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ProvideSolar can help you reduce your electricity bill up to 80% using residential solar panels that can be quickly installed for as little as $0 down.

In fact, ProvideSolar claims to guarantee electricity production and predictable rates, or they’ll pay you!

On top of this, all ProvideSolar customers receive customized quotes, free 24/7 system monitoring, maintenance, and insurance.

Here’s the catch though: ProvideSolar doesn’t actually offer solar panels or installation. But just what are they, and should you use them? That’s exactly what we’ll cover here.

Let’s dig in and find out what we learned about ProvideSolar.

ProvideSolar’s Website Woes

When we first landed on the ProvideSolar.org website, we attempted to enter our zip code into the “Check Availability” box. Once we did though, we were redirected to www.savings-galleria.com, which only displayed ads for auto-related services (see image below).

To make absolutely sure this wasn’t a fluke, we tried 5 different zip codes in 5 different states, but received the same result each time.

Screenshot of www.providesolar.orgAfter entering our zip code on ProvideSolar.org, this is where we were redirected.

After scrolling down the page looking for another area to test out, we also found that some parts of ProvideSolar’s website (such as the charts and graphs displaying potential savings) weren’t functional.

From here, we decided to search for other ProvideSolar websites that could give us some usable information about the company.

ProvideSolar is a Lead Generation Website

After searching online, we came across another ProvideSolar website that seemed much more functional.

Here, we were able to enter our zip code, indicate our average monthly electric bill, whether or not we own our home, as well as our contact information. Then, once we got to the end, we noticed the following text:

“By clicking "get free quote" you electronically agree for The National Solar Network and its network of service providers to contact you at the telephone or mobile number provided.

This website is an advertising market place for individuals and companies who are seeking consumer referrals for solar products. We are not a solar manufacturer or installer. The information provided by you to us will be sent to a licensed solar manufacturer or installer in your area. We do not endorse, warrant or guarantee any service or products of any individual or company you choose to install your solar system.”

In everyday terms, what does this mean?

ProvideSolar is simply a lead generation website for The National Solar Network, a company based out of Las Vegas, NV who gathers customers’ information and sells it to local solar panel installers (known as a “lead”). In turn, these installers will contact you to provide a quote.

Pro tip: According to the Terms posted on ProvideSolar’s website, the company is also operated by Provide-SolarLogiQ LLC based out of Lindenhurst, NY. However, there wasn’t any additional information available online about this company at the time of our research.

With this in mind, are customers pleased with the quotes they’ve received through ProvideSolar?

Customer Feedback for ProvideSolar

On the ProvideSolar website, they feature a “BBB Accredited” logo, although this doesn’t appear to be the case. We did find a listing for their parent company, The National Solar Network, on the Better Business Bureau website, but they weren’t accredited (as of 10/22/15) and there weren’t any closed complaints listed.

When searching for “ProvideSolar reviews” elsewhere online, the only other relevant hit we received was for a fake news article that wants you to believe it’s published by NBC. The reality, however, is that it’s just a bunch of marketing hype.

Outside of these, there didn’t appear to be any customer feedback for ProvideSolar or The National Solar Network at the time of our research.

Whether you get quotes through ProvideSolar or another provider, can you really save money on your electricity bills by installing solar panels on your home?

Will Solar Panels Really Help You Save Money?

Keep in mind that this is an extremely complex question, and can be impacted by the state you live in, the utility company you use, the size of your solar panel system, your energy needs, available government rebates, and much more.

In general though, the average American homeowner can potentially save about $20K over the course of 20 years by going solar. At $1K per year (or roughly $83 per month), that’s certainly nothing to sneeze at.

But solar panels themselves aren’t cheap. In fact, the average solar panel system in the US costs about $50K. And although these costs are coming down every day, this still represents a significant investment, only to save you less than $100 per month on your electricity bill.

Yes, most solar panel providers (more about these next) provide low-to-no money down leasing options to help defray these costs, but you’ll still be locked into a 20-year lease.

Sell your home before your lease is up? Then the new owner will have to take on your existing lease, or you’ll have to buy it out. In some cases, we’ve read that this can cost upwards of $20K!

Costs of solar panels aside, is ProvideSolar a good option for locating a local company?

Should You Hand Your Information Over To ProvideSolar?

Since ProvideSolar is just a sales funnel for The National Solar Network, and there was zero online customer feedback for either company at the time of our research, we’d be hesitant handing over our information.

And considering that their Privacy Policy claims “You may from time to time receive offers from our affiliates, partners and certain approved third parties,” we’d guess that you’ll receive lots of unwanted spam and telemarketing calls soon after handing it over.

Instead, we might recommend calling a more established (and straightforward) residential solar panel company directly, such as SolarCity, SunRun, or Sungevity. This way, you’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with and can base your decision on a solid amount of customer feedback.

Did you decide to roll the dice and enter your information on the ProvideSolar website? What happened afterward? Tell us about it by writing your review below!

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