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By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Nov 10, 2017

According to the website, Platinum TV Box legally streams more than 3,000 Hollywood movies, 200+ live TV channels, and virtually any television show or live sporting event, without paying rental or subscription fees.

The device comes with apps already installed and all cables included—you just have to connect it to your TV using the included HDMI cable, press the power button, connect to a Wi-Fi signal, and you’ll be up and running in minutes. No technical know-how needed.

In less than 10 seconds, the company tells us, you’ll be able to tune into live HD television 24/7 with Platinum TV, watch almost every movie and TV series ever made (including episodes that just aired), and access movies that are still on demand. And it automatically adjusts to your download speed, so every kind of content can be watched immediately.

Is the Platinum TV box really a state-of-the-art, all-in-one entertainment device that will deliver just about any content you want, completely free of charge?

When it comes to spending your hard-earned money, the HighYa team believes that you should be as informed as possible, while always maintaining realistic expectations. So, let’s dive right in and take a look at Platinum TV’s functionality.

How Do Kodi Android Boxes Like Platinum TV Work?

Reporting for AndroidPCReview.com, Tim Wells writes that, whether you call it a “streaming media device, TV box, IPTV box, set top box, media streamer, HTPC, Kodi box, [or] Android TV box,” they’re “all basically the same type of device – something that gets content from your home network or the Internet to your television.”

In the case of Platinum TV, here are the specifics:

  • Weight: 14 oz
  • Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 2"
  • Operating System: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Connections: USB 2.0 (4 Slots available), SD/MCC card slot, HDMI
  • Details: 64 Bit CPU, Quad Core Processor, 8GB EMMC FLASH Storage, 1GB DDR3 SDRAM, 3D Graphics Acceleration, Wi-Fi (B/G) or Ethernet, Standard United States 110 AC Plug, 5V power adapter included

According to WirelessHack.org, because the Android operating system is flexible, it can be ideal for devices like Platinum TV. Not only can users add just about any app available on Google Play to their TV box, but the OS is also open source (anyone can gain access to and alter its code), and as a result, is very customizable.

After hooking up your set top box to your TV (typically via an HDMI cable) and connecting it to your Wi-Fi signal, you’ll need to download different applications that will provide access to content. For example, popular streaming options include YouTube (and the more recent YouTube TV), Netflix, Hulu, HBONow, and Sling TV.

One of these apps is Kodi, which, like Android, is also free, open source software. But, instead of acting as an operating system, TechRadar tells us that it “can be used as a centralized media centre, letting you store all of your digital content in a single location and access it from virtually any device you like.”

Now, the important thing to remember here is that most premium streaming services aren’t free. As a result, in addition to the cost of a box like Platinum TV, you’d have to pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to the content provided by these services (popular/new release movies, TV episodes/series, and so forth).

Bottom line: Can Android combining hardware like Platinum TV Box with downloadable Android apps help you gain access to tons of streaming content? Using a combination of free apps like SnagFilms, Crackle, Popcorn Flix, MovieBox, and TerrariumTV; yes, it’s possible.

However, if you’re expecting to gain access to all the same premium content provided by a traditional cable subscription, but without paying the associated fees, you might end up disappointed. For more, be sure to read Guide to Streaming Video Services: How to Find the Best Subscription.

Before continuing with our discussion of cost, let’s quickly address the legality of these boxes.

Are Kodi Android Boxes Like Platinum TV Legal?

Coming back to the TechRadar link cited above, they emphasize that the Kodi software itself isn’t illegal to use. “However,” they report, “the software can be utilized in such a way as to perform illegal activities, such as accessing live, copyright-protected sports broadcasts, or watching pirated copies of Hollywood films or the latest can’t-miss TV series without paying.”

Basically, third-party companies load "the software onto dedicated hardware devices known as ‘so-called Kodi boxes.' While Kodi doesn't make any such hardware itself, these boxes have become readily available, although online retailers, including Amazon and eBay."

While we’re certainly not saying this is the case with the Platinum TV Box, based on our experience writing about several of these set top boxes, we think it’s a potential red flag that the website advertises the device can “stream virtually any television show, Hollywood movie, or live sports event you want to watch, without having to worry about paying rental fees or monthly subscriptions.”

