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By HighYa Staff

Established in 2011 and based out of Denver, CO, Plink is a rewards system that lets you accumulate points when you make purchases on your debit or credit card and then redeem those points in forms of gift cards from participating merchants.

Plink claims that you can earn Plink points at 50,000 different locations throughout the USA from a variety of well-known merchants. Some of the places where you can collect Plink points include:

  • Outback Streak House
  • Regal Cinemas
  • Taco Bell
  • Sears
  • Burger King
  • Enterprise Car Rental
  • Various hotel chains around the country
  • And More

Some of the places that you can redeem the Plink points are:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon.com
  • iTunes
  • And More

How Plink Works

Plink does not have its own rewards card. Instead, you register your debit or credit card with Plink.com and it monitors the purchases you make and gives you reward points when you spend money at participating locations.

Signing up is easy and quick. You can either connect with your Facebook account or make your own Plink account. Either way you sign up, you’ll have to provide Plink with some banking information, including what bank you use, your online banking credentials and the credentials of either the debit or credit card that you will be using to collect your Plink points.

According to Plink’s website, the reason the company needs your online banking credentials is because your login credentials allow Plink to establish a secure connection to your bank account that gives it permission to analyze your purchasing activity so it can give you the Plink rewards you deserve. Plink will be granted read-only access to your account and its tracking technology will tell it when you’ve made a purchase from a location that will give you Plink rewards.

Once you’re signed up and you’ve connected your debit or credit card to your Plink account, you simply begin making purchases at participating locations to start collecting Plink points. You should note that you are only allowed to have a single debit or credit card (not one of each) connected to your Plink account so it is recommended to link the one that you use the most to ensure you’re earning as many Plink points as you can.

In addition to earning points by purchasing at participating locations, you can also buy gift cards directly from Plink and receive Plink points for those purchases.

Typically, when purchasing either the gift cards or spending money at participating locations, the amount of Plink points earned will go up with the amount of money spent. For example, spending $5 at Taco Bell gets you 70 Plink points and spending $15 will get you 150 points.

It will take about 2 - 5 business days for your Plink points to show up in your Plink account due to having to wait for bank processing.

What Do the “Plink Points” Do for you?

Like most rewards programs, once you’ve accumulated enough Plink points, you can redeem them for stuff. The stuff you get from Plink is gift cards for places like: Walmart, Amazon.com, Kohls, iTunes Store. You can also redeem them for Facebook credits, Air Miles and more.

A $5 Amazon.com or Wal-Mart gift card will cost you 500 Plink points and a $10 iTunes gift card will cost you 1000 points.

To put that into perspective – to accumulate 500 Plink points, you will have to spend roughly $36. So, a good way to think about it is; for every $36 dollars you spend, you are earning the equivalent of a $5 gift card. Or if you spend $72, you will earn a $10 iTunes gift card.

This makes hotel stays and car rentals the most lucrative ways to collect Plink points, as you will be spending on average about $200 for these purchases.


  • It’s free to sign up and there are no additional fees to pay to join Plink.
  • Plink has 50,000 locations nationwide to collect points and they include a variety of places.
  • If you stay at hotels often or rent a lot of cars, you will be able to accumulate more points easily.
  • Because you don’t have to pay to join Plink, you are essentially just gaining gift cards without actually losing anything or having to pay extra for anything.


  • While using your own debit or credit card is more convenient than carrying around yet another rewards card, having to give your online banking credentials (which include your login credentials) to a website seems like it could be a bit risky.
  • And although Plink will have only read-only access to your bank account, your personal banking information is still stored with a third party company, which is an added security risk.
  • Plink has an extremely limited Gift Card selection to choose from when redeeming your points.
  • The points only go up with the amount of money you spend to a certain point. For example, even if you spend $900 at a hotel, you will still only earn the same amount of points as if you spent only $500.
  • Not able to link multiple debit or credit cards under the same plink account, which could've substantially added more reward points if you have multiple people your household using the same account.

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