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You probably just saw an infomercial for the Robo VacMop, which claims to be the first robotic cleaner that powerfully vacuums and mops, and provides perfectly clean floors without lifting a finger. As such, the manufacturer claims that after simply pressing a button, the Robo VacMop will methodically clean all your floors until they’re spotless, which gives you more time to do the things you love.

As we’ve mentioned previously here at HighYa, it’s often the case that 2-in-1 products typically fail to perform as well as the items they’re intended to replace. With this in mind, does the Robo VacMop’s 5-in-1 cleaning technology really provide you with a better clean, or is it just hype?

How Robo VacMop Works

The Robo VacMop (RYDIS® H68 Pro) is a relatively new robotic cleaning device that claims to vacuum and mop carpets and hardwood floors while tracking its own performance. In addition, the Robo VacMop is claimed to use Smart Vision Mapping and light sensors (known as “Shadow Cleaning”), to locate unclean areas, to detect obstacles, and to avoid collisions—even under beds and furniture.           

In order to accomplish this, the Robo VacMop is claimed operate in 3 cleaning modes:

  1. Vacuum Cleaning – Utilizes only suction, which is ideal for carpets and hard flooring.
  2. Mop Cleaning – Uses a Sweep Pattern to mop without vacuuming (no suction), which can only be used on hard surfaces.
  3. Hybrid Cleaning – Uses Vacuum and Mop modes at the same time to provide comprehensive cleaning, which features a reusable microfiber cloth that dry mops your floors and doubles as a wet mop to polish them to a shine.

As the self-proclaimed first robotic cleaner with an onboard water tank for efficient mopping, the Robo VacMop features a 5oz water tank and 3 evenly distributed “trickle points” that allow the mop to be continuously moistened for up to three hours. In addition, the device’s filter is claimed to capture 99.5% of particles that are 0.3 microns and larger.

From a performance perspective, the Robo VacMop claims to feature a BLDC Suction Motor that provides a longer lifespan, higher power output, and less noise, in addition to easy setup, activation, and maintenance. The Robo VacMop is also claimed to efficiently use energy across all 6 of its modes, including vacuum, mop, hybrid, shadow, double deep clean, and reservation.

Robo VacMop Pricing & Refund Policy

If purchasing the Robo VacMop directly through Moneual Inc., you’ll have 2 options:

  • A 30-day “As Seen on TV” trial for $49.95, plus $29.95 S&H. Afterward, you’ll be billed 5 monthly installments of $89.95, bringing your total to $529.65.
  • Alternately, you can purchase for one single payment of $499.99, plus free shipping (faster shipping options are available for an additional charge).

Note: If you purchase through the “As Seen on TV” offer, your order will include 4 extra reusable microfiber cloths.

The Robo VacMop comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects or failures, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee, less S&H charges. In order to initiate a warranty claim or to process a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 866-399-0600.

The Robo VacMop is also available through Amazon.com, Sharper Image, and several other third-party retailers.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About Robo VacMop?

Overall, the H68 Robo VacMop appears to have evenly mixed online customer reviews, with some of the most common compliments referencing that the mop does a very good job of cleaning wood/laminate surfaces, that it provides a solid cleaning option for those with mobility issues, that any dirt or debris can be emptied easily, and that—at 90 minutes—it has a reasonable running time.

On the other hand, some of the most common complaints reference that the Robo VacMop:

  • Doesn’t clean recessed tile grout well
  • Has difficulty returning to the charger (in fact, numerous consumers claimed that it has difficulty finding its way around in general, especially if new obstacles are added after it’s already mapped a room),
  • That its round design creates difficulty cleaning corners,
  • It’s very loud
  • That it requires frequent maintenance in order to operate effectively

In addition, several consumers claimed that the Robo VacMop may not be ideal for a house with pets, as relatively large areas of pet hair may be missed.

Can Robo VacMop Provide You with Easy Vacuuming & Mopping?

Considering the Robo VacMop’s price, can you really expect it to vacuum and mop as well as it claims? Maybe, although you should consider the following before placing your order:

Value & Performance

When compared to the competition, which can reach $700 or more, the Robo VacMop appears to provide a fair amount of value for the money, especially considering the fact that it vacuums and mops. And based on customer feedback, it appears to do both reasonably well.

Setup vs. Operation

While most consumers claimed that the Robo VacMop is easy to set up, others complained that its physical control interface can be confusing (and even frustrating), requiring that you consult the manual in order to change some of its settings.

Choose When You Use It

Some consumers expressed frustration at the fact that the Robo VacMop continuously had problems finding its way around a room (even after having cleaned it previously), so if this kind of thing annoys you, you probably won’t want to sit around and watch it.

Speaking of which, due to the Robo VacMop’s loud noise, you’ll probably want to make sure no one’s home when it’s running.

Does Moneual Stand Behind the Robo VacMop?

Finally, considering the amount of money you’ll spend on your Robo VacMop, it’s encouraging that all Moneual products come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects or failures, which the company appears to stand behind. In other words, there aren’t any online customers who’ve complained that the company failed to honor their warranty in the instance of a legitimate claim.

However, keep in mind that you will be responsible for shipping the product back to the manufacturer, who recommends that you keep the Robo VacMop’s original packaging in the instance of a warranty claims.

Bottom line

Although the Robo VacMop doesn’t necessarily clean perfectly, it’s ability to vacuum and mop, in addition to its middle-of-the-road price point makes it an attractive option. And if you’re ultimately not satisfied, you can always take advantage of the 30-day return policy.

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