How Much Does the MQX Platinum TV Box Cost?

You can purchase one Platinum TV box for $45, or two for $80, with free shipping and no ongoing fees. Each order includes:

  • Platinum TV Android 6.0 Streaming Device with Kodi 17.4
  • 5V Power Adapter
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Remote Control
  • HDMI Cable

Important note: Searching online for ‘MQX Pro’ returned several other retailers selling what appeared to be we didn’t test these devices ourselves) the same Android box, but for as little as $10.

Nonetheless, MQX’s Platinum TV Box comes with a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee when ordered directly, along with a 12-month hardware warranty, less S&H. In order to request one, customer service can be reached at support@platinumtvbox.com.

What Can We Learn From Customer Reviews For the Platinum TV Box?

The only site where we encountered feedback for the MQX Pro Platinum Box at the time of our research was on Amazon, where dozens of third-party retailers were selling what appeared to be identical devices. Among more than 100 reviews, it had an average combined rating of about 3.5 stars.

There, many complimented its flexibility (lots of apps available, USB/HDMI ports), ease of use, and the ability to stream different content. On the other hand, frequent complaints seemed to revolve around less-than-stellar performance (slow speeds, low video quality (one claimed 1080p max)), and difficult functionality.

The Los Angeles-based company behind the Platinum TV Box of the same name held a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on one closed complaint as of 11/9/17. No details were available.

Are There Other Android/Kodi Set Top Boxes Competing With MQX Platinum TV?

Finding out how many devices are competing with Platinum TV Box is as easy as typing the phrase ‘Kodi Android box’ into your nearest search engine. At the time of our research, online marketplaces like Google Shopping and Amazon returned hundreds of results, most of which were priced somewhere between $20 and $50—putting Platinum TV at the upper end of the spectrum.

And as mentioned in the Pricing section, these same marketplaces also returned several MXQ Pro Platinum TV boxes through third-party retailers for as little as $10.

In other words, you have a lot of options to choose between. How can you make the best possible decision?

How to Choose an Android Kodi TV Box

Cameron Summerson of HowToGeek notes that “this is a really confusing landscape: there are a lot of “fake” Android TV boxes floating around out there, and only a handful of official boxes actually worth considering.” Why?

Without going into unnecessary detail, Cameron explains that, “What these guys are doing is taking the original Android source code—the one that’s meant for phones or tablets—and turning it into a sort of hackjob piece of software that will run on a box that plugs into your TV.”

As a result, in a different AndroidPCReview article, the author advises only choosing Kodi TV boxes that come with a good support network (specifically, “an active forum network with both company representatives and end-users who will gladly help out other users who have issues”), including a warranty.

There should also be regular firmware updates, competitive pricing, and high-quality hardware, although you won’t be able to learn about this last feature until after the device is in your hands. As such, many professionals recommend sticking only with well-known brands.

What does all of this mean for you and Platinum TV?

Our Final Thoughts About the MQX Pro Platinum TV Box

In 3 Easy Steps For Cutting the Cord & Saving Money, we outline there are three main things you’ll need in order to (hopefully) find freedom from expensive cable bills: an Internet connection, hardware that streams content to a device (TV, smartphone, tablet, etc.), and a streaming service like Netflix, HULU, and so forth.

In the instance of Platinum TV, it represents the hardware in this equation (and perhaps the service side as well, depending on the specific apps it comes pre-installed with). But as we discussed earlier, if you’re expecting it to essentially replace all your premium cable content with completely free services, then you’re likely to end up disappointed.

Based on what we learned from AndroidPCReview earlier, the Platinum TV Box isn’t priced outrageously high, and it also comes with a refund policy and warranty. However, the device seemed to come with a mixed online customer reputation, and the company doesn’t provide any specifics about firmware updates.

As such, as consumers ourselves, we might recommend exploring all of your Kodi-based Android set top TV box options before making a decision. And if you ultimately decide to go with the MQX Pro Platinum route, keep in mind that some retailers offered the device for as little as $10 during our research.

