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Published on: Apr 25, 2017

In less time than it takes to preheat an oven, the Reheatza Microwave Crisper combines a microwave-blocking lid with an energy absorbing pan to generate conductive heat and cook your food just like a grill or frying pan.

As a result, the website tells us that Reheatza can deliver oven-quality pizza, with a crispy crust, perfectly melted cheese, and gently warmed toppings, along with toasted sandwiches, chicken wings, hamburgers, frozen foods, bacon, and grilled cheese sandwiches, all from your microwave.

All you have to do is place any food on the cooking surface, cover with the lid, and pop in the microwave. The company tells us Reheatza is guaranteed to bring back the crisp to any fried food, making it taste just like the day you got it.

And when you’re done, the BPA-free and nonstick cookware is easy to clean.

There’s no doubt that cooking food in the microwave is quick and easy, but it often leaves food that should be crispy, limp and soggy. In other instances, the harsh rays can dry out food like meat.

But with the Reheatza Microwave Crisper, will you get the best of both worlds? And if so, will it deliver sufficient value for the money? Let’s help you find some answers by discussing what we learned during our research.

How Much Does the Reheatza Microwave Crisper Cost?

The Reheatza Microwave Crisper is priced at $29.99, plus $6.99 S&H.

Along with your order, you’ll receive a free bonus Recipe Guide and Clever Cutter, as well as a 60-day money back guarantee, less S&H.

In order to request a return, Allstar Products Group’s customer service department can be reached at 866-438-8842.

For the money, what problem will Reheatza potentially help you overcome?

Why Is There a Difference Between Food Reheated in the Microwave vs. the Oven?

Although microwaves and conventional ovens are built to heat food, they accomplish this in very different ways.

For example, using something called a magnetron, a microwave emits radio waves at a very specific frequency, which vibrate, or excite, all the water molecules contained in food. This ultra-fast movement creates heat, which in turn cooks all of the food simultaneously from the inside out. This is what makes a microwave a fast, efficient method of reheating.

Comparatively, a conventional oven surrounds food with hot air and cooks it from the outside in through a process known as conduction. What’s the difference, and how does it relate to Reheatza?

While microwaves can reheat food faster than ovens, their heating method can dehydrate food and result in a tough texture. In some instances, especially with breaded products like pizza or mozzarella sticks, it can have the opposite effect and leave them temporarily limp and soggy and then hard as a rock.

Pro tip: According to a detailed answer on Stack Exchange, the excited water molecules don’t bind with starch the same way they do in an oven, and simply escape. This leaves you with a hard, dried-out piece of bread.

Instead, Reheatza’s lid claims to shield food from direct exposure to these waves, while harnessing and channeling their energy to the base, where the food sits on top and is cooked liked a traditional skillet.

Seems like a compelling concept, right? But is there anything else quite like Reheatza?

Reheatza Microwave Grill vs. the Competition

While we didn’t encounter anything exactly like the Reheatza Microwave Grill at the time of our research, we did find some other options that might deliver similar results. These included the:

  • Microhearth Grill Pan ($38)
  • Micro Chef Grill ($40, plus $10 S&H)
  • Microwave Crisper Pan ($16)
  • Williams-Sonoma GoldTouch Pizza Crisper ($18)
  • KitchenAid Crisping Pan ($28)

How to choose the right one for you?

Not to sound like a broken record, but because microwaves excite the water molecules in food, areas with the highest moisture content will often heat the fastest. This is why your soup broth can be scalding hot, while the veggies floating around inside it are only lukewarm.

While Reheatza’s manufacturer didn’t provide any evidence that their lid actually shields food from microwaves that can lead to uneven heating like this, it appears the only materials that block electromagnetic waves are metals; namely, copper and nickel.

In fact, it’s these metals that often line the interior of a microwave in order to ensure that its radiation doesn’t escape and harm anyone else in the vicinity. Otherwise, your food wouldn’t be the only thing cooking when you used a microwave!

As a result, it might make sense that the lid’s primary purpose could be to help limit moisture loss as the water molecules are excited, resulting in moist food on top, with a crispy base created by the underlying pan.

However, without testing them side-by-side, we can’t pass along any firsthand feedback about whether or not the Reheatza Microwave Crisper will deliver better results than other competitors with—and even without—lids.

Given everything we’ve discussed, where does this leave you as a consumer?

Our Final Thoughts & Observations About the Reheatza Microwave Crisper

As its name suggests, the Reheatza Microwave Crisper is designed to re-warm food, but not to cook it in the first place. As such, like the manufacturer claims, it will be limited to foods like pizza, toasted sandwiches, chicken wings, hamburgers, frozen foods, bacon, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Outside of this consideration, if its lid really does block direct microwaves, while the base uses them to heat food above, we don’t see why Reheatza couldn’t deliver food with a crisp bottom and a top that retains moisture, both of which are difficult to accomplish using a microwave under normal circumstances.

Will it deliver better results than the competition? Again, we didn’t test it directly, but it seems to feature a relatively unique design and its price seems to place it squarely in the middle of the pack, compared to other third-party options.

And while Allstar Products Group stands behind Reheatza—like most of their offerings—with a 60-day refund policy, you'll lose a decent chunk of this in nonrefundable S&H charges when sending it back to the company if you’re dissatisfied.

Before you go, be sure to share you Reheatza Microwave Crisper experience below to help other consumers make more empowered buying decisions.

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