About PusH2O

PusH2O is an attachment they say works on any outside faucet to make it turn off and on with the push of a button. Also known as just Push 2.0, they tout its dual design allows you to hook up 2 hoses to one spigot; then just press the big white button to let your water flow.

Push 2.0 is marketed and sold by Allstar Products Group, who also go under the name Merchandise Direct. They are not accredited by the BBB and there is no rating information available.

How PusH2O Works

PusH2O is a push-button device that uses a “no drip dual valve system” which allows you to hook up 2 hoses to one outdoor faucet. They say it’s made of durable, corrosion-proof metal and modern push-button technology. To use, attach to the outdoor faucet of choice and add a hose to each opening on the Push 2.0. Then, they say you can use both sides separately, just pushing the white buttons on or off to control water flow. To show you how strong it is, they run it over with a truck and offer a 10-year guarantee.

PusH2O includes:

  • 2 Push 2.0 Hose Connectors
  • 2 Adjustable Water Pressure Nozzles
  • 10 year money-back guarantee

PusH2O Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Push 2.0 sells for $10... but wait... there’s more! They also charge you a $7.95 shipping/handling fee and add an additional $7.95 for your “free” second set. This makes the total actually $25.90; it should be noted the non-refundable part is $15.90, more than the original purchase price. Even if you do indeed decide to return Push 2.0 within 10 years, they will still keep this money.

Push 2.0 Privacy Policy

You have none! Well, although they permit themselves and third parties to contact you about products or services via phone, email, or snail mail, they do promise to make “commercially reasonable efforts” to limit abuse. Read more scintillating details on their Privacy Page!

Bottom Line: Is PusH2O a Scam?

There’s not much to like about Allstar Products: they have a very loose privacy policy and very little consumer satisfaction information based on previous reviews we've accumulated on "As Seen on TV" lawn care products. In addition, they fail a basic Highya test: the shipping and handling fees ($15.90) are more than the product itself ($10). This means, they make money off of you regardless of whether you like it or not. We suggest visiting a local or online hardware store for an undoubtably cheaper alternative.

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