What is ProForm Tour De France Studio Bike?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Mar 2, 2017

Available in three different models, the ProForm Tour De France Studio Bike features a revolutionary pivoting screen that allows you to get a total body experience and take your workout to the next level, whether on or off the bike.

Not only will the Studio Bike provide a highly effective, low-impact workout, but you’ll also be able to bring some of the best classes into your home, daily and on-demand. In fact, your trainers can remotely control resistance, incline, and decline during these classes.

Did you feel the excitement when watching the ProForm Tour De France Studio Bike commercial? Now, are you motivated to get in shape and eager to experience some professional help? Looking forward to maximizing workouts around your busy life, without ever leaving your home?

We’re thrilled that you’re ready to take the next step. But before handing over a decent chunk of change, be sure to read what we learned during our research so you can make a more empowered purchase.

What Is iFit Coach Plus?

ProForm and iFit go together like peanut butter and jelly; they have a symbiotic relationship. How so?

iFit is a technically a company in its own right that offers a line of fitness watches and calorie trackers, as well as their iFit Coach program.

Here, you’ll find features like the ability to choose a spot on the map, draw your route, and watch the scenery fly by; listen to unlimited, commercial-free streaming music that automatically adjusts beat based on your pace, and gain access to instructional recipe videos designed by professional dietitians.

You’ll also be able to view your workouts and track with the included Vue device, share workouts, take on challenges, and compete against friends; and receive a complete sleep analysis every morning, along with expert advice to help you sleep more soundly.

In regards to the ProForm TDF Studio lineup, an iFit Coach Plus membership also provides you access to LiveCast™ cycling classes that guide you on and off the bike for “intense, full-body training.”

How will you view these classes?

Which ProForm TDF Models Are Available?

While there are three different models within the ProForm TDF lineup, they share most of the same features. These include:

  • An upright frame (the seat is directly over the pedals, recreating the feeling of a traditional road bike)
  • Commercial gauge solid steel construction with a 350lb weight capacity
  • Ergonomic handlebar with in-handle QuickTouch™ controls
  • Inertia-enhanced flywheel (freewheel when not pedaling)
  • Patented SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance for smooth, frictionless, and silent operation
  • CoolAire workout fan
  • Water bottle holder
  • Conveniently attached dumbbell holders
  • Front-mounted transport wheels
  • Adjustable leveling feet

You’ll also be able to adjust the seat 13” vertically and 4” horizontally, while the handlebars can be moved 10. 5” vertically and 3.5” horizontally (including angle rotation). Pedals are interchangeable, whether reversible toe cages or clipless.

In fact, the only meaningful differences between each TDF model are their footprints, screen size, and incline and decline abilities. Let’s take a closer look at each.

ProForm TDF Studio

At the front of ProForm’s TDF Studio model, you’ll find a round LED display with SmartSwivel™ design that allows it to turn 180° to either side, and to tilt up or down. This way, when your LiveCast instructor moves off the bike, you can follow along without skipping a beat.

Important note: Since Studio's console only features a LED display, this means you’ll need to stream your LiveCast videos to a tablet. Fortunately, the console features a built-in area that can hold your tablet while you workout.

TDF Studio features a 15% incline to 15% decline capability, which will automatically move to match the grade of the terrain, as you work out with iFit Coach Plus or Google Maps Street View.

The Studio model’s footprint is 53" H X 25" W X 64.75" L.

TDF Studio 10.0

The biggest difference between ProForm’s TDF Studio and Studio 10.0 model is that the latter features a 10” smart HD touchscreen (using the same 180° SmartSwivel Design), which allows you to directly stream your LiveCast classes.

It also features 20% incline and decline capability. And with its larger screen, Studio 10.0 has a higher stance at 59.25”.

TDF Studio 22.0

With the same 20% incline and decline capability, TDF Studio 22.0’s main difference is that it features a 22” smart HD touchscreen for streaming, with the same overall footprint.

ProForm Smart HD TouchscreenHere, you can see the large 22” smart HD touchscreen featured on the ProForm TDF 2.2.0 model. Image credit: ICON Health & Fitness

How Much Does the ProForm Tour De France Studio Bike Lineup Cost?

  • TDF Studio (PFEX09916): $999
  • TDF Studio 10.0 (PFEX01416): $1,599
  • TDF Studio 22.0 (PFEX02116): $1,999

Important note: If you plan to stream any videos your Studio Bike, you’ll have to pay for a full-year subscription to iFit Coach Plus at checkout, which will cost you an additional $468 (about $39 per month).

Depending on the model, you can pay as little as $47 to $85 per month on approved credit.

You can purchase in-home assembly (as long as you’re not located in AK or HI) for $249. This is handled by in-house technicians (no third parties) and includes delivery in the room of choice, assembly of the machine, making sure the machine is 100% functional, and garbage removal.

All ProForm TDF Studio Bikes come with free shipping and two bonus 3-pound hand weights, along with a 30-day money back guarantee. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a 10% restocking fee, along with return shipping—and at 150 pounds, this probably won’t be inexpensive.

ProForm TDF bikes also come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years for parts, and a 1-year labor warranty.

If you need to request a refund or file a warranty claim, customer support can be reached at 866-896-9777.

How do these prices compare with the competition?