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  • Beware of Platinum TV Box

    • By Kenneth Ralls,
    • Springfield, IL,
    • Nov 15, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I am happy that some people seem to have gotten good merchandise. Beware though, mine didn't work at all!

    These people will ignore your requests for your refund even after you return the product. I had to get my bank manager involved, and they still are ignoring all requests. Just beware when dealing with this company. They don't even offer a phone number that gets answered. You leave a message that is never returned.

    I should have researched but was so excited about some reviews that I didn't.

    You can't give zero stars in reviews here, but zero is my rating.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Return

    • By Shawna,
    • Tucson, AZ,
    • Nov 20, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I just sent an email request for the return address because of my boxes (I bought 2, and they cost me $144 total, now I see they are advertising 2 for $80, no matter, I only want my money returned to my credit card). After sending the email I noticed the only other review was sent a few days ago and it sounds like we have the same issue. I will see how long this takes before I give them a better rating, but so far all they get is a 1 because I can't give a 0.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Where the heck is my order!

    I purchased the Kodi box from Platinum TV off of Amazon advertising on 2/12 (actually it was 2/11, the money was taken out on 2/12). So far 11 emails have gone back and forth regarding my box, which I have not received yet, and it is 3/5. I have been told they were refunding my money. I asked why and they said they were back ordered. I said I don't want my money refunded, I want to be on the list to get my box.

    If you want any information from these people you have to do it yourself, they are not good with follow through. I was then told today after I emailed them that they were going to start shipping them out today. Two minutes later they sent me an email saying please disregard the last one we are refunding you, billing has been having problems, we're sorry you haven't gotten your money back.

    I don't know if anybody knows I've asked them to call me, which they have not. I have no idea what to do other than the call the Better Business Bureau, which apparently has been done before. I was told by Sarah that if I took a screenshot of my receipt, a keyboard for free would be coming with it, which I did. I actually was charged $89. I think I got a lifetime warranty because I have never received a receipt from them itemized.

    If anybody has any suggestions, I would really really appreciate it because I have recommended 8 people to get this, and they have, but they have never received their money or the Box or now replies. I tried to do my chat today with them and they say "hello, hi, how can I help you?" And I tell him my problem briefly and don't get an answer back four times, I finally said "hello ooooooo???" And got nothing. And when you call their number, they're supposed to be open from 9 to 5, but they never answer it, and it doesn't matter what time you call. They send you a text with the email support, which is what you have already just done.

    I'm going in circles and I do not know what to do. I am terminally ill, and I just wanted to save a little money, and it sounded like a fun new gadget to have. I even went so far as to tell the company weeks ago to go ahead and hang on to the money until they got it back in stock and put me on the backorder list (my parents owned a business so I know how it works).

    Needless to say, I'm extremely disappointed, and I don't know if I should call my bank PayPal or the Better Business Bureau because I'm not getting an answer from the company that's for sure. So first that got problems with back orders, then they said they're going to refund me my money, then just today they said they're sending out boxes this week, but then told me 2 minutes later literally that I should disregard that they're sending the boxes out and the last email, in other words, there's also problem in the business office with refunds. And that she or he (they don't give their names) would be happy to check on it and get back to me. Well, no one's gotten back to me, so maybe just handy gadget is not so handy to get after all.

    I am highly disappointed and so are my friends (all eight of them) that ordered these boxes and are in the same soup I am.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Kodi Platinum TV Box

    I was looking to purchase a Kodi TV Box after I saw their sight on Google. I ordered the Plantium Kodi TV Box December 23 and it has been nine weeks of lies, email after email saying 5 to 10 days, it will be there, numerous times, and still no box. Numerous emails saying they will refund my money, and still no refund. As far as I'm concerned, they are scams and they stole my money. I will always us eBay, now.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • They are a fraud.

    They are a fraud. I ask for a refund, sent the box back as instructed, but have never gotten a refund. Don't get involved with this fraud company. I have the tracking number for the return shipment, and they received it on 11/8/17. However, I have not received a refund to my credit card as of this date.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • False advertising!

