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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 24, 2015

Posture Slim is a new back support device featuring a unique, ergonomic design that will align your spine, relieve pain and poor circulation, and help you look slimmer. You also be able to straighten your neck slouch, adjust your back curvature, and hide those pesky belly rolls.

Simply slip Posture Slim’s straps over your shoulders and secure the closures, and it will gently realign your shoulders and spine. You’ll have instant relief!

Despite all these benefits, Posture Slim is virtually undetectable under your clothes.

Undetectable or not, is Posture Slim really your answer to relieving back pain, while correcting your posture and making you look slimmer? Or, is this just a bland product wrapped in hype-filled marketing?

Let’s begin by taking a quick look at how braces like Posture Slim work.

How Does Posture Slim Work?

Like several of the other back braces we’ve reviewed, including Posture Secret and Royal Posture (we’ll come back to this one in a moment), Posture Slim applies gentle pressure to the front of your shoulders, pulling them up and back. And the claim is that this will improve your posture and result in less pain, a slimmer look, and improved circulation.

Yes, it’s true that good posture can improve your breathing and circulation, but here’s the key: Good posture doesn’t necessarily mean pulling your shoulders back, keeping your head high, and so forth. Instead, “good posture is more about trying to keep the natural curves of the back in balance when standing, sitting or lying. When these curves are in their resting or neutral state, they experience the least strain.”

But the truth is that you’re probably interested in Posture Slim for its pain relief (versus its posture) benefits, so we’ll get to that now.

Will Posture Slim Relieve Your Pain?

Ask yourself this: If you broke your leg, would you put a cast on your arm? Or, if you strained your neck, would you wear an elbow brace?

In both cases, probably not. Why? Because the treatment doesn’t match the condition. Not only would they not provide any relief from your injury, they actually might make the situation worse in the long run, since your condition would continue to deteriorate.

Well, this same thought process can be applied to back braces like Posture Slim. Why? Because “back pain” can be caused by hundreds of different conditions, including muscle injury, disease, pinched nerves, slipped discs, arthritis, and sciatica—to name just a few.

And unless your back pain is the result of poor posture, braces like Posture Slim probably won’t do much. In some instances, it could actually aggravate your symptoms, which is why it’s so important to talk with your doctor immediately.

Pro tip: In fact, if worn too often, back braces like Posture Slim can weaken your back muscles and actually worsen your posture.

Speaking of other braces, what does Posture Slim’s competition look like?

Other Back Braces Like Posture Slim

If you search online for “posture brace,” you’ll be met with thousands of results, many of which are very similar to Posture Slim. You’ll probably even find at least a couple options at local retailers near you. And as we mentioned above, we’ve reviewed several of these here at HighYa.

Based on their essentially identical designs (including copper-infused dots) and same manufacturer, it appears that Posture Slim is simply a rebranded version of Royal Posture (again, we’ll come back to this soon).

Outside of Royal Posture, is there anything that meaningfully separates Posture Slim from all these other options? There doesn’t appear to be, so we’d certainly recommend doing your research before coming to a final decision (you’re already off to a great start!).

Considering Posture Slim’s stiff competition, are customers pleased with the product?

Is Posture Slim Pleasing Customers?

Posture Slim was a brand new product at the time of our research. But remember how we talked about it being the same product as Royal Posture?

Well, Posture Secret seemed to have a mixed reputation with HighYa readers, based on 10 individual reviews. What’d they say?

With an average rating of 3 stars, several readers complimented the brace’s effective pain relief (one even claimed it was the best product they had ever tried!). However, other claimed that it didn’t provide pain relief, was cheaply made, didn’t breathe (hot, sweaty), and long shipping times.

What will you experience with Posture Slim? It’s difficult to say, but since Posture Slim and Royal Posture appear to be the exact same product from the same manufacturer, all of this is certainly worth keeping in mind.

One thing we haven’t talked about yet is Posture Slim’s price, so let’s take a moment.

Is Posture Slim a Good Value?

One Posture Slim brace is priced at $19.99 plus $6.99 S&H, although you can get a second for an additional $9.99 fee.

Important Note: You’ll be able to purchase a “deluxe” copper-infused version of Posture Slim for an additional $10 ($20 if you take the BOGO offer). As we discussed in our Tommie Copper lawsuit article, there is zero evidence showing that copper provides any additional pain relief.

And according to HighYa readers, the little copper dots featured in other Telebrands products (such as Copper Hands) are basically just little dots of copper-colored paint. So even if copper did provide pain relief, there’s probably not any real copper in the deluxe Posture Slim version to do it.

Nonetheless, Posture Slim comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. Did you choose the BOGO option? You could lose just as much in S&H as you receive as a refund!

If you still want to request one, you’ll have to call Telebrands customer service at 855-668-1655.

Now, let’s straighten everything out and bring it all together.

Is Posture Slim Your Solution for Back Pain?

After reading through everything here, it’s pretty clear that it’s technically possible for Posture Slim to relieve your back pain. But is it likely? Unless your pain is related to posture, probably not.

And as we discussed above, it could even make it worse, which is why it’s so important you speak with your physician ASAP.

This, along with Posture Slim’s ultra-high (not to mention non-refundable) S&H charges, means that you might find better values—and essentially identical products—at local retailers. We’d recommend starting your search there.

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