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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Mar 28, 2015

ProMuscle Fit is a nutritional supplement that’s claimed to contain a natural, effective formula of amino acids that can help increase strength, build lean muscle, boost energy, improve muscle repair, reduce post-workout recovery times, and provide “incredible gains.”

In order to accomplish this, ProMuscle Fit is claimed to consist of a 2,400mg l-arginine blend that fuels the production of nitric oxide (NO), including:

  • A-AKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate) – Claimed to promote muscle growth and increased strength.
  • A-KIC (arginine-ketoisocaproate) – Claimed to improve stamina and power using short-term NO level “boosts.”
  • OKG (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate) – Prevents tissue and muscle breakdown by promoting protein synthesis.
  • GKG (Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate) – Claimed to “support cell volumizing and amino acid transport.”

According to the manufacturer, ProMuscle Fit is made in the USA, and causes no side effects. In order to begin experiencing ProMuscle Fit’s benefits, you should take 3 capsules per day and should experience results with 2-3 months of regular use.

Whether you’re just starting a workout regimen or are looking to push past your current plateau, can you expect ProMuscle Fit to help, and is it worth your money? Consider the following:

What Evidence is Provided for ProMuscle Fit’s Ingredients?

In order to back up their claims, ProMuscle Fit’s manufacturer references 4 different sources:

A 2014 study conducted by Russian and American scientists that found “L-Arg supplementation prior to a single bout of eccentric exercise alleviates muscle fiber damage and preserves exercise performance capacity.” However, it should be noted that this study was conducted on rats, not humans.

A 2013 research article that referenced many ingredients related to metabolism. Interestingly, when it came to arginine, the article noted “that arginine is effective when supplemented with methionine, isoleucine, and leucine in the fasting state and effective in the post-absorptive state when combined with methionine and phenylalanine.” In other words, arginine appears to only have affected metabolism when combined with other specific amino acids, and only after a period of fasting.

A 2013 study conducted by the Department of Kinesology at McMaster University that found, “Amino acids represent primary nutrient regulators of skeletal muscle anabolism, capable of enhancing lean mass accretion with resistance exercise and attenuating the loss of lean mass during periods of energy deficit, although factors such as protein dose, protein source, and timing of intake are likely important in mediating these effects.”

Finally, a 2001 study from the University of Texas-Galveston that found, “Ingestion of only small amounts of amino acids, combined with carbohydrates, can transiently increase muscle protein anabolism, but it has yet to be determined if these transient responses translate into an appreciable increase in muscle mass over a prolonged training period.”

Now, let’s use this final statement to transition us over to the next section…

What Does Science Say About ProMuscle Fit’s Ingredients?

From a clinical perspective, there is a massive leap between saying that something has been tested (whether it returned positive, neutral, or inconclusive results) and saying that it’s “proven” to provide humans with any benefits. And as we can see from the sources noted above, it’s far from a foregone conclusion that supplementation with l-arginine (or any other amino acid) can provide any of the benefits claimed by ProMuscle Fit’s manufacturer.

With this in mind, according to WebMD, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate and glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate are possibly effective for preventing muscle breakdown after surgery or trauma, but have insufficient evidence showing them to be effective for improving athletic performance.

Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate is listed as possibly ineffective for improving athletic performance, and although arginine-ketoisocaproate (otherwise known as l-arginine) may be effective for erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and improving recovery after surgery, there is insufficient evidence showing it to provide any of the benefits claimed by ProMuscle Fit.

Does ProMuscle Fit Result in Any Side Effects?

For most people, the amino acids contained in ProMuscle Fit should be well-tolerated by most individuals, although for some, l-arginine may cause abdominal pain, digestive upset, airway inflammation, and low blood pressure. As such, it’s recommended that individuals being treated for low blood pressure should not take supplements containing l-arginine.

Keep in mind that these side effects have been noted when given to patients in doses ranging between 700mg and 20mg, although there wasn’t a label provided on the ProMuscle Fit website, so there’s no way to know how much of each amino acid it contains.

What Are Customers Saying About Their ProMuscle Fit Results?

As a trial-based nutritional supplement (more about this in the next section), ProMuscle Fit is promoted exclusively through independent affiliates who earn commissions for each sale of the product they refer. As such, these affiliates will often resort to less-than-stellar marketing techniques, such as creating fake review sites that appear legitimate, but just contain more hype from the manufacturer.

Outside of these, there weren’t any legitimate online ProMuscle Fit customer reviews available at the time of our research.

