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By providing a “long-suppressed” secret to naturally and safely normalizing your blood sugar, the Restore My Blood Sugar program claims to help you burn more fat and increase your energy in just 21 days. On top of this, Restore My Blood Sugar claims to be a well-documented, peer-reviewed, and scientifically proven solution.

It might sound too good to be true, but Can Restore My Blood Sugar really provide a permanent solution to your blood sugar woes? We did some research of our own, and here’s what we found.

How Restore My Blood Sugar Works

If you’re interested in learning more about the Restore My Blood Sugar program but don’t feel like sitting through a 30-minute video to do it, here’s a brief overview of what it contains.

The video is narrated by a man named Andrew Forester, who claims that he struggled with weight gain throughout much of his adult life, and was on the verge of developing Type 1 diabetes. On his 45th birthday though, he claims to have found a “little known, off-the-grid” online health forum where one member had restored their blood sugar level in 3 weeks. After seeing this member’s results, it’s claimed that other forum members then experienced this same success using the program, which was developed by someone named Professor Chao.

Andrew then decided he’d give the program a try and within 21 days, he claims that his blood sugar levels had normalized, and that he also lost more than 50 pounds in 2.5 months. Andrew then tells us that he met with Dr. Chao at his home, at which point he agreed to collate his information into the Restore My Blood Sugar program.

According to the product’s video, the Restore My Blood Sugar program revolves around increasing insulin sensitivity using two tactics:

  1. Low volume training, which can be completed in just five minutes per day from the comfort of your own home, without the need for weights or additional equipment.
  2. Eating 20 everyday superfoods that are clinically proven to reduce blood sugar within hours.

With these combined techniques, Restore My Blood Sugar is claimed to force your body to absorb excess glucose from your blood into your muscles, thereby preventing weight gain and boosting your energy 10-fold. Best of all, the video claims that you’ll still be allowed to eat what you want, when you want, while permanently regulating your blood sugar in as little as 21 days.

The Restore My Blood Sugar website claims that all the information it contains is presented in simple, easy to understand language, and that it will work even if your doctor has told you that your condition is permanent, and even if you’ve failed with other diet and exercise programs. In fact, it’s claimed that more than 66,500 people have used Restore My Blood Sugar to achieve personal freedom.

Restore My Blood Sugar Pricing & Refund Policy

Restore My Blood Sugar is priced at $37 and includes the following:

  1. A guide on how to counteract some of the side effects associated with your prescription medications.
  2. A second guide that reveals the top 10 carbohydrates that are proven to reduce blood sugar.
  3. Health tracking software that can help you keep track of your blood glucose levels, medications, and more.
  4. A series of subliminal MP3 files that have been “scientifically proven” to help relax your mind and rest your body.

Like all Clickbank products, the Restore My Blood Sugar program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. In order to begin the refund process, you’ll need to contact Clickbank directly at 800-390-6035.

What’s the Bottom Line About Restore My Blood Sugar?

If you suffer from symptoms related to uncontrolled blood sugar levels, should you give the Restore My Blood Sugar program a try? Maybe, but consider the following first:


To begin, despite claiming to be well-documented, peer-reviewed, and scientifically proven, the Restore My Blood Sugar video doesn’t provide any evidence that the program works as well as it claims, or that Big Pharma is attempting to prevent you from knowing the truth.

Realistic Expectations

With this in mind, remember that it’s fairly unlikely that something so well documented and scientifically proven would be unknown to the general population, especially given the prevalence of blood sugar-related diseases like diabetes. Also, because blood sugar levels are directly affected by the food you eat, it’s equally unlikely that you can eat whatever you want and expect the Restore My Blood Sugar program to continually balance your glucose levels.

Squaring Up the Story

Next, Andrew’s story within the Restore My Blood Sugar video is very similar to other Clickbank products we’ve reviewed, including Ultimate Herpes Protocol. In these, the basic premise is as follows:

  • Someone is experiencing a problem, for which they’ve attempted everything and can’t find a solution.
  • After hours of research (or spending time online), this person magically comes across some groundbreaking information.
  • This information has been hidden from you because big pharmaceutical companies are greedy.
  • Luckily, this person (or someone else, such as Dr. Chao in the case of Restore My Blood Sugar) wants to share this information with the world.
  • These people have been offered tons of money for their secrets, but have decided instead to create a Clickbank offer for the low price of…

Affiliate Websites & Customer Reviews

Finally, there aren’t any online customer reviews available regarding Restore My Blood Sugar that you can use to gauge the program’s content or its efficacy. Instead, if you search for Restore My Blood Sugar reviews online, you’ll be met with nothing but affiliate websites, which have a direct interest in selling you the product.

Bottom line

Between little-to-no clinical evidence provided in the Restore My Blood Sugar video showing its efficacy, a lack of online customer reviews, and (what could be construed as) unrealistic expectations, you may want to discuss options with your doctor before making a purchase.

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  • Complaint about payments

    • Scotland UK,
    • Oct 25, 2015

    This is a scam, you didn't mention the payment is monthly, just discovered you been taking a payment every month. For what? Passing this to my credit card company. Raising a dispute.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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