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Created by Paul Sanders, Pound Melter is a step-by-step weight loss system that’s claimed to activate dark fat cells in your body by strategically lowering your internal temperature through food consumption. As such, Pound Melter is dubbed a “cold eating plan.”

Using this unique technique, Pound Melter is claimed to help you lose 28 pounds of fat or more over the next 30 days, while eating all the sweet, rich foods you like and without dieting, exercising, or taking over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

In addition, Pound Melter is claimed to help you burn calories up to 400% faster; to dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and stroke; and to battle free radicals, reverse the effects of aging, and look and feel more energized. 

To date, Paul claims that Pound Melter has been used by more than 88,616 men and women across the U.S. to lose weight and become healthier, all by activating dark fat cells by eating specific foods in the right combination. What’s more, Paul claims that once you’ve started, the Pound Melter program can help you maintain this state of “perfect balance” forever.

Let’s be honest; the Pound Melter program sounds much too good to be true. After all, if you could lose a pound per day simply by reducing your body temperature by ½ a degree, don’t you think this would be front-page news all across the globe?

With this in mind, let’s take an in-depth look at some of Pound Melter’s claims.

What are Dark Fat Cells?

While we didn’t locate any specific references to “dark fat cells” online, we did come across numerous references for brown adipose tissue, whose “primary function is to generate body heat in animals or newborns that do not shiver.” 

According to this same article, a 2009 study showed that these types of fat cells “could lead to a new method of weight loss, since brown fat takes calories from normal fat and burns it.” However, it’s important to note that “scientists were able to stimulate brown fat growth in mice, but human trials have not yet begun.”

In other words, while a more complete understanding of “dark fat cells” might lead to weight loss breakthroughs in the future, at this time, there is no evidence that shows they can help humans lose weight.

Can Lowering Your Body Temperature Increase Weight Loss?

Much like whether or not “dark fat cells” can help improve weight loss, there is some evidence showing that colder temperatures can boost metabolism, although the evidence is inconclusive and “largely based on theory.”

Health Means More than Just Weight

Even if “dark fat cells” or reducing body temperature were shown to help humans lose weight (which they’re not), there would be huge consequences to eating whatever you want. This includes dangerously high cholesterol, saturated fat, and chemical preservative levels, just to name a few. In other words, you still wouldn’t be able to eat whatever you wanted if the Pound Melter program worked as advertised.

On top of this, most experts recommend that losing 1 to 2 pounds per week is a healthy, realistic goal. As such, Pound Melter’s claim to help you lose 28+ pounds per month is not only unrealistic, but could also be dangerous to your health.

Are the Images on Pound Melter’s Website Real?

While we didn’t uncover any evidence that the before and after pictures of Pound Melter’s users were fake, it’s important to point out that the “before” image of Paul is clearly Photoshopped in order to add his head to an overweight person’s body.

“Before” image of PaulThis “before” image of Paul is clearly Photoshopped.

Are Customers Shedding Fat with Pound Melter?

Pound Melter is a relatively new product and is only sold through affiliates who earn commissions from each sale they refer. As such, the only information available online at the time of our research was through fake online review websites, which are intended to look like legitimate customer reviews, but are actually just more marketing hype.

Pound Melter Pricing & Refund Policy

Pound Melter is priced at $39, and is available immediately after your payment is processed.

Pound Melter is a Clickbank product, so it comes with a 60-day refund policy if you’re dissatisfied. In order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 800-390-6035.

Will Pound Melter Help You Lose Weight?

Chopping to the point: Because there is zero clinical evidence showing that activating “dark fat cells” or lowering body temperature can cause humans to lose weight—not to mention losing weight while eating whatever you want—it’s our opinion that Pound Melter is a scam.

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    I'm unable to complete the printing of book or see the eBook

    This is my concern for not being able to complete my printing of the Pound Melter book after printing 57 pages. The printer needed more ink so I had to stop printing. After acquiring more printing ink, I tried to get back on to the site without having to pay again but I can't see the book again. Can you at least tell me how to get back to the site so I can start the program? If I cannot print it, how can I see the book?

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Jul 6, 2015


      Check the email that you received from Clickbank. You should be able to download another copy of the book. If you can't, just email me and I will send you a copy. NO I do not work for them, I just also got scammed myself.

    • Aug 10, 2015

      Mrs J M Armstead,

      I have paid for the Pound Melter from FB, it had downloaded, but my iPad went off just as it was downloading the last page. Now I can't find it anywhere on my iPad & I haven't received any email.

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