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Point ‘n Paint boasts you can paint an entire room in under an hour. They claim their applicator holds 5x the paint of an ordinary roller and 8x time surface of a paint brush. They say it works on any surface, doesn’t drip, and you will get perfect results every time.

Point ‘n Paint is sold by Permission Interactive, a San Diego based company that claims to be the largest emailer of direct response TV products. They are accredited by the BBB and currently have an A+ rating, having only 1 complaint in the last 12 months.

How Point ‘n Paint Works

Point ‘n Paint consists of a teardrop-shaped applicator-and-pad, a “no-spill” tray with wheel, and mini edger; they are all made from bright green and purple plastic. To use Point ‘n Paint, they say to fill the tray and roll the reusable applicator over the wheel which will load it with paint. They say it can hold 5 times as much paint as a roller and 8 times as much as a paint brush.

Then, place the paint-coated applicator on the surface you are looking to paint, “point” towards a direction, and push. They claim Point ‘n Paint will evenly apply paint across surfaces rough or smooth and that it doesn’t drip. They claim you don’t have spend time and money on masking with expensive blue tape. They say you can glide around moldings, zip around corners, and paint circles around fixtures, making it the best edger ever. They state the set-back design keeps paint on the wall and nowhere else. They say to use the smaller purple mini edger for tight spaces and “stuff you’d go crazy” trying to paint otherwise.

They claim you can easily paint ceilings with no splatters – just remove the purple handle to expose a swivel pole adaptor (pole is not included.) If you do use Point ‘n Paint with the pole, they claim this removes the hassle of going up and down ladders. They add Point ‘n Paint is great for stains, and you will have no runs or brush strokes.

The charismatic Aussie spokesman for Point ‘n Paint takes the product through the paces in the infomercial, quickly coating different surfaces and even dangling it over his head to prove that it won’t drip.

Point ‘n Paint includes:

  • Point ‘n Paint with applicator pad and pole adaptor
  • Mini edger with applicator pad
  • No-spill tray
  • “Lifetime supply” of applicator pads (extra S & H)

Point ‘n Paint Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They say Point ‘n Paint retails for $10 plus $7.95 S & H for a total of $17.95. They claim to give you a lifetime supply of applicators “free”, but you need to pay an additional $7.95 S & H with every order of 3 pads.

Bottom Line: Is Point ‘n Paint a Scam?

Painting is one of those things everybody hates to do and are always looking for a short cut. This product may work for you, but you still have to be very careful in your painting and prep work. That said, there are numerous complaints on so-called scam alert websites about Point ‘n Paint’s shoddy construction and false advertising claims. And we haven’t even mentioned the annoying pop-ups that attack you when you visit the site. We suggest you find a better way to paint your room.

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