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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 13, 2016

Designed specifically for men over 40, GoFlo Perfect Prostate is a doctor formulated dietary supplement that promises to support a healthy prostate, more complete bladder emptying, and healthy sleeping habits.

Using a blend of “extremely powerful” ingredients, the manufacturer claims Perfect Prostate can deliver all of these benefits by taking just two capsules daily with water, or as directed by your health care professional.

Once you get past the marketing hype though, is Perfect Prostate really a supplement that “actually works”? Even then, can you realistically expect any nutritional supplement to deliver “truly life changing” results?

That’s what you’re here to find out, so stick with us and we’ll help make you a more informed, more empowered consumer!

What Is the Prostate? Why Does It Cause So Many Problems?

About the shape and size of a walnut, the prostate gland sits below the bladder, in front of the rectum, and partially surrounding the urethra, where it helps make semen.

Until a man reaches the age of 40, they probably won’t pay much attention to their prostate. After this age, however, the prostate can start to grow larger. In fact, according to WebMD:

“When a man reaches the age of 40, the prostate gland might have increased from the size of a walnut to that of an apricot. By the time he reaches the age of 60, it might be the size of a lemon.”

Formally, this condition is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH for short.

Because of its enlarged size, BPH can cause the prostate to squeeze the urethra, leading to problems passing urine. Other common side effects include frequent urination (especially at night), a feeling that the bladder isn’t empty, and having to strain to urinate.

Overall, BPH will affect 8 out of every 10 men at some point in their life, so it’s an extraordinarily common condition.

After speaking with your physician, common treatments to address BPH (there is no cure) include making lifestyle changes, prescription medications, and if it’s severe enough, surgery.

What about Perfect Prostate’s ingredients, though? Can you expect them to deliver meaningful BPH relief?

What Ingredients Will You Find In Perfect Prostate? Are They Effective For Improved Prostate Health?

We’re not provided with a label on the Perfect Prostate website, nor are we provided with a complete list of ingredients. We are told that some of the key ingredients include:

Of these, WebMD lists 60mg to 130mg of daily beta sitosterol as possibly effective for improving difficulty urinating as a result of an enlarged prostate, but not for help shrinking the prostate itself.

Flowens is a proprietary cranberry-based ingredient that has at least one study indicating it might help address “Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and benign prostatic hyperplasia.”

Remember though: While positive, a single study doesn’t indicate that something is “proven.” Instead, this requires a large body of evidence based on repeatable results.

Individuals often use stinging nettle supplements to help reduce inflammation, although existing clinical evidence indicates it’s only effective for address osteoarthritis-related symptoms.

WebMD also lists 75-200mg of pygeum daily as possibly effective for increasing urine flow in those suffering from BPH. Authoritative sites like WebMD indicate there isn’t enough clinical evidence showing that zinc supplementation can provide any prostate-related benefits.

Important note: Even among Perfect Prostate’s ingredients that might provide real-world benefits, we’re not told how much the supplement contains. As such, there’s no way if you can realistically expect to experience the same.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects for Perfect Prostate’s Ingredients?

Like most nutritional supplements, you probably won’t experience anything worse than mild digestive upset (assuming anything at all) from Perfect Prostate’s ingredients.

In some instances, though, WebMD indicates that “Beta-sitosterol has also been linked to reports of erectile dysfunction (ED) and loss of interest in sex.”

Stinging nettle can cause sweating and “routine zinc supplementation is not recommended without the advice of a healthcare professional [since it] might cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, metallic taste, kidney and stomach damage, and other side effects.”

How Much Does the Perfect Prostate Formula Cost?

You’ll have three different options when purchasing Perfect Prostate (each bottle contains 60 capsules):

  • Preferred Customer Program*: $19.95
  • One-Time Shipment: $29.95
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free: $59.90

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be charged an additional $4.95 S&H.

*If you sign up for the Preferred Customer Program, you’ll continue receiving a new bottle of Perfect Prostate once per month and your card will be charged $19.95 plus $4.95 S&H each time.

All Perfect Prostate orders come with a 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H charges. In order to request one, or to cancel your recurring shipments, customer service can be reached at (800) 667-4182 or customercare@perfectprostate.com.

What Are Customers Saying In Their Perfect Prostate Reviews? How Does This Compare to Other Prostate Formulas?

There weren’t any online customer reviews for Perfect Prostate at the time of our research. The supplement was simply too new.

But searching online for “prostate supplement” or “BPH relief” will quickly reveal that you have hundreds of different options when it comes to addressing enlarged prostate side effects—many of which include some of the same ingredients found in Perfect Prostate.

We’ve even reviewed several of these ourselves, including Whole Body True Prostate Flow, Super Beta Prostate, Master Prostate Formula, and more.

From a price perspective, you’ll find that the supplements range anywhere between $8 and $35+, so Perfect Prostate falls somewhere near the middle.

Keep in mind that you can probably even find a prostate formula or two at your local pharmacy or big box retailer, which could help you save on S&H charges while making the return process—if you’re dissatisfied—as easy as hopping in your car.

With this in mind, is there anything meaningfully unique about Perfect Prostate that it’s more deserving of your attention? We’ll wrap things up in just a second, but let’s first talk about Perfect Prostate’s creator.

Who Is Mitchell A. Fleisher?

Mitchell A. Fleisher is a Medical Doctor, Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine, Diplomate of the American Board of Functional Medicine, and Medical Director for True Earth Health Products. Perfect Prostate seems to be the company’s only product.

Note: Searching online for “Dc.A.B.C.T” mostly returns results related to Dr. Fleisher’s credentials, so we can’t be sure what it’s intended to mean. After some initial research, it could relate to the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

Outside of this, it seems Dr. Fleisher has put his credentials behind other products like The Wiley Protocol, Progressive Laboratories supplements, and the book Sun Care Decoded: Answers to Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask.

Can You Really Expect Perfect Prostate to Work?

When it comes to Perfect Prostate, here’s the bottom line:

The good news is that it contains several ingredients that authoritative medical websites like WebMD indicate could help reduce your BPH symptoms.

The bad news? We’re not told how much of these ingredients are found in Perfect Prostate, or if it’s enough to deliver real-world results. We also aren’t given a complete list of ingredients, so we can’t know about any potential benefits (or side effects) you might encounter from these unknown substances, if any.

Our recommendation? If it was our money (after all, we shop online too!), we think we might get more value from similar supplements that provide a full list of their ingredients, along with dosages.

After all, considering the non-refundable $5 S&H charge, plus whatever it’ll cost you to ship your bottles back to the manufacturer, you could be out $10 just for giving Perfect Prostate a try.

And as always, if you’re experiencing BPH symptoms and thinking about taking a nutritional supplement to address them, an important first step is to speak with your doctor!

In the mean time, we might recommend reading through ConsumerLab’s prostate supplement testing. Also, if you’ve used Perfect Prostate (successfully or otherwise), be sure to write a review below!

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