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By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff
Published on: Jun 25, 2018

Based out of Dallas, TX and in business since 2010, Resolute Property Tax Solutions promises to help customers save time and money on property taxes by obtaining the lowest assessed values, whether for commercial or residential.

This includes a detailed analysis of your property by a team of experienced, knowledgeable Property Tax Consultants, filing the appropriate paperwork, and meeting with the Appraisal District to negotiate a lower tax valuation.

And according to their website, all of this is performed at no upfront cost to you. If they don’t reduce your valuation you pay nothing; if they do, you’ll simply pay them a portion of the savings.

Combined, Resolute advertises they’ve reduced property taxes on more than 40,000 properties across more than 10 Texas counties since opening their doors. And based on their single closed complaint and A+ Better Business Bureau rating, it seems that most of these customers have been pleased with the results.

Does this necessarily mean they’re the right property tax resolution company for you? Let’s start by zooming in and taking a closer look at how their process works.

How Does Resolute Property Tax’s Service Work?

The Basics of Texas Property Tax Valuation

According to the Texas Comptroller website, “local governments set tax rates and collect property taxes that are used to provide local services including schools, streets and roads, police and fire protection,” and other services like hospitals and water districts.

To determine the amount of taxes that should be assessed each year, the responsible local authority (known as an Appraisal District) will assign each residential or commercial property a value, which is known as an ad valorem tax.

However, according to the Resolute website, these Districts don’t employ enough manpower to thoroughly comb through the data and ensure you’re receiving the most accurate numbers, so their software will automatically generate an estimation using something known as Mass Appraisal.

If a property owner feels that their valuations were assessed too high, they can file a formal appeal with the Appraisal District, which then requires them to gather the appropriate documentation and plead their case in front of the board. Obviously, not everyone has the time or expertise to undergo this process, which is where a company such as Resolute comes in.

The Resolute Property Tax Protest Process

According to their website, Resolute’s all-in-one service is about providing their customers with efficient, thorough convenience.

After registering on their website or over the phone in less than three minutes, Resolute will assign a dedicated expert consultant who will ultimately file a protest on your behalf. You can contact them at any point throughout the process.

Important: Currently, the company only works with appraisal districts in Bexar, Collin, Dallas, Denton, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Montgomery, Tarrant, and Travis counties. If you don’t see yours listed here, the company encourages you to reach out and learn if they’re able to represent you.

Beforehand, they’ll “use state-of-the-art software,” their “broad access to data and evidence tools,” and their “deep knowledge of appraisal and valuation methods,” to create an accurate assessment of your property's true market value.

If related to a commercial property, the hearing evidence is created by a full-time property tax consultant with 10+ years of commercial valuation experience.

Then, when the time comes, they’ll present the information to the appraisal district—including many of the appraisers with whom Resolute’s agents work with on an everyday basis—in an “efficient, effective way.”

According to their website, the goal is to settle the account in the informal hearing, although they emphasize they won’t “settle for any value that does not seem to fit.” This could take as little as five minutes or as long as an hour, and if nothing is resolved, an Appraisal Review Board hearing will have to be scheduled for another time.

Once your Resolute account is created, perpetuity contracts can be signed via e-signature and payments can be processed online. This means the company can continue representing you each year without having to sign new contracts. They can also handle as many property protests as you would like.

How Much Does Resolute Property Tax Solutions Cost?

If they don’t achieve a lower valuation for you, Resolute’s services are completely free, with no startup costs and no hidden fees.

On the other hand, they charge residential property owners 40% of the realized tax savings or $0.40 of every dollar they save you. This means that if you saved $1,000 on your tax payments because of Resolute’s services, you’d pay them $400 as a fee.

Commission percentages can vary for commercial properties, so the company recommends giving them a call to determine an appropriate amount. To do so, you can call each of the company’s branches at:

  • Dallas / Ft. Worth: (972) 674-3889
  • Houston: (713) 715-1819
  • Austin: (512) 582-7400

Alternately, you can send an email to info@resolutepts.com.

According to their terms, refunds are only given if “there is a miscalculation in tax savings or a services yielding payment are rendered that are not contractual.”

Resolute Property Tax Solutions Customer Reviews

Between Google and Yelp, we encountered more than 70 customer reviews for Resolute Property Tax Solutions at the time of our research, who had given the company an average rating of about 4.5 stars.

