What Is PowerXL Perfect Pot?

By Mary Ivanov
HighYa Staff
Published on: Jul 2, 2019

By implementing a 4-quart vertical design, perfect for cooking pasta, and a “smart base” heating system, the PowerXL Perfect Pot is a portable cooking tool designed to be a useful appliance for small spaces, including RV’s.

Meant for family sized portions, the website says that this pot can take the place of 10 appliances in one convenient machine that easily lifts out of the base for serving a meal.

The company behind the PowerXL Perfect Pot is Tristar Products, a major marketing corporation that’s been in business for 25 years. The pot also has the backing of cheff Eric Theiss.

As we look more closely at what the PowerXL Perfect Pot offers we will see if it is a practical alternative to successfully replace 10 appliances.

How Does The PowerXL Perfect Pot Work?

The “one touch” buttons give you an easy selection of the meal you are preparing, which can range from simply cooking pasta, to making a broth or even brewing tea.

If making pasta, you simply add up to four quarts of water, which you bring to a boil. Next, add the pasta into the mesh basket and lower the basket carefully by the handle into the boiling water, selecting the amount of time needed for the specific pasta.

The PowerXL Perfect Pot utilizes a heating base with precise temperature options that range from 130 to 212 degrees.

It should be noted that this appliance is meant to replace ten other appliances, the ten “appliances” that can function via the PowerXL Perfect Pot include:

  1. Pasta Pot
  2. Steamer
  3. Egg cooker
  4. Stockpot
  5. Soup maker
  6. Slow cooker
  7. Coffee machine
  8. Tea brewer
  9. Sous vide
  10. Kettle

Additionally, there is a timer setting, and after a meal is prepared the automatic “keep warm” mode kicks in. The “keep warm” setting is able to keep food heated for up to eight hours.

The website states that the PowerXL Perfect Pot can make big portions in the relatively small, or narrow pot, including:

  • 2 lbs. of pasta
  • 3 lbs. of asparagus
  • 30 boiled eggs
  • 40 hot dogs

Is The PowerXL Perfect Pot Better Than 10 Separate Appliances?

The featured benefit of the PowerXL Perfect Pot is the claim that it can replace 10 appliances in one.

This can potentially be great for people living in small spaces such as dorm rooms, studio apartments or on the road in an RV. However, let’s look a little closer at the 10 appliances listed above and whether or not practically speaking all of the appliances would work well individually.

The PowerXL Perfect Pot makes sense for most of the list, especially for pasta, which is the predominant food that the website promotes. It can easily function well as a steamer, egg cooker, stockpot, soup maker, and slow cooker, as these all use a similar method of cooking.

Perhaps its most interesting feature is the sous vide function. Sous vide is a technical, new form of cooking meat, eggs, or similar things at a very specific temperature. If you enjoy preparing food in the style of sous vide, then this may be a good option, as other sous vides are at a similar price point to the PowerXL Perfect Pot.

The main three functions that do not seem very practical are the coffee machine, tea brewer and kettle. From a taste standpoint, using the same pot-style cooker for tea and coffee can lead to the residual coffee flavor tainting and possibly overpowering the lighter flavors from tea.

It should also be noted that the way in which you brew coffee in the PowerXL Perfect Pot is by boiling grounds in water, which may not produce the type of coffee you may enjoy.

Additionally, we believe using the Perfect Pot as a kettle is marginal in its uniqueness? In our opinion, it seems redundant to claim “kettle” as a separate appliance when the ability to boil liquids is a basic function of all pots. In the case of the Perfect Pot, “kettle” simply means it can boil liquid.

The website says that the PowerXL Perfect Pot can be used for both brewing tea and coffee. Yet, for anyone that has drunk tea out of the same device that was used to prepare coffee, you risk an unpleasant aftertaste of the lingering coffee flavor.

In our opinion, it seems that the PowerXL Perfect Pot can replace seven appliances effectively. Seven appliances is still a large number and can certainly be of use for people needing to downsize according to their living situation.

How Much Does The PowerXL Perfect Pot Cost?

The cost of the PowerXL Perfect Pot is three payments of $33.33, for a total of $99.99, bought directly through the website getperfectpot.com.

