About Perfect Rip Deck

Perfect Rip Deck is an upper body workout device that claims to get you ripped by providing you with nine different muscle-building exercises. The Rip Deck’s design combines a sliding chest fly and a rotating pushup into one movement and lets you do other exercises, too.

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The Perfect Rip Deck is a product of Perfect Fitness and is claimed to have been designed by Alden Mills who is a seven-year veteran of the US Navy SEALs. The product is also sold the “As Seen on TV” brand.

Rip Deck Features

The pushup stands rotate 360° and are removable and lock into place in seven different positions. It has easy pull pins that can be removed to separate the tracks for additional exercise options. You can adjust the range of motion easily with a safety stop to prevent the device from going too far in one direction.

It is constructed of heavy duty steel. The sliding track safely simulates the chest fly exercise and the website has a downloadable PDF users’ guide online.

The Perfect Rip Deck appears to be a new product and thus, there are no reviews for it online.

Perfect Rip Deck Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

The Perfect Rip Deck sells for $59.90, which is payable in two installments of $29.95. You also need to pay shipping and handling, but the shipping and handling fee depends on the address it is being shipped to. You can call 1-800-570-0196 to have the shipping and handling fee calculated for you based on your address.

The Perfect Rip Deck’s website does not mention a return policy but you can call 1-800-570-0196 if you have any questions.


  • Allegedly designed by a Navy SEAL
  • Uses steel ball bearings for rotating parts
  • Easy to store
  • Compact design


  • Website is vague on return policy and when we attempted to find out from a customer service rep, they couldn’t provide us with this information. Their response was “We just don’t have this information here in our department”
  • Currently, as of October 2013, The Perfect Rip Deck is undergoing product recalls, you could obtain more information here.

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