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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Mar 20, 2017

Compiled by David McKenna, the Regrow Hair Protocol promises to reveal a 100% natural method for permanently and safely regrowing your hair in less than six weeks. David even claims that you could feel new, thick hairs in as little as 14 days.

How’s it work? David tells us that this easy-to-follow program delivers a step-by-step formula of nutrients, ingredients, vitamins, and foods that can help deactivate the PGD2 enzyme. These include quercetin, luteolin, and even a specific type of tea.

According to David, all you have to do is add a bowl of the required food to your meal each day, without replacing or removing your existing foods. Then, when combined in just the right quantities, he claims your body can begin blocking PGD2 and regrow hair.

In short, David calls his food-based approach a “permanent solution to your temporary hair loss problem” that costs less than $10 to put together.

Despite its effectiveness, David notes that the information revealed in Regrow Hair Protocol poses zero risk to your health and that it will work whether you’re male or female, suffer from alopecia or pattern baldness, or are 28 or 88. This is why he claims it’s been used by 63,000 men and women.

What’s the deal with Regrow Hair Protocol, anyway? Is it really your one and only chance to get a full, thick and healthy head of hair again, as mentioned on the website? Or, is David simply making a mountain out of a molehill?

Here, we’ll help you find key answers to these important questions.

What’s the Relationship Between PGD2 & Hair Loss?

As a whole, prostaglandins are a group of lipid compounds that cause hormone-like effects in animals, depending on the receptors they bind to. Prostaglandin D2 (or PGD2), specifically, binds to receptors that trigger allergic reactions, including asthma.

This is because PGD2 contracts bronchial airways, while dilating other blood vessels in the body. It also helps regulate body temperature during sleep and even plays a role in male sexual development.

Regarding hair loss, in 2012, a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that PGD2 levels were three times higher in the scalp of men who were balding, versus those who were not.

And before this study occurred, as noted in the Regrow Hair Protocol video, a team at the University of Athens Medical School found that flavonoids—chemicals found in nearly all fruits and vegetables—called quercetin and luteolin inhibited the production of PGD2.

According to PerfectHairHealth.com, there are other known natural PGD2 inhibitors like ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid found in castor oil. There are even pharmaceuticals that have been shown to inhibit PGD2, such as Ramatroban and the still-under-clinical-trials Setipiprant.

Given these details, we’re left with two main questions to answer:

1. Is Inhibiting PGD2 the Answer to Hair Loss?

While the 2012 UPA study above seems like a big step forward in the medical understanding of hair loss, the company who owns Setipiprant seems to have been tight-lipped about any results achieved in the first round of clinical trials. As a result, we can’t yet know just how effective it might be at inhibiting PGD2.

Ramatroban is often used in the treatment of coronary artery disease, since as a PGD2 inhibitor, it can help widen arteries and improve blood flow. However, we didn’t encounter any clinical evidence during our research indicating it can stop hair loss or regrow hair.

From a consumer perspective, returning to the PerfectHairHealth article, they note that online forum users who have attempted to reduce PDG2 through various methods have found that it only stopped additional hair loss, but didn’t actively regrow hair.

On top of this, they report that PGD2 suppression only seems to be effective for those suffering from male or female pattern baldness; not from other causes of hair loss, such as related to vitamin deficiencies or grooming habits.

Bottom line: There's still a lot left to learn, but authoritative websites indicated the clinical evidence showing a direct relationship between PGD2 inhibition and halted hair loss is currently slim.

2. Will Quercetin & Luteolin Inhibit PGD2?

Similarly, we found a couple of clinical studies on the National Institutes of Health website during our research suggesting a relationship between quercetin and luteolin and PGD2 inhibition.

However, as of this writing, websites like WebMD and Examine.com indicated there exists insufficient clinical evidence that either of these ingredients can meaningfully suppress PGD2 or address hair loss in any other manner.

Regardless, how much will you pay for this information?

How Much Does Regrow Hair Protocol Cost?

The Regrow Hair Protocol is priced at $37, although if you attempt to click off the page, you’ll immediately save $10.

