About PureSleep

Invented by a snoring dentist, PureSleep is a patented mouth guard that promises to eliminate the Zzzzs, giving you (and your significant other) a better night’s sleep. The mouthpiece is supposed to conform to the shape of your teeth by boiling it in water. When used, they say it adjusts the jaw to create a larger breathing passageway, stopping the snores.

PureSleep is sold by The Pure Sleep Company, based in Larkspur, CA. They have been in business since 2007 and BBB accredited since January of 2011; currently have a solid A rating. However, there are lots of complaints about the product, its claims and customer service elsewhere on the ‘Net.

How PureSleep Works

The device consists of an “FDA-Cleared” upper and lower plastic mouth guard that snaps together in 3 different settings - choose the one that feels most comfortable. Next, place the PureSleep in boiling water. The inner material will get soft and they say when you bite down on the warm mouthpiece, it will become customized to fit you.

Before going to bed, put PureSleep in your mouth. Its design is said to slightly extend your jaw, which they say creates a larger airway and eliminates the vibrations that can cause snoring. (By law, PureSleep cannot claim their product helps with sleep apnea.)

Your PureSleep order comes with:

  • PureSleep mouth guard
  • Travel case
  • Buy one, get one free
  • “Free” 30-Day Trial
  • Money Back Guarantee

Privacy Policy

PureSleep may use your personal information to contact you or sell you more stuff, but promise to not share with unaffiliated third parties “for their independent use unless pursuant to confidentiality agreements” or rent or sell their customer list. You can opt-out from all this by mail or email.

PureSleep Pricing, Shipping, and Return Policy

The PureSleep is a Class II medical device, which means it must be prescribed by a licensed dentist of physician. That’s why when you order it, you have to go through a fairly lengthy set of questions before purchase.

They say you will receive your order within 2 weeks. A “free” 30 day trial allows you to try PureSleep for $9.95 for S & H. If you are not satisfied, return on your own dime and owe nothing further. If you like it, you will be charged $59.90 for a total of $69.85 for 2 mouth guards.

Bottom Line: Is PureSleep a Scam?

Like your mom told you, you should be very careful what you put in your mouth. FDA-cleared is not the same as “approved”. There is also some concern that devices like these are dangerous, as you can injure your jaw or possibly even choke when using it. Any boil-and-bite mouth guard you buy is also going to have comfort issues. Since this is a bulky, two-piece unit with limited adjustability, it can take some serious getting used-to before you can even sleep with it.

Those that have adjusted to PureSleep do report that it does indeed eliminate snoring, but they also say the product wears out quickly. If you are having serious sleep issues, there are more effective devices that can be truly custom-fit to your mouth, albeit for a little more money. There are also some sprays that work more effectively and less obtrusively. And then there’s always ear plugs...

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