ProMuscle Fit Pricing & Refund Policy

ProMuscle Fit is only available through a 12-day trial for $5 to cover S&H charges (Priority shipping is available for $15), for which you’ll receive a 30-day supply (90 capsules) of the supplement.

Then, after your trial ends, you’ll be billed $79 for the full price of the product, and will also be enrolled in the company’s autoship program. This means you’ll continue receiving a 30-day supply of ProMuscle Fit once per month, and your credit card will be charged $79 each time.

Important note: Based on our extensive experience reviewing nutritional supplements, it’s our opinion that free trials are intended to ensure you’ll pay full price (regardless of the actions you take in the interim), and autoship programs are built to charge you as much as possible before you figure out what’s going on. Because of these concerns, we often recommend avoiding products sold through these methods.

With this said, there wasn’t any refund information or Terms & Conditions provided on the ProMuscle Fit website, so we contacted customer service at  888-221-2554 to learn more. However, the representative who answered the phone claimed they manufacture a supplement named Asian Garcinia (unsure if this is related to Pure Asian Garcinia), and that they had never heard of ProMuscle Fit.

Can ProMuscle Fit Boost Your Fitness?

Chopping to the Point: Overall, our research uncovered a great number of red flags related to ProMuscle Fit:

  • The manufacturer provides no sound clinical evidence to support any of their claims.
  • None of the ingredients contained in the supplement have been proven to provide any of the benefits claimed by ProMuscle Fit’s manufacturer.
  • The supplement is only sold through a free trial and subsequent autoship program.
  • The customer support staff at the number provided on the product’s website had never heard of ProMuscle Fit.

Because of these very big concerns, it’s our opinion that ProMuscle Fit is a scam.

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Scam - do not buy!

    • Vancouver, Canada,
    • Jan 20, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    If you want to save a good chunk of money and divert it to things that will actually benefit your bodybuilding program (and your life), I’d highly recommend that you steer clear of these 5 supplements as they’re likely doing nothing more than thinning out your wallet.

    Supplementation is an effective way to optimize your training performance and bottom line results, but there are a lot more crappy products out there than there are good ones.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 36 out 36 people found this review helpful

    ProMuscle Fit

    • Dec 15, 2015
    • Verified Reviewer

    I wish I had read your article before trying this trial. Here's what my service was with them:

    I tried their trial offer to only be mislead and refused to speak with supervisors or managers. I order my trial November 12th, it was confirmed that day and shipped out by the 13th. They were pretty quick to start the countdown for the trial until the auto ship kicks in which would only give you 9 days or less to try it and ship it back if you don't like it or refuse to pay that high price tag.

    Well I never received my trial bottle of course and talked to 3 reps from their company. First two, male and female, said that my shipment was shipped and will arrive on the 23rd and to contact USPS for any pending packages for me. Well USPS would definitely let you know if you had a package waiting, it's kind of their job to do so. Well, the reps also told me that they will put my account with them on hold so there would be no future payments until I received my trial bottle. They really did not want to cancel my account whatsoever just yet.

    Well, I received a lovely email today saying that they went ahead of course and charged me anyway. Wait, what? So again I called and waited for a rep today, to be told that my trial bottle was never sent out due to "high demand" and to send a replacement bottle they had to charge me again, even though I was told that my account was on hold and I would not be charged, but this isn't so obviously. Then the rep proceeded to tell me that my account would be put on hold again after the payment. So I pushed to cancel my account again this time and she was quick to cancel it right away of course, now that they could not get any more money from me, since I put out a block for their company on my credit card. But they could not refund any shipping costs of course. Mind you, this is the first time I'm dealing with trials of this kind and I hope it isn't any worse than this. I'm quite appalled.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 8 out 8 people found this review helpful

    Unauthorized charges, don't order!

    • Vancouver, Canada,
    • Jul 27, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I took the offer for the free trial. I got an invoice emailed for the shipping, which was ok. Next, I find charges of $120 and $116 on my credit card. I'm in the process of disputing. Don't order, it' s not worth the hassle.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 8 out 8 people found this review helpful


    • Lanark, Ontario, Canada,
    • Dec 7, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I was given a free trial and within 2 months I’ve been scammed out of $480.00 of unauthorized withdrawals. I’m trying to get my money back by disputing it through my bank. Run from this product, and when you call, you’ll get a supervisor by the name of Albert (ID #66, if any of that’s even true) who does nothing to help you. They're all criminals stealing our money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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