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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: May 5, 2015

Ripped Muscle Xtreme claims to be a scientifically advanced muscle building supplement that can help you achieve a ripped, muscular, sexy body and improve the definition in your chest, abs, and legs as quickly as possible.

On top of this, Ripped Muscle Xtreme is also claimed to help you gain strength fast, build muscle easily, boost energy naturally, and maximize your sex drive, while “accelerating the rate of your digestion and metabolism.” In fact, Ripped Muscle Xtreme is claimed to provide so many proven results that it’s “highly recommended by many elite athletes and personal trainers.”

According to the manufacturer, Ripped Muscle Xtreme is made in the USA and is safe and effective for individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Sure, Ripped Muscle Xtreme might sound like some kind of miracle supplement, but is this actually the case? Consider the following:

Is Ripped Muscle Xtreme Really Effective?

In short, it’s (almost) impossible to say. Why? Because there isn’t a complete list of ingredients or a product label provided on the Ripped Muscle Xtreme website, so there’s no way to know exactly what it contains.

However, at the bottom of the Ripped Muscle Xtreme website, there are 2 clinical “studies” referenced; one for magnesium-creatine chelate and another for a branded version of creatine named Creatine Magna Power

According to WebMD, creatine is listed at “possibly effective” for improving athletic performance, although they note:

“Many factors seem to influence the effectiveness of creatine, including the fitness level and age of the person using it, the type of sport, and the dose. Creatine does not seem to improve performance in aerobic exercises, or benefit older people. Also, creatine does not seem to increase endurance or improve performance in highly trained athletes.”

Outside of this, as we mentioned above, we’re not informed about Ripped Muscle Xtreme’s other ingredients, or how well they’re work to provide any of the claimed results.

What are Ripped Muscle Xtreme’s Side Effects?

Creatine is generally considered safe for most users, although common side effects include digestive upset, stomach pain, and muscle cramping. However, WebMD also notes that, “When taken by mouth in high doses, creatine is possibly unsafe. There is some concern that it could harm the kidney, liver, or heart function. However, a connection between high doses and these negative effects has not been proven.”

Again, we’re not informed how much creatine Ripped Muscle Xtreme contains, or whether or not this would be considered an unsafe level (e.g. more than 20g per day).

Customers Aren’t Saying Much About Ripped Muscle Xtreme

There were almost no online customer reviews available for Ripped Muscle Xtreme at the time of our research (we’ll talk more about this next), other than fake online review websites created by affiliates. Ultimately, there are designed to make you think you’re reading a legitimate review, when it’s actually just more marketing hype so that you'll be convinced to purchase the Ripped Muscle Xtreme.

Despite having nearly 60 closed complaints as of 5/1/15, Ripped Muscle Xtreme held a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau. Of these, the most common appeared to reference failure to work, problems with the free trial, and difficulty processing returns/cancelling autoship enrollment.

With this said, we’ve reviewed some of the most popular muscle growth supplements here at HighYa, including Elite Test 360, Ultimate Muscle: Black Edition, Lifeforce T-1000, and more.

Among more than 75 HighYa reader reviews for these products, they held an average rating of just 1.5 stars, with many of the same complaints noted above. And while you may not experience the same with Ripped Muscle Xtreme, in our opinion, it’s fairly likely.

The Ripped Muscle Xtreme & Ripped Muscle X Connection

It appears that Ripped Muscle Xtreme is a rebranded version of Ripped Muscle X, which, according to a review from SupplementCritique, the previous formulation contained l-arginine, l-citrulline, acai berry, and beta alanine.

L-arginine is often used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and high blood pressure, since it often widens blood vessels and improves blood flow throughout the body. In addition, beta alanine might help temporarily improve physical performance, “especially during high-intensity exercise and strength training.”

However, there is insufficient clinical evidence showing that l-citrulline or acai can provide any of the benefits claimed by Ripper Muscle Xtreme.

Outside of their nearly identical packaging though, we can’t be sure that these are the same products. And even if they are, there’s no way to confirm if they contain the same ingredients and in the same dosages.

Arbitration Agreement

Finally, by placing an order on the Ripped Muscle Xtreme website, you’ll be bound by an arbitration agreement. Among other things, this means your legal recourse against Ripped Muscle Xtreme will be severely limited, including a trial by jury or becoming part of a class action lawsuit.

Ripped Muscle Xtreme Pricing & Refund Policy

Ripped Muscle Xtreme is only available through a 14-day trial for $4.95, for which you’ll receive a full-sized supply of the supplement.

Then, once your trial expires, you’ll be billed $87.63 for the full price of the product, and will also be enrolled in the company’s autoship program. This means you’ll continue receiving a 30-day supply of Ripped Muscle Xtreme once per month, and your credit card will be billed $87.63 each time.

Important note: In our opinion, free trials are built to get you in the door and ensure you’ll pay full price, while autoship programs are intended to keep the charges coming, despite your best effort to put a stop to them. Because of these concerns, we generally recommend avoiding products sold using only these methods.

Outside of the trial, Ripped Muscle Xtreme appears to come with a 30-day refund policy, although this only applies to unopened product.

With this said, in order to request a refund or to cancel your trial/autoship enrollment, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-204-7725.

Can Ripped Muscle Xtreme Really Get You Ripped?

Chopping to the point: Although some of Ripped Muscle Xtreme’s ingredients might provide you with some benefits, they almost certainly won’t be as intense or as visible as the manufacturer might make it seem.

Considering this, as well as that:

  • We have no idea exactly which ingredients it contains or their dosages,
  • The company’s less-than-stellar marketing tactics, and
  • The fact that it’s only sold through a free trial and subsequent autoship program,

… we’d recommend speaking with your physician instead of placing an order for Ripped Muscle Xtreme.

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    • Pinebluff, NC,
    • Jan 24, 2016

    Another major rip off scam. Product is a placebo and it's nearly impossible to get a refund 2 week free trial is not even 2 weeks. They'll charge your card $87.63 before 2 weeks are up for the entire first order and keep charging you every month.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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