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By HighYa Staff

Quicklawn Ultra proudly exclaims it is the world’s first and only 4-season grass seed. It promises you will have a lush green lawn without the expense or time. They say it sprouts quicker, grows thicker, and stays greener than lawns grown with traditional seeds.

Quicklawn Ultra is brought to you by Gardeners’ Collection, a horticulture-by-mail company based in Norwalk, CT. There is no other informational available on their website about the company, nor is there accreditation information or a rating by the Better Business Bureau. (However, see the notes in the “Bottom Line” section.)

How Qucklawn Ultra Works

Quicklawn Ultra claims its grass is an “astounding” breakthrough by university scientists (it does not name the institution) that stays green all year, even under snow during winter. They say it’s secret is a scientifically-proven coated seed blend developed for healthy grass roots that grow twice as deep as others. They claim this helps them soak up more water and nutrients that occur naturally underground.

They state Quicklawn Ultra starts sprouting in as little as 5 days and there is no need for constant watering, fertilizing, mowing, or pesticides. They tout that unlike regular grass that grows long and has weeds, Quicklawn grass grows shorter, thicker, multiplies fast, and chokes out weeds. They add it withstands high traffic (like kids playing soccer) and easily grows in the shade. In the video commercial, men walk about like Johnny Appleseed (in this case, Johnny Quicklawn Ultra) happy flinging fistfuls of grain upon barren ground.

They say it resists insects and disease, and is the “perfect quick fix” for pet urine spots where the grass grows bare. They say Quicklawn Ultra is good for small patch-up jobs or for full lawns.

Smiliar to Grassology, they claim Quicklawn Ultra tolerates drought. In the informercial, they plant half a lawn with regular seeds and half with Quicklawn Ultra. Once grown, they claim to have stopped watering both sides for 41 days. The regular grass appears to be dead, but Quicklawn Ultra looks green and lush.

Quicklawn Ultra includes:

  • 1 lb bag Quicklawn Ultra “upgraded free” to 2lb bag (500+ sq ft.)

Quicklawn Ultra Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

They claim you can order a 1 lb bag of Quicklawn Ultra for $14.95 plus $7.95 S & H. They say you are automatically upgraded to a 2 lb bag for “free” but they tack on another $7.95 in S & H for the privilege. Readers of Highya might recognize this scheme as a “red flag” against ordering from the company, because it means they still make money off of you ($15.90 in non-refundable fees) even if you are unsatisfied with your lawn and contact them within 30 days.

Bottom Line: Is Quicklawn Ultra a Scam?

Their is something about this company that seems to be on the shady side (and we don’t mean their plants.) As mentioned above, the handling fees are excessive and the money-back guarantee is unclear. Gardeners’ Collection is not rated/accredited by the BBB, and there are many rants about this company on so-called “Scam Alert” or “Consumer Affair” websites with irate posters complaining of dead plants, lost shipments, deceptive billing practices, and poor customer service. In addition, there is a separate Gardeners’ Collection website, presumably run by the same company, that sells Quicklawn Ultra for half the price. They claim on this main website they will beat any other price, so if you purchase from the Quicklawn microsite, and then show them the bill, will they refund the difference? A call to the company placed us on hold for more than 10 minutes before we hung up.

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