About Rainbow Mist

Rainbow Mist Sprinkler says it’s a “breakthrough” hydration system for your lawn that will also “inspire” your night with multicolored light. They claim this device attaches to any garden hose and creates a fine mist that uses 30% water; when the sun goes down they say the hydraulic technology will power the LEDs inside, creating a “dazzling” nighttime light show.

Rainbow Mist does not indicate on their website who makes or sells the product; therefore there is no accreditation or rating information available from the BBB.

How the Rainbow Mist Sprinkler Works

Rainbow Mist is a small green sprinkler-type attachment with a clear plastic dome and internal LEDs. They claim its secret is “dynamic hydraulic technology that circulates and pressurizes the water” into a fine mist. They say spraying your grass, plants, or flowers with Rainbow Mist Sprinkler uses 30% less water than a regular hose, but they give no indication as to how they came up with that number. They also don’t say how far and wide it will spray or how much area it will water.

To use Rainbow Mist, attach to your regular hose (or the flexible hose you can order with it.) Place anywhere in your yard and they say it will create a soft mist that floats down evenly, watering flower beds, lawns, or vegetable gardens.

At night, they tout the LEDs powered by hydraulic pressure will light up the mist in a variety of colors, making for a romantic evening while you sip champagne with a loved one.

Each Rainbow Mist Sprinkler Order includes:

  • Rainbow Mist
  • Automatic shut-off timer
  • 25’ “tough grade” flexible hose (extra S&H)

Rainbow Mist Sprinkler Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Rainbow Mist and its shut-off timer sells for $19.95 plus $7.99 processing for a total of $27.94. If you would like the flexible hose, pay an additional $7.99 in fees. Rainbow Mist Sprinkler comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee, minus S&H and what it costs to send back to them.

Rainbow Mist Privacy Policy – And What you Must Know!

Even though we don’t know who makes or sells Rainbow Mist Sprinkler, by visiting the website and/or buying the product, you are allowing them to collect data such as domain name, email, and even your phone number, which they reserve the right to use or sell to “reputable” third parties however they see fit. They do offer opt-out options and have all the legalese on their Privacy Page, which we suggest you visit and read carefully before purchasing.

Bottom Line: Is Rainbow Mist a Scam?

Rainbow Mist Sprinkler leaves out the most important information for any watering system: namely, how far and wide it sprays. In addition, while a mist may be a good idea in a greenhouse or something to cool you off on a hot summer’s day, it is not a practical way to water a large area. Mist tends to evaporate quickly and isn’t soaked up by the roots, giving us serious doubts as to their claims it will reduce your water usage by 30%. Finally, while the supposed light show sounds neat (and they tout it uses no batteries, wires, or electricity) it adds no real value to the product, and in fact may contribute to water waste.

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