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By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Aug 17, 2016

Created by a rocket scientist, Purple Mattress’s patented comfort grid system promises to evenly distribute weight across any body type.

This way, we’re told Purple Mattress will cradle pressure points, such as hips and shoulders, like a soft mattress, while everything else—including your back—will be supported like a firm mattress. As a result, the company claims you’ll experience “the best sleep you’ve ever had.”

In addition, Purple claims their mattresses are made from a non-toxic, food-grade material that doesn’t hold heat, never develops a body indent, and provides all the alignment, comfort, and relaxation you need. And it does this up to 80% less than the competition!

We definitely had a few laughs while watching some of the videos on Purple’s website. But does a solid marketing campaign necessarily translate into a better mattress—and a better night’s sleep, or should you just keep looking? Is it really the “world’s first no-pressure mattress”? We’ll address your most important questions in this review!

How Does Purple Mattress Work?

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer Layer

The top layer of each Purple mattress consists of 2” of a proprietary hyper-elastic polymer made from 100% food-grade materials. According to the company, this polymer can stretch up to 15X its resting size, so it’s organized in a grid pattern. Why? Because this creates thousands of “walls” that support or fold, depending how much pressure they receive.

For example: If too much pressure is applied, a column will release and allow localized sinking in to occur. Then, any excess pressure moves to other columns, which remain firm because they’re under less pressure.

This way, pressure is equalized under areas like the hips and shoulders, while other areas, like the torso, span many columns, so the walls don’t release. As a result, Purple claims their mattresses will deliver “true back support and spinal alignment.”

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a quick video explaining the basic concept:

In addition to its pressure-relieving benefits, we’re told that this design allows air to flow freely, which helps dissipate heat and prevent moisture from becoming trapped, thereby improving the life of your mattress. The polymer is also hypoallergenic.

Until recently, however, this technology was only available through Purple’s unique seat cushions. In order to manufacture grid patterns large enough to cover the top of an entire mattress, though, they had to invent the machine called Mattress Max.

What’s under this polymer layer?

The Foam Layers

Underneath Purple’s polymer grid are two layers of high-density CertiPUR-US polyurethane foam:

  • A 3.25” layer of 1.8 lb/ft³ medium-soft comfort foam
  • A 4” layer of 2.0 lb/ft³ medium-firm support foam

Purple tells us that since they don’t use memory foam, you won’t have to worry about potentially dangerous off-gassing or VOCs. Also, their foam is also made without ozone depleters, phthalates, or mercury, lead, or other heavy metals. Wrapped around these 3 layers is a flame retardant fabric knit barrier.

To use your Purple Mattress, the company claims it simply needs a sturdy surface, such as a platform, slats (no more than 3” apart), a box foundation, the floor, etc.

How Much Does Purple Mattress Cost?

Purple mattresses are available in the 3 most popular sizes:

  • Twin XL (37.5” x 79.5” x 9.5”): $699
  • Queen (59.5” x 79.5” x 9.5”): $999
  • King (75.5” x 79.5” x 9.5”): $1,299

All Purple mattresses come with free shipping within the Contiguous United States, along with a 100-night no pressure guarantee. If you don’t like it (the company recommends giving your body at least 30 days to adjust), simply give them a call at 844-642-5613, and they’ll have a local donation center come pick it up for you.

Purple also provides a 10-year, non-prorated warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on their mattresses. However, there are some stipulations, so be sure to read through their Warranty page for full details.

Finally, the company advertises financing as low as 0% APR for 6 months through Affirm. Outside of this, rates ranged between 10% and 30% over 3, 6, or 12 months at the time of our research.

Are There Any Purple Mattress Reviews?

Because of its unique top layer and competitive price, Purple’s mattresses have received a fair amount of industry and customer feedback.

Sleepopolis writes that Purple mattresses fall at a 6-6.5 on the firmness scale (designed for the needs of most sleepers) and that it has a bounce similar to latex, but with “very little signs” of motion transfer.

Overall, they found the sleeping experience “unique,” with great support and no significant pressure points, regardless of position. However, they noted that users between 150-195 pounds might experience “significant” hug.

