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By HighYa Staff

You may have recently received an email about Restore My Vision Today, a self-proclaimed scientifically proven system that can completely reverse any eye condition, including short sightedness (Myopia), long sightedness (Hyperopia), Presbyopia, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, all from the comfort of your own home. Restore My Vision Today also claims to help you naturally and safely achieve perfect 20/20 vision in as little as 2 weeks, without any gimmicks or trickery, and to help you save money by no longer requiring eyeglasses or contact lenses.

If you’re fed up and frustrated by your vision problems, Restore My Vision Today might initially seem like a no-brainer. After all, the story is compelling and the salesmanship is top notch. But when you clear all the marketing hype away, what can you really expect from the program? Could Restore My Vision Today actually help you permanently fix your eye problems in just 2 weeks?

How Does Restore My Vision Today Claim to Work?

The Backstory

The promotional video on the Restore My Vision Today website is narrated by Samantha Pearson, who claims that the program was invented by an 84 year old “off the grid” optometrist named Dr. Sen. According to Samantha, Dr. Sen got the idea for the program based on a 1968 Alaskan study conducted by Professor Frances Young, who found that by introducing Native American village children to a “Western lifestyle,” 60% of them developed visual conditions, compared with less than 2% of the parents.

Ultimately, this led Professor Young to the conclusion that all visual problems are not genetic, but instead are learned traits, obtained mostly by stressing our visual systems through constantly staring at screens. In other words, all of your vision problems are essentially bad habits that can be completely reversed and cured using “somewhat unusual” eye activities and exercises.

The Sales Pitch

While we’re not informed why Professor Young never decided to share these exercises with the world (see more about this in the final section), once this “secret” was discovered by Dr. Sen, he decided he’d had enough of the eyecare and ophthalmology industry’s greed. As a result, he’s now released these secrets in the form of the Restore My Vision Today program, which includes the following:

  • Complete Guide – Fully explains all the scientifically proven eye exercises.
  • Vision & Medicine Guide – Discusses some of the medications that could negatively affect your vision.
  • Diet & Nutrition Guide – Provides insight into how “one unusual food that can dramatically improve blurred vision in hours.”
  • Visual Habits – Outlines daily habits that might be affecting your vision, and how to counter these habits.
  • Bonus #1 – High definition, professional, and printable eye charts that can help you track your progress and improve your results.
  • Bonus #2 – Subliminal MP3s “that have been scientifically proven to help relax your mind, stimulate your vision, and help improve visual functions.”

Restore My Vision Today is claimed to have helped more than 46,400 people restore their vision to perfect 20/20, which is delivered in simple, straightforward language. Samantha claims that the system will work for anyone regardless of age in as little as 2 weeks, and regardless of whether they’ve been told that your condition is permanent. In fact, the system is claimed to work in just 5 minutes per day.

Restore My Vision Today Pricing & Refund Policy

Restore My Vision Today is priced at $37, and is available for instant download as soon as your payment is processed.

Like all Clickbank products, Restore My Vision Today comes with a 60-day refund policy. In order to initiate the refund process, you’ll need to contact customer service at (800) 390-6035.

Can Restore My Vision Today Give You Better Eyesight in 2 Weeks?

While this is certainly a whole lot of information to digest, it ultimately comes down to this question: Can Restore My Vision Today really help permanently repair your eye problems in as little as 2 weeks? While it’s technically possible, keep things in perspective by considering the following:

Unanswered Questions

Here at HighYa, we’re definitely not ophthalmologists, but we have several vital—and still unanswered—questions after watching the Restore My Vision Today video:

First, if this remarkable vision secret has been written about in dozens of medical journals and featured in countless magazines, why hasn’t anyone heard of it? Even after a fairly exhaustive search, we didn’t locate any information online about Samantha Pearson or Dr. Sen, outside of promotional material for Restore My Vision Today.

On the other hand, we did find several references to Professor Frances Young, although none of his published papers specifically regarding eye exercises are available online (we’ll talk more about this in a moment).

Next, even if we assumed that everything contained in the Restore My Vision Today program were to work, we have to wonder: Why would Ms. Pearson choose to distribute it through a Clickbank product? And if Dr. Sen really despised the ophthalmological industry as bad as Samantha claims, why didn’t he just release it to the world for free, which would have resulted in a much wider audience?

Clinical Proof

Next, while the Restore My Vision Today program is claimed to be scientifically proven, it should be noted that, because there’s no information provided about the types of exercises you’ll be performing, there is no way to verify its legitimacy without first purchasing it.

With this said, keep in mind that, even if Professor Frances Young’s study was shown to be accurate, it only referenced myopia, or nearsightedness. Why is this important? It’s a key point because Ms. Pearson claims that Restore My Vision Today can permanently fix all eye problems, regardless of diagnosis, although the primary study that the entire program hinges on only referenced one condition; nearsightedness. 

On top of this, just like any other body part that can benefit from exercise, if Restore My Vision Today’s exercises work at all, you’ll need to continuously perform them in order to experience their benefits. This is because there are no known exercises that can permanently fix your vision problems in 2 weeks—or even 2 years.

However, if you’re looking for a good overview about eye exercises that can help you improve (but not fix) your vision problems, WebMD provides a good article. In fact, the internet can provide you with a wide variety of these exercises completely free of charge.

Customer Reviews

Restore My Vision Today is a Clickbank product, which means that it’s sold through affiliates. Because of this, the system might be sold through 1,000 outlets spanning just as many websites, making legitimate customer reviews difficult to locate. However, it appears that these affiliate sites began appearing in March 2014 and picking up steam through the time of this review (September 2014).

Bottom line:

While there is nothing to specifically indicate that Restore My Vision Today is a scam, it’s completely reasonable to conclude that the system probably doesn’t work as well as advertised, and that it’s overpriced in relation to any benefits you’ll receive. Wondering how to have perfect vision? You should speak with your physician.

On the other hand, if you feel like rolling the dice, Clickbank does offer a 60-day return policy, although one of the top BBB consumer complaints against this company is difficulty obtaining a refund.

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