    • By Rob Smith,
    • Naples, FL,
    • Feb 14, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    Very disappointing! The site says "just connect Platinum TV Box with any TV you have. All cables are included in the package. Press the power button and done. No seriously, it literally takes 10 seconds, and you are able to watch anything you want."

    I got this box a week ago and am still trying to watch something. My box was not pre-programmed like they claimed. I sent several emails complaining only to get installation instructions sent back to me that didn't work, although their site says "no technical knowledge needed."

    I then had a tech person call tonight and tried to help only to have her advice fail and schedule a new call tomorrow. I was hoping I was sent a defective box and that they would exchange it. Nope, no exchanges. I can return it and reorder another at a higher price if I want. I would avoid this product like the plague.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Never received any box

    • By Frank Butler,
    • Bristol, RI,
    • Feb 22, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered two Platinum TV boxes on November 30, 2017. I keep calling but no one answers the phone. Every week I would call and get the runaround. They said the refund department is having a problem. They will not refund me my money. I will call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. Today's date is February 21, 2018. I am sick and tired of being told I will get a refund in four to six weeks.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Platinum TV is a fraud!

    • By Linda Hornby,
    • Kinsale, VA,
    • Dec 6, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered two of these devices (I have two TVs). The first one stopped working after about an hour of trying to figure out how to configure and operate it. Instructions were printed on a scrap of paper and must have been written by a person who had only attended about 2 hours of ESL. Platinum emailed instructions the next day and advised that some other software needed to be ordered and installed (IPVANISH).

    I got the second device working to discover that the user interface was abysmal. The remote mouse is actually a very cheap remote and to move the cursor on the TV screen to make selections the up/down/left/right buttons had to be depressed dozens of times. Some of the selections (like language) had to be made every time you used the device. To enter movie names, one had to move the cursor around on a keyboard on the TV screen.

    After a few hours of using the device, a full-screen ad began appearing every time a choice was made, which required a fresh screen to be displayed. To get rid of the ad, the cursor had to be moved to the "X" in the upper right-hand corner. The choice of FOX News actually got the FOX regular programming. The device did get thousands of TV shows and movies streamed off the internet, but the time it took to make a selection rendered the thing as "next to useless."

    I contacted Platinum via email (their website offers no phone number) and was given a return number. I packaged both devices and shipped them back to California. Platinum eventually sent an email saying I would be getting a refund via my credit card account. This was to be identified as return ticket #13060.

    A couple of days later Tina Lee of Platinum advised me that the refund was resolved and the ticket would be closed. I told her the refund had not been received and she opened a new ticket #13781. Platinum again claimed the issue was resolved when it wasn't. I got my credit card company involved on November 20th. So far they haven't gotten Platinum to make the refund. This fiasco started on October 9th, and it is now December 5th as I write this complaint. By the way, IPVANIISH gave me a refund for their software immediately.

    To close, Platinum TV is a fraud outfit, and I recommend everyone refrain from dealing with them!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Box is bad news

    I ordered my box back in November of 2017, and I never received it. I have been asking for my money back several times and have never received my refund either. When I went to the website to chat, they disconnected my chat. When I call the number only a recording picks up. I have called the number numerous times at different times of the day and same thing. I feel like I have been scammed of my money and they never intend to give me a refund.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Never got it

    • By Robert Morgan,
    • Lady Lake, FL,
    • Nov 28, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered this box on 11/09/17. I received an email saying it would be shipped in 2 days. It is now 11/25/17, and I have no box and have received no further correspondence. I will be contacting my credit card company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Never received

    I never got the order I placed on January 1st. I was trying to get a refund.

    But I did get this:

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you so much for you recent order with us!

    I'm just writing to let you know that all January 1st orders were damaged due to a delivery incident, and we will have to re-ship your order. We strive to ensure that all orders get out within a 2-3 day timeframe, and that all packages are delivered in good condition. We were only recently made aware of the incident, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay.

    We hand configure all of our boxes, and wanted to inform you of the current delay.

    We should be able to re-ship your order by next week.

    We greatly appreciate your patience, and look forward to helping you cut the cable shortly. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you would like a phone call or tech support for an existing box, please provide a phone number to reach you at.


    Sarah P.

    Customer Success Manager

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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