In the end, they recommended Purple if you want a medium-firm feel, coolness, a rounded contour, great bounce, and minimal motion transfer.

Sleep Sherpa also found sleeping on a Purple mattress to be a unique experience and claimed it’s the most breathable mattress they’d ever tested. They mentioned that it’s a true “Goldilocks mattress” and that, “If your major concern is sleeping hot, then get this mattress. It beats all the competitors hands down.”

Sleep Sherpa’s tester weighed over 200 pounds, but none of the sinkage that Sleepopolis expressed concerns about.

On Amazon, Purple’s King mattress had a 4.2-star rating at the time of our research, based on 278 individual reviews. There, most compliments referenced a great night’s sleep, no pressure points, and that it’s especially useful for those with chronic back or joint pain.

On the other hand, what few complaints there were often claimed that the mattress was too cold, or that it made pain worse.

Who Founded Purple Mattress?

From a company perspective, Purple mattresses are manufactured by EdiZONE, LLC based out of Alpine, UT.

The company was originally founded in 2008 by engineer brothers Tony Pearce and Terry Pearce, who have extensive experience in “advanced aerospace materials, manufacturing, design, and project management.”

Although the Pearce brothers have focused on seat cushions for quite a while, it wasn’t until 3 years ago that they decided to implement some of the same technology into mattresses. But it wasn’t until 2015 that Purple was revealed to the world through a Kickstarter campaign, which would eventually raise more than $170K on an original goal of $25K.

Purple vs. Other Online-Only Mattress Companies

As cool as it is to see a company launch a successful product through Kickstarter, you’re probably well aware that there are many other online-only mattress companies seeking your business. This includes Cocoon by Sealy, Lull, Saatva, Zenhaven, and more.

How does Purple Mattress stack up? Well, at least from a price perspective, they’re more or less in line with the competition, with the exception of Zenhaven, a luxury brand with much higher prices.

Obviously, the biggest difference is that all these other mattresses are constructed using only a variety of foams, while Purple’s hyper-elastic material distinguishes them from every other company but intelliBED. From a functionality perspective, intelliBED’s gel columns seem to work very similar to Purple’s, although intelliBED mattresses feature individually wrapped springs underneath, instead of Purple’s polyurethane foam.

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Purple Mattress vs. Casper

What about perhaps the biggest company in the online-only mattress industry, Casper? How does Purple compare?

As with the other traditional mattresses mentioned above, Casper only uses a combination of latex and memory foam, while Purple’s mattresses feature two layers of polyurethane foam underneath their gel columns.

While this means that you’ll likely have two different sleep experiences on these mattresses, Casper falls between $100 and $350 less than Purple.

Taking all of this together, should you buy a Purple Mattress?

Will a Purple Mattress Deliver a Better Night’s Sleep?

Sure, Purple’s mattresses seem to have received a great deal of positive feedback, are priced competitively, and seem to deliver a night of sleep unlike the vast majority of the competition. But with sleep being such a personal experience, there’s no way to know just how well it’ll work without giving one a try yourself.

The good news is that—like most other online-only mattress companies—you’ll be able to test your Purple mattress for an extended period of time. And if you decide it’s not right for you, they’ll even pick it up and donate it to a charity. Just keep in mind 2 things:

  • A King size Purple mattress weighs in at 140 pounds, so you’ll almost certainly want to enlist some help if your apartment is located on an upper floor.

  • Also, Purple recommends sheets and a mattress protector that are as stretchy as possible. Otherwise, too-tight fabrics can impede the movement of Purple’s columns, so you might need to factor these extras into your budget.

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  • Purple has no support

    • By Jon,
    • Allentown, PA,
    • Jul 24, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I just weigh over 200 lbs, and this bed provides no support what so ever. I toss and turn every night and wake up sore and tired. My wife, who is light as a feather, sleeps fine yet she sleeps great on just about anything. After ordering, we were asked to wait weeks and weeks before the initial estimated delivery. Now, we miscalculated the exact return date, and once again there is no support. The response is "we're sorry, try and sell it yourself." This is a company with some clever advertising, but that's where it ends. Do some digging, and you will see tons of reviews proving the lack of support. Save yourself the back ache and pass on this one.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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