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The Rapid Roaster is a large capacity microwave roasting pan that claims to help you cook delicious, juicy, and flavorful oven-roasted meals up to 3 times faster than conventional methods, including hamburgers, meatloaf, roasted chicken, shrimp and shellfish, mixed vegetables, and much more. In fact, Rapid Roaster’s manufacturer claims the pan is so large that you can fit up to a 4lb chicken or turkey inside, or a slightly smaller main course along with two sides for one-pan cooking.

In order to cook quickly, the Rapid Roaster’s bottom is claimed to function as a steamer for rice or vegetables, while the upper grate features flow-through circulation that provides the ability to cook meats with steam instead of unhealthy oils. On top of this, the Rapid Roaster’s lid features a “super steaming” adjustable vent that is claimed to provide top-to-bottom air circulation for moist, even cooking.

The Rapid Roaster is claimed to be great for any small kitchen, including apartments and RVs, and to be dishwasher safe a BPA free.

Can You Expect the Rapid Roaster to Work as Well as It Claims?

If you’re short on time—and who isn’t?—can the Rapid Roaster really help you cook juicy one-pot meals in the microwave? Perhaps, but take the following into consideration:

Cooking Times

This site claims that most vegetables can be steamed in the microwave within 2-15 minutes, depending on density (e.g. carrots and potatoes will take longer that spinach or green beans). However, as a denser food than vegetables, properly cooking meat in the microwave will take much longer, and will often require that you rotate or stir the ingredients during the process. For more details about this, the USDA website provides some fairly good tips for cooking meat in the microwave.

What this ultimately means though, is that if you cook vegetables and meat at the same time, the vegetables will invariably cook faster. As a result, you’ll have to stop cooking, open the Rapid Roaster, remove the vegetables, reinsert the roaster into the microwave, and begin cooking again if you choose to do so. This is a far cry from the golden brown chicken surrounded by vegetables in the Rapid Roaster commercial.

The Cooking Process

Although the Rapid Roaster claims to cook food from the top down (meaning that meat will cook faster than veggies), meat is best when cooked using heat from all directions, which is what really provides even, golden brown results. Because of this, we’d still have some concerns about how well the Rapid Roaster could simultaneously cook meat and vegetables.

Rapid Roaster’s Manufacturer

Rapid Roaster is a relatively new product (URL registered May 2014), so there were no online customer reviews at the time of our research that can give us a better understanding of its performance.

However, the Rapid Roaster is manufactured by Allstar Products Group, one of the top ASOTV companies, who also makes other popular products such as the Spicy Shelf, Perfect Bacon Bowl, Chop Magic, and many others.

Among more than 100 HighYa reader reviews for these products, the average rating is less than 2 stars, with common complaints citing poor quality/failure to work as advertised, difficulties with customer service (long hold times, staff that are rude/unhelpful, etc.), and long shipping times.

Rapid Roaster Pricing & Refund Policy

2 Rapid Roasters (the only option you’ll have) are priced at $14.95, plus $12.90 S&H, bringing your total to $27.85.

With your order, each Rapid Roaster will include a top with adjustable steam vent, grate/drip rack, base, and free recipe book.

The Rapid Roaster comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. While this might sound inconsequential, keep in mind that at $12.90, you’re paying almost as much in S&H charges as you are for the product itself. Plus, you’ll be responsible for S&H charges back to the manufacturer as well.

If you ultimately decide to pursue a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at (800) 287-8510.

Bottom Line: Is the Rapid Roaster Worth Your Money?

The ultimate goal of many “As Seen on TV” products is to end up on store shelves, so you might want to wait a bit and see if the Rapid Roaster is sold in a retailer near you sometime soon. However, if you’re willing to gamble nearly $15 of your hard-earned money on S&H charges, and to go through a potentially frustrating customer service experience, then it could be that the Rapid Roaster really does cut your cooking time in half.

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  • Cheap knock-off of a good product

    • Alabama,
    • Jul 8, 2015

    This is a cheap knock-off of a great product on QVC. This company knocked this product off and copied the company's recipes. This product is cheaply are and will burn in the microwave. The other company is reliable with good customer service and made in USA.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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