Along with your guidebook, you’ll receive:

  • A schedule and calendar that will teach you exactly which foods to eat, and in which combinations
  • Hair Raising Recipes – 38 delicious and easy to prepare recipes that promise to help you add these foods to as many of your meals as possible
  • Hairy Smoothies – 20 great-tasting shake recipes that can quickly help you block the PGD2 enzyme

All Regrow Hair Protocol orders come with a 60-day money back guarantee, which you can request by calling Software Projects, Inc. at 800-218-1525.

How does this price compare to the competition?

Customer Reviews: Regrow Hair Protocol vs. Other Hair Loss E-Books

Type the phrase "hair loss e-book" into any search engine, and you'll be met with hundreds of results. We've even reviewed similar e-books over the years like Hair Loss Protocol, Restore Lost Hair, and The Hair Factory.

In our Hair Loss Protocol article, we mentioned that many of these e-books feature the same basic storylines, with only a handful of details changed. And true to form, except for the name and the specific enzyme targeted, Regrow Hair Protocol and Hair Loss Protocol deliver very similar pitches.

But what about the quality of their content? Are customers reporting a solid value for their money?

Although we didn’t encounter any legitimate customer feedback for Regrow Hair Protocol at the time of our research, most of these “cure-all” e-books come with 2-star average customer ratings or lower here on HighYa. Why?

Overall, most complaints referenced that they didn’t deliver on their claims; that is, the information they contained didn’t help regrow hair. In many instances, customers claimed that these types of e-books didn’t even deliver any of the information promised in their promotional videos.

Often, customers reported that they probably could have found much of the same information elsewhere online, but for free.

It's important to temper this information with the understanding that all of these books were created by different authors, so we do not intend to draw a relationship between their feedback and what you'll experience with Regrow Hair Protocol.

Given the frequency of this feedback, however, we feel it’s important that you’re fully aware of the situation.

Pro tip: Speaking of authors, we didn’t locate a relevant David McKenna in East Providence, RI. It’s been our experience writing about these types of e-books that the authors frequently use pseudonyms.

Our Final Thoughts About Regrow Hair Protocol

In the end, there’s currently no cure for genetic hair loss caused by male and female pattern baldness. Sure, there are medications like minoxidil and Propecia, not to mention thousands of hair supplements, which might be able to address one aspect or another, although they tend to come with their own set of limitations and potential side effects.

How can you choose the right path and get the most value for your money? First, we’d recommend reading How to Choose a Hair Loss Product, which could help familiarize you with how hair grows, common causes of hair loss, as well as the variety of treatments available.

Then, we think it’s important that you make an appointment with your doctor. Not only can they provide professional, medically sound insight into e-books like Regrow Hair Protocol, but they can also recommend effective treatment options based on your specific diagnosis.

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  • 15 out 25 people found this review helpful

    Great experience!

    I recommend trying this product. If you're in need of any solution like this, then try using Regrow Hair Protocol. This product is a good and fast resource to help! Really recommend 10/10.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 21 out 23 people found this review helpful

    Regrow Hair Protocol

    • Chicago, IL,
    • Aug 24, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    Very simply put, it doesn't work. Well, at least not for me. I have followed it very precisely but no results at all. This program may be inexpensive, but by the time you purchase the oils and certain foods, it costs some money. I actually think I may have had more hair before I tried this, but with all the massaging and rubbing on the balms, I lost hair. BUT, it will make you eat healthier, you will lose a few pounds, and at one time I went to the bathroom 2-3 times a night. Now that has stopped, but all you need for that is to purchase pumpkin seed capsules to save you cash and live what fate has handed us.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 65 out 71 people found this review helpful

    Dissatisfaction and beyond

    • Chariton, Iowa,
    • Jun 28, 2017
    • Verified Reviewer

    I had major difficulty in acquiring the ingredients for the two Topical Lotions required. I had to order several items online and wait for delivery, more than the 60-days return time, before I could even make the mixtures. Once the ingredients were received, I mixed the lotions and applied it to my hair. It was like GLUE in my hair. I found a cleansing remedy of olive oil first, then dish detergent, then shampooing my hair two times followed by conditioner, before I could even get a comb through my thinned hair. The utensils could not be safely cleaned in the sink since wax would clog the drains. I believe this Regrow Hair Protocol is a scam!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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