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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 22, 2016

Using its Neuro-Band technology, the Posture Perfect Bra can strategically lift, pull your shoulders back and align your spine, causing you to instantly stand taller, look 10 pounds thinner, relieve your back pain, and feel and look younger.

Posture Perfect also features comfortable straps and molded cups, is made of flexible and breathable fabric, and is machine washable. On top of this, it’ll train your muscles to remain in that position, so you’ll have to rely on Posture Perfect less and less.

How’d you find out about the Posture Perfect Bra? Were you actively looking for some back support, or did you watch the product’s commercial on TV? However you learned about it, you’re here to learn what you need in order to make a more informed purchasing decision—and we’re here to deliver.

To start things off, let’s talk about how Posture Perfect works.

How Does the Posture Perfect Bra Align Your Spine?

At its most basic, the Posture Perfect Bra appears to be made of a neoprene/mesh-type material, with two Neuro Bands (the company’s name for what appears to be nothing more than a couple elastic bands sewn in an X configuration) on the back, and a zipper in between the bust line on the front.

Now, according to the manufacturer, when worn, Posture Perfect pulls your shoulders back, makes you stand up straight, and aligns your spine. However, they don’t provide any explanation as to how this occurs. And while we might believe that Posture Perfect provides more back support that a traditional bra, we’re not convinced that it’ll do much for your posture or pain in the real world.

Why? Let’s take a closer look in the next section.

Why We Don’t Think Posture Perfect Will Work As Advertised

First, as we detailed in Winning the Battle Against Sciatica & Chronic Back Pain, there can be hundreds of different conditions that result in back pain, and the problems can originate anywhere between your head and your ankles. To this extent, even if Posture Perfect worked exactly as the company claims, it only provides support to a narrow region of your back. Even then, your back problem would have to be something that mild compression could realistically address, narrowing its usefulness even more.

What about the chiropractor’s statement that wearing a Posture Perfect Bra over time can train your back muscles? Not only is this not true, it’s the exact opposite of reality. Instead of “training” them, overusing braces like Posture Perfect can weaken your back muscles (since they’re not doing as much work) and worsen your posture.

Still feel like giving Posture Perfect Bra a try? Let’s talk about pricing next.

How Much Will You Pay For Posture Perfect?

Two Posture Perfect Bras (1 nude and 1 black) will cost you $19.99 plus $13.98 S&H.

Important note: Posture Perfect is available in multiple sizes from S to 3X, but keep in mind that they don’t appear to be adjustable. So if you find that you’re in between sizes, it might not provide any benefits (beyond what we already discussed above).

With this in mind, Posture Perfect also comes with a 60-day refund policy, but you’ll lose nearly $20 in non-refundable and return shipping charges in the process. To request one, Tristar Products’ customer service can be reached at 973-287-5176.

Is There Anything Else Available Like Posture Perfect Bra?

Even if you just type an obvious phrase like “posture bra” into your favorite search engine, you’ll quickly find that you literally have thousands of products to choose from. And although most won’t be designed exactly like Posture Perfect Bra, they do come awfully close.

If you expand your search outside of bras and look at posture braces in general, you’ll add thousands more options to the mix. In fact, we’ve reviewed many of the most popular back-related products like BeActive, Royal Posture, Dr. Ho’s Compression Belt, and more.

In general, many of these ASOTV braces like Posture Perfect come with relatively low ratings; often 2 stars or less here on HighYa. Why? Most customers complain that they didn’t work as advertised or that they weren’t good quality. And when they called customer service to request a refund, they were met with constant upselling and steep, non-refundable S&H charges.

Among their 1,056 closed complaints, these same concerns were cited on Tristar Products’ Better Business Bureau page, although they maintained an A+ rating (as of 1/19/16).

Bottom Line: Should You Hand Over Money For Posture Perfect Bra?

Here’s what we ultimately have to ask ourselves: Is it possible that Posture Perfect Bra will work as well as the manufacturer claims? Will it make you look younger, align your spine, and reduce back pain? Sure, it’s technically possible, although we’re not sure the evidence supports it.

And when you also factor in that you’ll end up paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 if you decide to give it a try but aren’t satisfied, we’re not sure the value’s necessarily there, either.

Instead? Schedule an appointment with your doctor, who can make specific recommendations based on your diagnosis. Ultimately, we think this will provide much more bang-for-your-buck than Posture Perfect Bra.

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