Additionally, your purchase of the PowerXL Perfect Pot also comes with added items, which the website values at $100. The items are:

  • Stainless steel mesh basket
  • Stirring wand
  • Coffee & tea brewmaster attachment
  • Eric Theiss’ recipe book

The return policy is based on a 60-day money-back guarantee, not including shipping. You can call customer service at (973)287-5184 to receive a return authorization number or email info@tvconsumerinfo.com for a merchandise return authorization number.

The return address is:

PowerXL Perfect Pot
500 Returns Road
Wallingford, CT 06495

How Does The PowerXL Perfect Pot Compare To Other Similar Products?

From our research, it seems that the PowerXL Perfect Pot is a unique new appliance in the current market in terms of its capabilities and size capacity.

There are other products that can offer the same functionality as the PowerXL Perfect Pot. We looked at a couple of electric hot pots, that had a similar claim to be useful for smaller spaces like the PowerXL Perfect Pot.

The first pot is the Topwit Electric Hot Pot Mini, a 1.2-liter capacity hot pot sold for $25.99 on Amazon.com. This pot claims to be able to steam, cook eggs, make soups and stews while functioning well whether you are camping or living in a small space.

The Topwit Electric Hot Pot Mini has two heat settings: 200 Watts, which is for lower power and slower cooking, or 600 Watts, used for higher power, rapid cooking.

The device’s stainless steel interior is food grade, while the cover is made of glass. The exterior has a double wall, which keeps you safe from possible burns.

Customers on Amazon give the Topwit Electric Hot Pot Mini 4.1 stars out of 5, with common remarks being, it is “easy to clean,” “perfect size,” and “good for traveling.”

Another similar hot pot is the Dezin Electric Hot Pot Mini, which has a 1.6-liter capacity that’s good for making ramen, pasta, dumplings or oatmeal. The Dezin Electric Hot Pot Mini is space saving and convenient for making larger meals.

Its distinct pink color makes it appealing for women but is also limiting as it does not come in any other color options.

The Dezin Electric Hot Pot Mini has two temperature settings for preparing food- 200 Watts for low-speed cooking and 600 Watts for high-speed cooking. It also has a “keep warm” function, which keeps the food pleasantly heated.

The interior is 100% stainless steel, it comes with a glass cover that is “stain-resistant,” and the exterior is double layered for extra protection.

Customers on Amazon give the Dezin Electric Hot Pot Mini a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and a few comments said that the “water boils super fast,” it is the “perfect size,” “really sturdy and fun to use.”

Both of these electric hot pots offer a quick and convenient way to prepare a meal while being a decent size for larger portions, yet easy to use in smaller spaces. They are also a good deal cheaper than the PowerXL Perfect Pot, yet they may not offer as much versatility as the PowerXL Perfect Pot.

While the PowerXL Perfect Pot has a variety of temperature settings and cooking options, the mini electric pots only have two temperature settings. Along with that advantage, the PowerXL Perfect Pot is easy to use and can keep food heated for up to eight hours. The mini electric pots are much more limited in their food preparation selections.

However, it’s important to factor in the cost of the PowerXL Perfect Pot, which is about three times more expensive than the competing hot pots.

Our Conclusion About PowerXL Perfect Pot

As we have looked over what the PowerXL Perfect Pot can accomplish and how it functions, it may be a contender for a unique new appliance to replace the use of other machines.

After reviewing similar products, the PowerXL Perfect Pot offers more than the Topwit Electric Hot Pot Mini and Dezin Electric Hot Pot Mini can do, as it is a larger, more efficient tool with a greater variety of settings.

Even though the PowerXL Perfect Pot may not actually replace 10 whole appliances in your kitchen, it is a smart option for simplifying even the most basic of cooking jobs, such as cooking pasta. The mesh basket and timer may be a good selling point for someone who has trouble keeping track of what is happening in the kitchen.

Along with that, a key ability of the PowerXL Perfect Pot is the sous vide function. For anyone who is wanting to try this newer method of cooking, this may be a great option to have included with the Perfect Pot.

Overall, the PowerXL Perfect Pot has versatile selections that may be enough to induce you to get your hands on one. However, it may not be super practical for everything it claims to be able to do, particularly coffee and tea.

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