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Constructed with Quantanium and reinforced with titanium, QTech’s multi-surface, non-stick cookware is claimed to offer tough and durable performance that’s built to withstand years of cooking. In fact, QTech Cookware’s surface is guaranteed to never chip, peel, or wear away and to help make cooking healthier by avoiding the use of oils and butter.

In order to accomplish this, QTech Cookware features a ferromagnetic base that conducts heat evenly to ensure no hot spots. Then, an aluminum-based cover is applied with multiple layers of quantanium, a “unique, non-stick, multi-surface coat that incorporates Mother Nature’s ceramic and titanium to resist scratching and abrasions and increase durability.” Finally, a top layer is added to provide “maximum non-stick performance.”

Despite its toughness, QTech Cookware is claimed to be non-toxic and PGOA-free and can be used on any conventional or electric gas stove.

On top of this, QTech Cookware is claimed to be a “3-in-1 kitchen essential” due to its detachable handle, which easily converts each pan into non-stick cookware, bakeware, and ovenware. And considering that QTech’s glass lids have a built-in strainer and that they’re refrigerator and freezer safe, this means you can cook, serve, and store, all with the same pan.

When you’re finished, all you have to do is rinse your QTech Cookware with soap and water and rinse clean.

Sure, based on the information above, QTech Cookware might seem like a no-brainer. But are the company’s claims legitimate, or just a bunch of marketing hype? Consider the following:

What is Quantanium? Is It PFOA-Free?

According to Whitford, “QuanTanium is an internally reinforced, waterborne, multicoat. It incorporates a unique mix of titanium particles blended into the coating that stands up to almost anything. The excellent scratch resistance produced by the incorporation of titanium particles causes the coating to be harder and more durable than conventionally reinforced systems.”

Unlike traditional Teflon-coated non-stick cookware, one of the primary advantages of QuanTanium is that it doesn’t contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which “is a carcinogen, liver toxicant, a developmental toxicant, an immune system toxicant, and also exerts hormonal effects including alteration of thyroid hormone levels.” In fact, according to the QTech Cookware website, PFOA is such a health concern that the Environmental Protection Agency has requested manufacturers to stop using it by 2015.

Despite its health benefits for humans, Quantanium remains unsafe to use around birds though.

Can QTech Cookware Really Help You Cook Healthier?

Next, keep in mind that although QTech claims their cookware can help you cook “fat-free,” this typically depends more on the food you’re cooking than it does what you’re cooking the food in.

In other words, while QTech Cookware might make it easier for you to cook without using liquids like butter or oil, but that, in and of itself, doesn’t mean that the food will necessarily be any healthier.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Finally, although the marketing hype behind QTech Cookware might make you believe that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and that it’s professional-quality, the reality is that it might not work as well as the manufacturer makes it seem.

Customer Reviews for QTech Cookware

At the time of our research, there were 11 QTech Cookware customer reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 5 stars. There, common compliments cited ease of use and its ability to make cooking easier and healthier. On the other hand, some consumers appeared to be dissatisfied with the quality of the lids and handles, which may have a tendency to crack.

From a company perspective, QTech Cookware is manufactured by Tristar Products, one of the largest companies within the “As Seen on TV” industry. As such, they manufacture dozens of popular ASOTV products, including Copper Wear, Perfecter Fusion Styler, Flex-Able Hose, and many others.

Among more than 280 HighYa reader reviews for these products (as of 6/4/15), they held an average rating of 2 stars, with common complaints citing failure to work as advertised, poor quality, and difficult customer service experiences. Granted, you may not experience the same with QTech Cookware, but it’s important to keep in mind nonetheless.

QTech Cookware Pricing & Refund Policy

Although QTech manufactures a whole line of cookware, their “As Seen on TV” offer is only for a 10-inch sauté pan, which retails for $19.99 plus an undisclosed amount for S&H. You’ll also be able to receive 2 free recipe books and an extra 10” sauté pan for an additional S&H charge.

All QTech Cookware comes with a 60-day refund policy, less S&H charges.

According to the product’s home page, QTech Cookware comes with a lifetime warranty, although their Customer Care page indicates it’s only a 60-day limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

However, keep in mind that “if warranty service is necessary, the original purchaser must pack the product securely and send it postage paid with a description of the defect, proof of purchase, and a check or money order for $59.99 to cover return postage and handling.” In other words, you’ll pay 3X the cost to replace your QTech Cookware under warranty as you would to purchase another set.

With this said, in order to request a refund or to file a warranty claim, you’ll need to contact customer service at (973) 287-5195.

Should You Buy QTech Cookware?

Chopping to the point: Despite the reputation of most ASOTV products, it appears that the majority of online consumers were pleased with their QTech Cookware purchases.

However, keep in mind that there are dozens of other manufacturers who also feature Quantanium in their cookware (although not all are priced as low as QTech), many of which are available from local retailers. Ultimately, this might help you save a good chunk of change in non-refundable S&H charges if you’re dissatisfied and decide to process a return.

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  • My QTech experience.

    • Cardiff, United Kingdom,
    • Oct 17, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I bought a set of QTech Cookware from Tristar, around 3 years ago, after seeing their TV ads. The price was reasonable, and I was fed up of ingesting Teflon from multitudes of more expensive cookware.

    Overall, I've been pleased with their performance, ease of cleaning and reduction in requirements for cooking oils. However, the big bugbear is most definitely the handles and their flawed design and materials. As it says on TV, the handles are removable, which is great. But now, after 3 years, the handles remove themselves when pans are hot and food drops on floor, cooker and/or clothes. Very dangerous!

    This seems to be simply due to QTech using a plastic lug that releases or holds the handle to the pan. The heat has softened and worn the lugs so that the pans are now very unsafe to use. I cannot get replacement handles and I can't find my original receipt, so with great sadness, my QTech Cookware is about to be trashed.

    Had the handles been as good as the actual pans, I would've given 5 stars, but 3 is pretty generous based on the fact I've only had for 3 years use.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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