Common compliments referenced reduction in appraisal valuations (and related tax assessments), ease of use, time saved, competitive pricing, and great customer support.

The only complaints with details referenced a meager return on investment, as well as no representation in their county. A company representative responded in each instance.

How to Choose a Property Tax Protest Company Like Resolute

Writing for The Texas Tribune, Ross Ramsey reports that “anguish over property taxes is at or near the top of the list” of most people’s minds when writing to their state politicians. But since the Texas Constitution mandates that their value is assessed locally—not by the state, the governor, or the legislature—there’s not a whole lot that can be done.

As a result, protesting annual tax assessments is extraordinarily common in the state. In fact, the Austin American-Statesmen indicates more than 126,000 protests were filed in Travis County in 2017 alone, who saw a median reduction of about $18K on their market valuations.

And of those who filed protests, more than 70% worked with an agent like Resolute to represent them. But how can you decide beforehand if they’re the best solution for your needs?

As when choosing an IRS tax relief company, you’ll want to start out considering how much you owe. For example, if your valuation only went up $5K and resulted in a few dollars increase to your tax assessment, hiring a company like Resolute (or even filing a protest yourself) might not provide a lot of value for the time, effort, and (potentially) money involved.

From there, you’ll want to evaluate the property tax relief company similar to any other business by looking at how long they’ve been operating, their online customer feedback (including personal recommendations from friends and family), as well as their Better Business Bureau rating.

How does all of this line up for Resolute?

Our Bottom Line on Resolute Property Tax Solutions

Between their nearly decade in business and mostly positive online customer feedback, it seems like the vast majority who hire Resolute are satisfied with the results they achieve. As such, this could be a good indication of what you’ll experience.

Just keep in mind that their 40% fee of the realized tax savings (if successful) isn't exactly inexpensive, so be sure to shop around as you would with any other product or service before signing on the dotted line. And if you have some extra time and a willingness to learn something new, you might even be able to successfully protest your property taxes without spending any money at all.

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  • Great support

    • Fort Worth, TX,
    • Sep 19, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Resolute was able to reduce my property tax by over $500 without me lifting a finger. They represented me perfectly! They told me what they were going to do and they did it. It was a seamless process.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Very knowledgeable

    • Dallas, TX,
    • Apr 24, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Prior to signing up, I called and spoke with someone about the process. I've never used a company like this before, but am pleased with the process and results. They saved me a considerable amount.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 0 out 2 people found this review helpful
    Updated review

    Problem resolved

    • Texas,
    • Apr 12, 2019
    • Verified Reviewer

    Had a problem and problem is now resolved.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Previous review
    • Apr 6, 2019

    Do not use

    They have had my house for a couple of years and made no progress. I received my new values on April 1st from HCAD. They went up dramatically, so wanted to try any other company. They told me, sorry, it is too late to cancel this year. The deadline was March 31st (two days ago). I asked for a manager and they would not get on the phone.

    (read moreread less...)

  • 1 out 4 people found this review helpful

    Beware of deceptive sales practices

    • Keller, TX,
    • Aug 27, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    In 2016 I signed a contract for Resolute Property Tax to fight our property taxes. Afterward, disappointed by the dismal savings, we canceled. In 2017, a friend persuaded us to try them one more time. We reached out to them in 2017 and asked them to protest our taxes. Again, dismal savings. We placed our home up for sale in 2017 and never heard from Resolute again. Then, in August of 2018, after we had already sold the home, we receive a bill from them for services they performed without our knowledge or approval. Basically, without any communications from us, while the home was on the market, they protested our taxes and then waited five months to inform us of this. I contacted them to protest.

    We gave them permission and approval to protest our home in 2016 and 2017, but never would we do this in 2018, while we were trying to sell the home. It is amazing to me that they are refusing to wipe out this bill. The amount is only $449, but it is the principle. Their sales practices are unethical and deceitful. Their customer service horrible. Our intent was never to be bound to a life-long contract where these individuals would protest our tax bill for the rest of our life without our intent, approval, or knowledge. In prior years, we had to approve the effort, communicate about property impacts, etc. To take this on with absolutely no communication or approval is shocking. Even more shocking is their attitude and horrible service.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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