About Red Copper Roller Blade

With Red Copper Roller Blade, the manufacturer tells us that you can easily slice, chop, and dice everything from meat to fruits and vegetables, without putting pressure on your wrist or requiring strength.

This is because Red Copper Roller’s stainless steel, ceramic-coated blade is shaped like a wheel, which allows it to cut small foods as it rolls, such as herbs. Then, the company claims you can push the trigger on the handle to lock Red Copper’s blade for chopping. When you’re finished, it fits in its own case for easy storage.

Clearly, Red Copper Roller Blade features a unique design. But does it really represent “the fastest and easiest way to slice, dice, and mince,” or is it little more than a novelty? Ultimately, will it provide a solid value?

Since one of the main factors behind value is price, that’s where we’ll start with Red Copper Roller Blade.

How Much Does Red Copper Roller Blade Cost?

One Roller Blade will cost you $19.99 plus $6.99 S&H. During checkout, you’ll be able to purchase a second for an additional $12.99 fee.

With each Roller Blade, you’ll receive a free tenderizing blade and pastry storage bag, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee (less S&H). Note: This means that if you purchased the BOGO offer and request a refund, you’ll immediately lose more than you get back—even before factoring in return shipping.

To request a refund, Telebrands’ customer service department can be reached at 855-789-4109.

How does this price compare to similar products? Is there even anything similar to Roller Blade to begin with?

Will You Find Other Products Like Red Copper Roller Blade?

We’ve reviewed nearly 700 As Seen on TV products to date, and one thing we’ve learned is that, when it comes to product origin, it’s a mixed bag. In other words, some products are wholly unique, while others may be styled after a popular mainstream product, or even sourced from an overseas manufacturer’s overstock.

In the case of Red Copper Roller Blade, with the exception of a couple minor design differences, it seems very similar to Bolo (which itself is a later incarnation of the Rock, Chop, & Rolling Knife). Called “the rolling knife,” Bolo was co-created by Chef Randall Cornfield and raised more than $50,000 CAD on Kickstarter back in 2015, based on an original goal of $30,000 CAD.

We also found another circular knife named Chop, although the article’s not dated, so we can’t be sure how long ago the product was available.

Despite all these similar options, it appears Bolo was only recently released, so there weren’t any online customer reviews to gauge its effectiveness (the same goes for Red Copper Roller Blade). However, we have some of our own thoughts, which we’ll outline in a second.

First though, let’s take a look at the different materials used in Red Copper Roller Blade’s construction.

Is Red Copper Roller Blade Made from Quality Materials?

Based on the knife’s commercial, Roller Blade’s blade is made of stainless steel, which is one of the most common materials found in kitchen knives. The thing to keep in mind is that there are many different grades of stainless steel, generally based on carbon content, which we’re not told about for Roller Blade.

The company also claims that the blade is coated with ceramic, which provides natural nonstick abilities. This is in contrast to Teflon, the only other nonstick material, which may cause health concerns if ingested.

Finally, we’re also told that Roller Blade is coated with “super strong” copper, but other than the copper-ish color of the ceramic coating, we’re not sure this is the case. At any rate, while copper cookware provides many advantages, strength isn’t generally one of them.

Are There Other Products In the Red Copper Lineup?

We’ve reviewed two other products in the Red Copper lineup (although they’re not endorsed by Chef Daniel Green), including Red Copper Pan and Red Copper Square Pan, which itself appears to be a rebranded version of Copper Chef.

While Roller Blade was too new for reviews at the time of our research, customer feedback for these other products generally isn’t positive. While some claim they’ve experienced great results, others claim that the nonstick coating on the pans quickly wears off, leaving them essentially useless. Other common complaints referenced long shipping times and poor customer service.

Granted, Red Copper Roller Blade is a completely different product intended to be used in a very different way (its not exposed to heat), so there’s no guarantee you’ll experience the same. But if you’re planning to cut a lot of sticky things (like cheese) with your Roller Blade, this could be an important factor.

Are there any other important factors we think you should keep in mind about Red Copper Roller Blade?

Is Red Copper Roller Blade Ideal for You?

Like any other product—perhaps especially so for kitchenware—your needs and preferences largely determine your overall satisfaction. With that said, we have a few thoughts when it comes to Roller Blade:

If you want something that’s effortlessly precise, and/or if you suffer from chronic wrist pain, whether due to arthritis or injury, then Roller Blade might be right up your alley.

On the other hand, it seems like the unique cutting motion associated with Roller Blade (the one that might prevent the repeated wrist movements associated with traditional knives), will also transfer a lot of this motion to your arm. So, if you suffer from elbow or shoulder issues, you might just be trading one type of pain for another.

Also, this arm motion seems much more cumbersome than the quick strokes provided by your wrist, so we could foresee Roller Blade taking longer to slice and dice than traditional knives.

Two final things: How long might you expect Roller Blade’s blade to remain sharp, and how could you sharpen it once it dulls? Based on the design, we could also foresee messy foods (like cake icing) becoming extremely messy once the blade rotates behind the handle.

Does this mean Red Copper Roller Blade is right for you? In the end, this is a question only you’ll be able to answer. We’ve given you plenty of food for thought here though, so you should now be armed what you need to make a more informed decision.

Did you roll the dice on Roller Blade? If so, tell us all about your experience in your very own review below!

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