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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Oct 11, 2015

Cold or flu got you down?

The soft and relaxing Pillow Active Pillow Case can help you feel better—and get better—while you sleep. But how?

By using micro-encapsulation technology to gradually release natural menthol and eucalyptus oils when you move. As you breathe in these oils, they’ll provide soothing comfort that can help you wake up feeling more refreshed.

And because Pillow Active’s scented elements last up to 15 washes, it’s perfect for the whole family during cold and flu season!

But is this “world’s first cold and flu pillowcase” worth the money? Let’s start by taking a look a what a cold or flu involves, and then see if Pillow Active Pillow Case addresses any of them.

What Causes Colds? How about the Flu?

The common cold can be caused by more than 200 types of viruses, although the rhinovirus is the most common culprit. In fact, the common cold is the most frequently occurring illness in the world.

The flu is also caused by a virus (specifically one of 3 types of influenza viruses) and is highly contagious. The flu virus can even be passed along to someone up to 6 feet away!

Whether you have a cold or the flu, common symptoms include fever, body aches and chills, tiredness, and coughing. In many instances, it can be difficult to tell if you have a cold or the flu based on symptoms alone, although flu-like symptoms are often more pronounced than with a cold (e.g. higher fever, increased tiredness, etc.).

Does Pillow Active address any of these causes?

How Can Pillow Active Help Your Flu Symptoms?

It’s fairly clear that Pillow Active won’t prevent you from getting a cold or the flu. But once you’ve come down with symptoms, can the Pillow Case provide any relief?

Over the years, you’ve probably heard that menthol and/or eucalyptus should be used to help you breathe better when you’re experiencing congestion. And since the cold and flu are respiratory illness, it might make sense that these scents might provide some relief.

But you know what? They actually don’t work.

This is because these substances actually trick your brain into thinking you’re breathing more clearly than you actually are. Men’s Health puts it nicely:

“Inhaling short bursts of cold or dry air decreases your feelings of congestion. Your perception of how much air you're inhaling is based on receptors and nerve endings that line the inside of your nose. Blasts of cool air—and dry air, which causes a cooling sensation when water evaporates—stimulate these receptors. And this sends a signal to your brain that everything's flowing freely when it really might not be.”

And these ingredients don’t clear congestion either; they simply cause you body to produce more mucus, making you think that some clearing is going on. This could even cause more harm than it does good, especially for children who have narrower airways than adults.

So, at least from an ingredients perspective, there isn’t anything about Pillow Active that will necessarily help you breathe—or sleep—any better, or speed up your recovery.

Despite this, is Pillow Active worth trying? Let’s talk price.

How Much Does Pillow Active Cost?

One Pillow Active Pillow Case is priced at $14.99 plus $5.99 S&H.

There also wasn’t a refund policy listed on Pillow Active’s website, so we contacted Harvest Direct’s customer service at (781) 763-7333 to learn more. Unfortunately, our only option was to leave a message, so no information could be confirmed.

Speaking of which, Harvest Direct is a relatively minor company within the ASOTV industry, who also makes Breathe Active.

Although the company had an A+ reputation with the Better Business Bureau (as of 10/7/15), they also had 91 closed complaints. Most of these appeared to reference poor quality and difficulty obtaining refunds.

Now that we know how much Pillow Active costs, are there any other options you can choose to save some cash?

Other Options Besides Pillow Active Pillow Case

While we didn’t come across any scented pillowcases from other manufacturers during our research, we did find several options that might work just as well as Pillow Active—or even better.

This includes aromatherapy pillows that use scented inserts, scented pillow liners, as well as different methods of applying essential oils directly to your bedding.

Pro tip: Try inputting the above phrases into your favorite search engine to see just how many options you have.

In most cases, these options are about the same price (or lower) than Pillow Active. What’s more, you’ll probably be able to get more use out of them, since they can be reapplied after washing, while Pillow Active will only last 15 washings.

So, should you take a chance on Pillow Active?

Is Pillow Active a Good Value?

When you’re comparing a product to the competition, there are 2 main factors you should always consider: 1) The value (its cost, versus how much use or benefit you’ll get out of it), and 2) its effectiveness (will it work as advertised?). In the case of Pillow Active, it probably won’t relieve your cold or flu symptoms any better than using a standard menthol rub from your pharmacy (which is to say, not very well at all), which is also much less expensive.

Even if you were still intent on using menthol and eucalyptus scents on your bedding, using aromatherapy pillows, scented pillow liners, or directly applying essential oils, this will almost certainly provide much more bang for your buck than Pillow Active.

Already suffering from the flu or a nasty cold? Check out some of these tips for getting back on your feet as fast as possible!

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