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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Apr 3, 2017

Most women have experienced the embarrassment of a visible panty line at some point. The Perfect Pair Underwear claims to be the only pair of underwear that leave you feeling and looking like you’re not wearing anything underneath.

Promising to be simultaneously seamless, comfortable, and stylish, the Perfect Pair features elastic-free vanishing edges. Thanks to Never Slide bands and a perfectly contoured cut, the Perfect Pair seam-free design promises to eliminates lines for a smooth silhouette, plus keep your panties in place without any tugging elastic.

The result, they claim, is a perfect pair of underwear that banishes bunching and riding up throughout the day.

The Perfect Pair Underwear also features a natural bamboo pantyliner that’s infused with a proprietary Ever Fresh Technology. This combination claims to offer excellent moisture wicking and odor-beating capabilities to keep you feeling dry and fresh.

Available in both high-rise and bikini styles—both in black or nude—the Perfect Pair Underwear is available in sizes small through XX-large, is machine washable, and promises never to lose their shape.

Machine washable and built to never lose their shape, the Perfect Pair Underwear promises that they’ll be the last pair of underwear you’ll ever want to buy—or your money back.

The Perfect Pair Underwear Pricing and Refund Policy

For a total of $19.98 ($14.99 per pair, plus $4.99 shipping and handling), you’ll receive three pairs of the Perfect Pair Underwear. Note that additional sales tax is added to orders from NY.

To order, select your preferred style (between high-rise and bikini) and shade (between nude and black), then your size:

  • Small: Pant size 2-6, hip measurements 34”-37”
  • Medium: Pant size 8-10, hip measurements 38”-41”
  • Large: Pant size 12-14, hip measurements 42”-44”
  • Extra-Large: Pant size 16-18, hip measurements 45”-47”
  • Extra-Extra-Large: Pant size 20-22, hip measurements 48”-50”

Your order will ship via UPS within 30 days.

Not satisfied with your order of the Perfect Pair Underwear? The website states that you have 30 days to return your purchase, and instructs customers to send their merchandise back “to the address listed below.”

While it’s likely a mistake, the Perfect Pair Underwear website does fail to list an address for returns. We wrote their customer service at customerservice@buyperfectpair.com to learn more, as well as if the 30-day return policy starts from the day your package is shipped, or received. We’ll update you as soon as we hear back.

Is Perfect Pair Underwear Totally Unique?

With its Never Slide bands that offer a seamless, non-bunching design plus Ever Fresh Technology promising moisture-wicking and odor control, we had to wonder: Are the Perfect Pair Underwear unlike anything else that’s available?

While the Perfect Pair Underwear website doesn’t explicitly say so, by examining the product photos, we’re fairly certain that their flat seams are achieved by laser cutting.

Laser cutting is a method of manufacturing that (surprise) uses a laser to cut materials. The advantages include clean cuts, extreme accuracy, and heat-sealed edges that won’t fray.

That last aspect, the sealed edges, are what give the Perfect Pair Underwear their perfectly flat edge that allows them to defy panty lines.

Because laser cutting allows for extremely accurate cuts that don’t require seaming, the process has become popular in producing all manner of garments—including underwear. Search Google for “laser cut underwear” and you’ll find close to a million results.

Price points for laser cut or “seamless” underwear tend to be low since the process is efficient and cost effective. Some alternatives to the Perfect Pair Underwear include:

  • Puma Laser Cut Sport Hipster 3-Pack Panties: $12.00 at Walmart
  • Gilligan & O'Malley Women's No Show Laser Cut Hipster: $5 at Target
  • Commando line includes thongs, bikini, and high-rise: $16-$38 at HerRoom

The above options each feature a cotton on bamboo panty liner to aid in moisture wicking. However, what of the Perfect Pair Underwear’s claim to control odor with Ever Fresh Technology?

A search for “odor fighting underwear” yields some interesting results. Beyond one brand of panties that promise to disguise flatulence, there appear to be several companies that offer antibacterial fabric blends in an attempt to aid in eliminating odor.

Knix Wear a line of antibacterial panties with a high-tech lining that wicks away moisture and keeps odor at bay. Using what the brand dubbed “Fresh Fix Technology,” the thong and full-butt styles both have an absorbent gusset lining that promises to keep you fresh all day long.

Since we weren’t able to find any results matching the Perfect Pair Underwear’s “Ever Fresh Technology,” Knix Wear appears to be the closest match. The company sells panties in a range of styles and colors for about $23 each.

How Does the Perfect Pair Underwear Compare to the Competition?

While Knix Wear’s odor-fighting panties feature laser cut edges, and are available in a much wider range of colors, they're still nearly three-times the cost of a Perfect Pair Underwear. Meaning, unless you’re seriously put off by the Perfect Pair Underwear’s limited color selection, there’s little reason to pay close to triple per-panty.

Still, the Perfect Pair Underwear isn’t the cheapest option if you’re just interested in laser-cut seams alone. To help determine if that odor-fighting gusset is worth the extra cost, we searched for reviews on similar products offered by Knix Wear.

According to a Cosmo review, the Knix Wear thong stayed smelling fresh and clean—even after a full day of wear and time spent at the gym.

Are the Perfect Pair Underwear Your Best Bet for Seamless Bottom Coverage?

We’re not completely happy with the Perfect Pair Underwear’s lack of a telephone number to contact their customer service—one of the points we outline in How to Tell If an Online Store Is Legit: 11 Steps to Check Any Website.

However, it’s not completely abnormal for new companies to have limited resources for responding to customer service. With that in mind, we look forward to updating this review once we’ve heard back from the Perfect Pair Underwear with clarification regarding their return policy guideline.

Beyond the considerations of shopping online safety, our experience shopping for seamless panties has shown that laser cut products do work as the Perfect Pair Underwear claims.

And, in regards to odor control? While we can’t be sure that the Perfect Pair Underwear would pass the same test since we weren’t able to find any customer reviews of the product at the time of writing. However, if Cosmo’s critique can be used as a guide, the Perfect Pair Underwear might be just that.

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