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Polar Perk promises to help you skip the long lines and high prices of coffee shops and make delicious cold brew coffee right at home.

And because it’s cold brewed, the company claims you’ll be able to make up to four cups of coffee, without the oily, acidic, and bitter-tasting results you might be used to with traditional coffee.

According to the manufacturer, Polar Perk works over four steps:

  1. Fill the reusable infuser (like a filter) with coffee.
  2. Pour filtered water into the carafe and drop in the infuser.
  3. Place Polar Perk in the refrigerator and store overnight.
  4. Enjoy a cup of iced coffee at home!

Then, when you’re finished, the company tells us that Polar Perk’s infuser can be rinsed clean or placed in the dishwasher.

Whether you know everything about cold brew or you’re wondering what all the fuss is about recently, you’re here because you want to know if Polar Perk deserves a spot in your kitchen cabinets.

We’ll let you know what we found during our research that could help you decide.

What’s the Difference Between Cold Brew & Regular Coffee?

Whether we’re talking about traditional methods or cold brew, the basic idea behind making coffee is to use water to extract many of the oils, sugars, and caffeine contained in the grounds, which themselves are roasted beans.

The major difference is that traditional extraction methods use heat to quickly extract this good stuff, while cold brewing uses cold water and longer steeping times (anywhere from 12 to 24 hours). What’s the end result?

While normal coffee is faster, it also doesn’t optimize the taste of the grounds. On the other hand, many claim that cold brew coffee is richer, less acidic, with a deeper flavor and aroma.

Important note: While the manufacturer claims Polar Perk only makes 4 cups of coffee, keep in mind that the longer steeping times associated with cold brew often means that the coffee it produces is stronger than traditional methods.

As a result, you might be able to use it as a concentrate and extend the number of cups you can get from each batch.

You already know how expensive a cup of cold brew coffee at your local shop costs, but what’ll you pay for Polar Perk?

How Much Does Polar Perk Cost?

Two Polar Perks are priced at $19.99 plus $15.98 S&H, bringing your total to $35.97. Or, about seven cups of coffee from your favorite barista.

All Polar Perk orders come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H. Keep in mind this means that as soon as you request a refund, you’ll lose $30 in S&H charges, plus whatever it’ll cost to ship them back to the company.

In the end, this means you might lose money in the transaction. Nonetheless, Spark Innovators’ customer service department can be reached at 855-704-5412.

How do these prices compare to the competition?

Are There Other Products Like Polar Perk?

Just searching online for “cold brew” will quickly show you how many different competitors Polar Perk is up against.

While many of these, like Cold Brew Café, feature unique aesthetics, you’ll also find many options—such as the Sur La Table Cold Brew Coffee Maker and the HARIO Cold Brewer—that are functionally identical to Polar Perk.

Perhaps the biggest advantage Polar Perk seems to offer is that you’ll get two of their pitchers for about $36, which is only a few dollars more expensive than one from the competition.

However, when you factor in Polar Perk’s steep, non-refundable S&H charges, you might be taking more of a risk than options at more well-known retailers. We’ll come back to this point in a second.

Are There Any Polar Perk Reviews Yet?

We say it often, but it bears repeating here: The HighYa team focuses on writing about many ASOTV products as soon as they’re released, so they often haven’t been around long enough to accumulate any customer feedback—and it was no different with Polar Perk.

On the upside, we’ve reviewed some of Spark Innovators’ more popular products, including Engrave-It Pro, Luma Smile, EGGstractor, and many others.

Of those products here on HighYa, they had an average rating of two stars, with common complaints claiming that they didn’t work as advertised, weren’t high quality, and didn’t come with great customer support.

Is this to say you’ll experience the same with Polar Perk? Certainly not. However, we do want to make sure you have a complete overview of the situation.

Is Polar Perk the Right Cold Brew System for You?

In our mind, Polar Perk is fighting an uphill battle. Why?

Because based on what we learned during our research, they don’t seem to be meaningfully different (functionally or results-wise) than what you might expect from other competitors, many of which might be available locally.

Speaking of which, purchasing locally could also help you save money on S&H charges, and you won’t be putting nearly $16 of your hard-earned money on the line like you will if you’re dissatisfied with your Polar Perk pitchers.

However, you will get two Polar Perks for the same price as one pitcher from most of the competition, so only you can decide if this benefit is worth rolling the dice on its non-refundable S&H charges.

Just keep in mind that whichever system you ultimately choose, cold brew coffee is not a fast process. So, if you’re a must-have-a-coffee-first-thing-in-the-morning type of person, you’ll definitely want to prepare a pitcher (or maybe two!) a night or two in advance.

Did you decide to purchase Polar Perk? Did the results perk up your cold brew consumption habits, or did it only deliver luke warm results? Tell us all about it in your review below!

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    Big scam

    • Maryland,
    • Jan 27, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I ordered these back in October of 2016 using the BOGO offer. I contacted them in late November and was told that the product would ship in the first part of December. As Christmas neared, I contacted them again and was told then that they would ship on January 4th.

    After stating my displeasure of how long it was taking and the run around I was getting, and that I would be contacting the BBB, they sent me a letter in the mail stating that if I wanted to cancel my order, I would just need to send back the card. I did not send back the card as my wife really wanted them.

    I just checked on the status of my order online this morning, and it has been canceled without any mail or phone call notification. This product seams to be a total scam without any chance of sending out the product.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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