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Power4Patriots is step-by-step instructional series that teaches you how to install your own solar panels, compact wind turbines, and solar heaters for a fraction of the cost of pre-fabricated systems. In the end, the program’s goal is to help you save money, not only on installation, but also on your monthly electricity bills, while using 100% legal practices and materials.

Based out of Nashville, TN, the program’s developer, Frank Bates, claims that Power4Patriots was born out of the frustration of watching his utility bills constantly increase, month after month. He claims that after realizing the government agencies and electricity monopolies are keeping our utilities artificially high, he set out on a search for solar solutions. Unfortunately, he quickly learned that large solar energy equipment companies were overpriced as well, and were offering the same quality materials that are readily accessible to everyone, but which cost significantly less. After implementing his program, Mr. Bates claims that his electricity bill went down from the first month.

What Comes with the Power4Patriots Package?

While the original price for the Power4Patriots system was $97, the entire series can be purchased for $27. For this price, you’ll receive:

  1. Six professionally produced videos that outline every step in building your own super-efficient, 70-watt solar panel, as well as two fully illustrated step-by-step companion manuals. This series also covers how to choose the right materials, how to avoid costly mistakes, how to locate the perfect site, and how to maximize power output.
  2. Four additional videos that show you how to build a compact wind turbine, which could potentially generate thousands of watts of supplementary power, including two illustrated step-by-step companion manuals.
  3. Illustrated guide to building and installing your own solar hot water heater.
  4. A 35-page guide to solar heating systems.
  5. Four bonuses – A set of videos that answer popular questions about the system (Note: This material is also available on YouTube for free), a water survival guide, a guide to creating your own solar cooker, and a survival basics guide titled “Survival 101.”

According to Power4Patriots, users will not need any major technical experience to build and install the system, and all tools and materials are readily available at your local hardware store or online.

Bottom Line – is Power4Patriots a Scam?

The Power4Patriots sales video is professionally produced, features quality narration and illustration, and does make some valid points. However, instead of giving you additional information about the system and selling you on its merits, it instead tries to make you feel and believe that you are a victim of governmental and electric company conspiracies. As a result, words and phrases such as “catastrophe,” “tragedy,” “death,” and “act of terrorism” are mentioned multiple times throughout the video, which are intended to elicit a strong emotional response from the viewer, and to convince you that time is running out.

Also, the whole Power4Patriots offer just seems too good to be true, which, if you remember the old saying, means that it probably is. In other words, it promises to give you complete information about how to build a system that is 1) typically manufactured by professionals with extensive training in their respective fields, and 2) costs thousands of dollars. And, it will give you all of this information at a cost of only $27. In our opinion, this raises a big red flag. In addition, although it claims to be designed for everyone, much of the population will obviously not have the necessary skillset or technical expertise to be able to effectively build the system. In fact, there are numerous online complaints from customers who have experienced just this.

Finally, one indicator that a product or service may not deliver as advertised is that the promotional material (e.g. website, video, brochure, etc.) is purposely vague. Taking a look at the Power4Patriots website and video, users are not given any technical information, product examples, or even a brief introduction as to what the course will look like, how the solar panels will work, how you’ll begin, or any other basic information. Even the site’s FAQ section doesn’t provide any of this, so you’ll be forced to make a purchase in order to learn more.

So, the ultimate question is: Is Power4Patriots a scam? While we couldn’t locate any information that conclusively determines this, as noted above, we believe you would have good reason to be wary. Long story short; if you plan on purchasing the Power4Patriots system, think of it as gambling $27 of your hard-earned money.

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    Not A Scam - Just Information

    • Wilkes Barre, PA,
    • Jul 6, 2014

    I wouldn't call this a scam - it's just information, which is the key to knowledge. There are plenty of other information packages available for sale on the 'Net - this is just another iteration.

    Re: people not being able to create the panels due to lack of experience or ability - well, then, enjoy your electric company bills. There are those who can and those who cannot, in EVERY field. As this is marketed as part of a "survival" series of products you have to expect to have at least a modicum of technical ability if you want to get away from the grid. Whiners are abundant on the 'Net, so it makes sense that they'll whine about this product as well.

    Overall, and for the price, it's a nice little package that might serve as a starting point for creating your own solar power system.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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