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Published on: May 19, 2017

Home Improvement star Richard Karn endorses Pocket Hose Brass Bullet, a 3/4" hose that automatically expands and contracts when you turn the water on and off, potentially making it easier to transport and store. In fact, the company calls it the easiest, lightest, most convenient hose you’ll ever use.

In addition to its re-engineered expandable inner rib cage, the hose also features an exclusive seamless Micro-Mesh biaxial braid fabric outer sleeve that won’t tear, burst, tangle, or kink, along with an increased diameter for a more powerful spray.

And at the tip, you’ll find an industrial-grade solid brass connector that won’t leak.

Spring has sprung, so you’re probably looking at your lawn and wondering how you can help it look its best. And obviously, much of this begins with the right garden hose.

But is the Pocket Hose Brass Bullet the right one for you? Can you expect it to work as well as it seems in the commercial? Will it provide a solid value for the money that can continue working, season after season?

Often, the best place to start when talking about value is money.

How Much Does Pocket Hose Brass Bullet Cost?

Pocket Hose Brass Bullet is available through two different offers, which might be a little confusing when you’re checking out. Here’s a simplified look at what you can expect to pay:

Main Offer

Includes one Top Brass Bullet and one Turbo Jet Nozzle, each.

  • 25 ft: Single = $19.99 / Double + $12.99 fee (total of $32.98)
  • 50 ft: $29.99 / Double + $16.99 fee (total of $46.98)
  • 75 ft: $39.99 / Double + $29.99 fee (total of $69.98)
  • 100 ft: $49.99 / Double + $36.99 fee (total of $86.98)

Deluxe Offer

Includes one Top Brass Bullet, one Turbo Jet Nozzle, and one Mighty Blaster Fireman Nozzle, each.

  • 25 ft: Single = $32.98 / Double + $12.98 fee (total of $45.97)
  • 50 ft: Single = $42.98 / Double + $16.99 fee (total of $59.97)
  • 75 ft: Single = $52.98 / Double + $29.99 fee (total of $82.97)
  • 100 ft: Single = $62.98 / Double + $36.99 fee (total of $99.97)

Whichever offer or quantity you choose, you’ll pay an additional $7.99 S&H fee. During checkout, you can also add a Protective Holder to your order that promises to conveniently store your hose and protect it from UV rays for $14.99, plus $2.99 S&H.

Bulbhead, a division of ASOTV giant Telebrands, provides a 30-day refund policy on all Brass Bullet hoses, less S&H. Note: This also includes any fees associated with the BOGO offers above.

Refunds can be processed by calling customer support at 855-668-1655.

Based on these prices, are customers reporting decent results?

What Are Customers Saying About Products Like Pocket Hose Brass Bullet?

Brass Bullet was brand new at the time of our research, although it appeared to be the most recent version of Pocket Hose Ultra.

Here on HighYa, 70 readers had given the previous version an average rating of 1.4 stars. Overwhelmingly, this most often related to complaints about leaking, sometimes after just a couple uses, as well as ends blowing off.

Perhaps this is why the new Brass Bullet model promises to feature a re-engineered, thicker inner tube.

It’s also important to note that until these blowouts occurred, most reported that the hose did expand and contract as advertised, making it easier to store.

Pro tip: More than one reviewer noted that these hoses are not for outside storage, and that they can tear easily if dragged over concrete or other rough surfaces.

Obviously, with its re-engineered design, we’re certainly not saying you’ll experience any of the same with Brass Bullet. But it’s worth passing along in order to help paint a more complete picture of the overall situation.

How does Pocket Hose Brass Bullet’s re-engineered design stack up to other expandable garden hoses?

Does Pocket Hose Brass Bullet Have Any Competition?

Expandable garden hoses are fairly popular these days and can be found not only online, but at many local retailers that feature home and garden sections.

In fact, even if you only stay within the As Seen on TV arena, we’ve written about the XHOSE, Flex-Able Hose, and Dap XHose Pro. Online, we found many other generic options (no brand name) ranging in length between 25 feet and 100 feet, priced between $15 and $50.

How to choose the right one? Consumer Reports tested three different popular expandable hose models (not Brass Bullet, since it’s so new) and found some pretty cut-and-dry advantages and disadvantages, regardless of the brand:

Expandable Hose Pros

  • All weighed about a pound, as promised
  • Each one grew to about three times its original size when water was added
  • The water flow rate and volume were just as good as a regular garden hose
  • Testers were unable to make them kink
  • They all shrank right back down to their original shape when water turned off

Potential Expandable Hose Cons

  • If you use the hose when fully opened (such as filling up a kiddie pool), it may shrink quite a bit, since the water pressure drops
  • Could get messy when using with a sprinkler, since you’ll have to put it in place when it’s off (or, when the hose it at its smallest). This means you’d have to turn on the hose, grab the sprinkler, and then put it in place—all while trying to avoid getting wet
  • The host brought two hoses home and found that each one broke at the plastic fitting on the first day they were used
  • As on HighYa, the company also received many complaints from customers that these expandable hoses tended to leak and explode

In the end, Consumer Reports felt that these hoses seemed great. "but may not be rugged enough for our endorsement."

Let’s continue this thought in the final section.

Our Bottom Line About Pocket Hose Brass Bullet

While neither us nor Consumer Reports tested the new Brass Bullet hose, with their redesigned thicker inner tube, larger overall diameter, Micro-Mesh biaxial braid fabric, and industrial-grade solid brass connector, it could be the case that this model will successfully address many of the common complaints associated with previous models—and even similar options from competitors.

At the very least, we think these upgrades indicate that Telebrands is listening to their customers and trying to provide a product that’s more in line with their demands. We’ll just have to wait until customer feedback starts flowing in (pun intended) to see whether or not they’ve successfully achieved it.

In the meantime, the manufacturer provides a 30-day refund policy on Brass Bullet, regardless of the length or offer you choose, which should be more than enough time to decide if it meets your needs. If not, just keep in mind you’ll lose your original shipping, any additional fees associated with BOGO offers, along with the cost to ship your hoses back to the company.

Looking for more tips? Be sure to read 5 Tips For Achieving the Greenest Grass on the Block this Spring.

Before clicking away, be sure to quickly tell us about your Pocket Hose Brass Bullet experience by writing a review below!

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Worthless hose

    I bought two 100-foot Brass Bullet Hoses before summer, cost close to $100, and now just a few months later both hoses have failed miserably and have sprung leaks. Although they say 100% satisfaction guarantee, they actually only have a 30-day money back guarantee.

    What a terrible product. Hopefully, someone will contact me.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 3 out 5 people found this review helpful

    No good

    I received it on Saturday and used it with the nozzle today, Wednesday, and the hose slit right down the center. It is not worth the money or time. Garbage. I am sorry I bought it and will not order or recommend it to anyone.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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