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Power Multi-Cooker is a one-touch, multi-function slow cooker that can roast, bake, sauté, simmer, steam, make rice, risotto, soup, and yogurt—all in one countertop device.

Power Multi-Cooker also makes your life easier by featuring 1-touch cooking, as well as recipes that take just 1 minute to prepare.

Its large capacity can fit 3 whole chickens, and its state-of-the-art sensor automatically adjusts to cook your food perfectly, stop cooking when it’s done, and keep your food warm until it’s time to eat. And when you’re finished, just drop Power Multi-Cooker’s removable insert into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Let’s dig right in and answer all your Power Multi-Cooker questions! First stop: How does this online-only slow cooker stack up against the competition?

Power Multi-Cooker vs. the Competition

Reading through the Power Multi-Cooker website, we learned that it comes with handy features like a stainless steel exterior, preset times and temperature settings, soft touch control buttons, up to a 12-hour delay timer, and more.

It also comes with a removable inner lid and lightweight, non-stick aluminum pot; hinged, self-locking lid, and removable electrical cord.

Know what else comes with most (if not all) of these same features? Just about every other slow cooker on the market.

Try this: Type the phrase “electric pressure cooker” or “electronic slow cooker” (or any variation of these) into your favorite search engine. What do you see?

A whole lot of options. So when it comes to these types of products, it’s important to do your research (you’re off to a great start!). It’s also important that you understand you’ll have a variety of slow cookers to choose between at local retailers.

Not only can this help you get the item in your hands more quickly (no more worrying about shipping times), but it also means you’ll be able to save yourself a hefty chunk of change in S&H charges if you’re not pleased.

Speaking of which, how does Power Multi-Cooker compare in price to the competition?

Is Power Multi-Cooker Expensive?

This is perhaps Power Multi-Cooker’s biggest advantage.

While much of the competition ranges between $100 and $200, the Power Multi-Cooker is priced at three payments of $19.99, plus $14.99 S&H. This brings your total to $74.96, which is about $50 less expensive than the XL (nothing to sneeze at!).

With your order, you’ll also receive:

  • Cathy Mitchell’s 1 Minute Prep 1 Pot Meals
  • Steam rack
  • Power chopper
  • Lifetime membership to members-only recipe website
  • 60-day refund policy, less S&H charges**

**Not satisfied with your Power Multi-Cooker? Not only will you lose your original $14.99 S&H, but you’ll probably pay about the same to ship it back to the company.

Who is the company behind Power Multi-Cooker? Do they have a reputation for manufacturing quality products?

The Company Behind Power Multi-Cooker

Power Multi-Cooker is manufactured by Fusion Life Brands, a division of Tristar Products, one of the biggest companies within the ASOTV industry.

Within the Fusion brand, you’ll also find other cooking and food preparation devices, such as the Fusion Xcelerator, Fusion Juicer, and more. Tristar makes hundreds of popular products, including the very similar Power Pressure Cooker XL.

We’ll talk more about this last part in the next section, but first; what are customers saying about these products?

Here on HighYa, the Power Pressure Cooker XL had 380 reader reviews, who gave the electric pressure cooker an average rating of 2.2 stars (as of 9/25/15). While some customers claimed they were happy with their experience, the vast majority of complaints were related to 3 main issues:

  1. Long shipping times, usually between 3-6 weeks, although one customer claimed to have waited 137 days!
  2. Poor customer service. This entailed everything from long hold times and difficulty understanding representatives, to difficulty processing returns.
  3. Poor quality. Many Power Pressure Cooker XL customers claimed that it took too long to pressurize, didn’t maintain proper pressure, burned food, and more.

What about Fusion-branded products? These come with lower overall ratings, but with many of the exact same complaints.

Briefly, let’s come back to the Power Pressure Cooker XL and see how it compares to the Power Multi-Cooker.

Power Multi-Cooker vs. Power Pressure Cooker XL?

If you placed pictures of the Power Multi-Cooker and Power Pressure Cooker XL side by side, after just a quick glance, you probably wouldn’t notice they’re different. Even upon further inspection, it might be hard to spot any meaningful differences.

Clearly, the Power Multi-Cooker has a smaller “face” (buttons and screen) and a smaller price, but other than these, the details are fuzzy. The Multi-Cooker looks smaller, but other than telling us that its “large capacity” can hold 3 whole chickens, we’re not told about its capacity.

We also know that Power Multi-Cooker features 10 functions (as does the XL), so there don’t appear to be any differences there, either.

And even from a basic functionality perspective, the Power Multi-Cooker and Power Pressure Cooker XL work essentially identically, which is what we’ll discuss next.

How Do Slow Cookers Work?

Slow cookers (also known as Crock-Pots, although this is technically a trademarked name) operate by slowly raising the temperature of the ingredients it contains to between 180 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and then maintaining this temperature for as long as needed. This can last just a few minutes or several hours.

Because of their design, the vapor produced by the cooking process condenses on the lid, drops back into the food as liquid, which helps maintain heat and distribute the flavor.

Some basic slow cookers feature manual settings for low, medium, and high, while more advanced ones (like Power Multi-Cooker) feature multiple settings and one-touch operation.

Taking all of this into consideration, what’s the bottom line about Power Multi-Cooker?

Bottom Line

What’s the biggest advantage that Power Multi-Cooker offers? Price.

Yes, you’ll probably be able to find very similar electronic slow cookers at local retailers (that also “do the thinking for you”), and yes, they’ll probably be easier to purchase, but all things being equal, they’ll almost certainly be more expensive than Power Multi-Cooker.

Based on the manufacturer’s reputation with similar products, another thing that might differentiate Power Multi-Cooker from the competition is quality—and not in a good way. In other words, it appears a lot of customers weren’t pleased with their pressure cooker purchases, and in many cases, found it difficult (or downright impossible) to get a refund.

If you decide to roll the dice, will you experience the same with Power Multi-Cooker? It’s next to impossible to say, but there are certainly a lot of factors to keep in mind.

Because of all this, we’d recommend exploring local options before placing your Power Multi-Cooker order. At the very least, this could help you familiarize yourself with what’s available, whether or not Power Multi-Cooker has the options you need, and whether or not it’ll provide a solid value for your money.

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