears to be a standard cooking pot with a removable inner colander on a swivel hinge; both are coated with Orgreenic’s alleged non-stick surface. To use Pasta Swing, cook any type of pasta or food item you boil in hot water. When it’s ready, pour over the sink.

They claim the “magic” with Pasta Swing is that the hinged strainer will catch your foods before they slip out and down the drain. Then they say you can remove the colander and use it to serve your meal.

Pasta Swing Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Pasta Swing sells for $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H for a total of $27.98. If you would like to take advantage of their “Special Offer” of a lid and a cheese grater, add another $9.99 in  (non-refundable) fees. All Telebrands products come with the same “100% guarantee,” which isn’t really 100%: if you don’t like the product, you can return it within 30 days for a refund of the retail price, but not any of the shipping and handling fees or what it costs to send back. In addition, you must write by hand (or print out from the computer) a “detailed explanation” as to why you are returning Pasta Swing or they could refuse your request.

Pasta Swing includes:

  • Pasta Swing
  • Dolce Vita Recipe Book
  • Fitted and vented glass lid and “gourmet” cheese grater (extra S&H)

Telebrands Privacy Policy

Like many companies that sell infomercial-type products over the web, they have a very loose Privacy Policy, detailed in the fine print. Basically, this means they can “use, sell, disclose, or otherwise dispose of Personal Information” both internally as well as sell to third parties. If you do order Pasta Swing, be prepared to receive emails and possibly phone calls from Telebrands or others, unless you individually “opt-out” from these offers.

Bottom Line: Is Pasta Swing a Scam?

In the words of Uncle Tony: “Fuggedaboudit.” What this translates to is that this is an expensive product that really has no added value, aside from a nonstick surface that covers most pots and pans anyway. A standard plastic or metal colander can easily be placed in the sink to collect any falling food or pasta and will only cost you a few dollars (if indeed there isn’t one already in your cupboard).

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