ProForm TDF Studio vs. Peloton

When it comes to direct competition against ProForm’s TDF Studio Bikes (specifically, the Studio 22.0 model), the only current game in town is Peloton Cycle.

How do they stack up against one another? Here are their key factors:

Company Price Screen Size Streaming Subscription Required? Size & Weight Resistance Warranty
ProForm TDF Studio 22.0 $1,999 21.5" Yes - $468/yr 59.25" H X 25" W X 64.75" L; 150 lbs Magnetic Lifetime frame, 3-year parts, 1-year labor
Peloton Cycle $1,995 22" Yes - $468/yr 46.9" × 23" × 46.9"; 125 lbs Magnetic 12 mo – 5 yrs, depending on part and plan purchased

As you can see, these streaming spin bikes are similarly spec’d. In fact, the biggest functional difference between them is that the TDF Studio features incline/decline, while Peloton does not (although its console does feature a front-facing camera).

Outside of this feature, the other major factor to consider is where you’ll be streaming your videos from, along with the benefits you’ll receive from the service.

iFit Coach Plus vs. Peloton’s Streaming Classes

In fact, since you can find steel-framed spin bikes with magnetic resistance for as little as $400 online—even less expensive if you’re willing to buy used through sites like Craigslist—the content you’ll stream is arguably the most important factor to consider with these models.

For example, with Peloton’s subscription streaming service, you’ll gain access to 12 daily live classes, 3,000+ on-demand streaming videos, as well as 15 different instructors (including pros like George Hincapie).

You’ll also be able to compete live with other users, view a scoreboard during your rides, and track performance data like total distance, cadence, power output, resistance level, and calories burned.

Comparatively, an iFit subscription will give you access to an expansive workout library, personalized nutrition, and basic tracking using a wrist-based wearable and a smartphone app.

Specifically related to spinning, though, it appears iFit’s on-demand cycling library consists mostly scenic rides (including customizable rides using Google Street View), which are categorized by setting, distance, total elevation, and calories burned.

We called customer service and confirmed that most of iFit’s rides are, indeed, scenic in nature. However, the Coach Plus version does provide three streaming classes per day, which are new each day.

The customer service rep we spoke with noted that you could take these classes at any point throughout the day, but since this version was fairly new, they hadn’t yet confirmed if they remained available, on-demand, after the day had passed.

Unlike Peloton, the rep told us that iFit Coach Plus doesn’t display a live leaderboard for classes or where you rank, although you can view this information in a log after the fact. And if you like, you can create challenges and invite other users, or join other pre-made challenges.

While you’re riding scenic routes, though, you can see other users and where they are on the track.

In addition, from a live tracking perspective, it appears your iFit-equipped console will only display incline, calories burned, time elapsed, distance, power (averaged using an algorithm—not direct), and speed.

Does ProForm Tour De France Studio Bike Come With Solid Customer Reviews?

On Amazon, 152 customers had provided feedback about their experience with ProForm’s Le Tour De France Studio Bike, giving it an average rating of 2.1 stars.

While many customers claimed to have had a positive experience, citing sturdy construction, easy assembly, and smooth magnetic resistance, most complaints seemed related to less-than-stellar customer support, poor iFit integration/functionality (one customer called it “useless”), and mechanical problems like:

  • Bushing causing side-to-side slack
  • Defective bearings
  • Drive belt slippage
  • Resistance not working
  • Unable to connect to Wi-Fi

In many of these instances, customers reported that they were never able to address the problem, or that it was too much of a hassle based on price and decided to send it back.

Granted, this appears to be for a previous model, although the newer TDF Studio Bike had a similar 2.7-star average Amazon rating, with many of the same complaints. As a result, many customers reported that the company might not have adequately addressed these issues.

From a company perspective, ICON Health & Fitness (the same company behind popular NordicTrack fitness machines) had no Better Business Bureau rating, although they did have 700+ closed complaints as of 3/1/17.

Most of these appeared to reference quality issues and problems with service.

Finally, on both iTunes and Google Play, iFit’s app had an average rating of about 2.3 stars, with most complaints referencing poor functionality and bugginess.

We’re covered a whole lot of territory here, so let’s go ahead and wrap things up.

Our Final Thoughts About the ProForm Tour De France Studio Bike

Based on everything we’ve discussed, ProForm’s TDF Studio Bikes might be a solid choice if you’re looking for motivating scenery while you ride, or to supplement your exercise with nutritional and sleep guidance.

The iFit service also seems to deliver some unique features, like the ability to choose a spot on the map, draw your route, and watch the scenery fly by, as well as the automatic incline and decline based on the terrain.

With this said, considering that the Peloton spin bike seems to come with much higher average feedback from customers; feature the ability to join live classes or download on-demand ones whenever it’s convenient, and provide a competitive environment with tons of tracking data, it just might give ProForm’s TDF series a run—or ride, as the case may be—for their money.

Speaking of money; if low cost is your number one priority, you can almost certainly find magnetic resistance spin bikes (without streaming screens) locally for much less than either ProForm or Peloton.

Then, you can simply stream spinning videos to whatever device you have handy, which might provide the ultimate value.

Finally, since spin bikes are often used in spare bedrooms or the basement, keep in mind that you’ll need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection to stream any of your content.

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