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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Oct 24, 2016

Do you dream of sporting #browsonfleek like Kim Kardashian or Cara Delevingne? Runway Brows claims to offer supreme brow shaping, definition, and color to embolden your over-plucked or graying face-framers.

There’s no escaping that full, shapely brows are on-trend. And, if you feel that you’re lacking in the brow department, chances are that you’ve probably already tried a brow powder, pencil, paste, stencil, or some combination kit to get your brows looking gorgeous.

But, brows are tricky: A touch too dark and you’ve turned into Frida. Slip of the hand and you have to wipe your whole face clean to re-attempt a symmetrical application.

Runway Brows promises to make these brow-related woes a thing of the past with one, simple kit, which claims to help you create even, defined brows in minutes for perfect, salon-quality results every time.

What’s In A Runway Brow Standard Kit?

A Runway Brow Standard Kit comes with two shades of powder to help you create a perfect match: blonde and mahogany.

Worried that the powders won’t be the right color for your complexion? Runway Brows claims that their powders are blendable. You don’t have to pick just one but can mix them to create a shade that matches your skin and hair.

The brow powder is advertised as semi-permanent, meaning that it won’t smudge and is supposed to stay on even if your face gets wet. This is important if you hit the gym after work—no one wants makeup that looks like an impressionist painting after spin class.

Additionally, Runway Brows’ powder is claimed to be paraben and mineral oil-free, which is good news if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, as both ingredients are known to clog pores.

What makes Runway Brows unique isn’t just their powder, but what you do with it. Instead of applying your brow powder willy-nilly, Runway Brows includes brow stencils that help you create the perfect arch.

Beyond brow powder and stencils, every Runway Brow kit comes with a precision application brow brush, which appears to have a thin, stiff edge for precise application.

What’s In A Deluxe Runway Brow Kit?

Runway Brows also offers a Deluxe Kit that includes an additional brow powder in ‘saddle’—a neutral brown that doesn’t have mahogany’s red hues.

The Deluxe Kit doesn’t include any extra stencil shapes. However, it does come with tweezers that are covered by a 10-year warranty. The kit also includes a spoolie brush, which is a cylindrical tool similar to mascara applicators and is used to brush your brows into place.

How Do I Use Runway Brows?

As we mentioned above, Runway Brows includes two shades of brow powder that you can blend to create a perfect match. To do so, just tap your brow brush into each square of powder, picking up pigment until you’ve got the right mix.

Is it your first time using brow powder? Here’s a tip: Once your brush is loaded with pigment, tap it twice on the back of your hand. This causes excess pigment to fall off away from your face, instead of sprinkling all over your already-applied makeup.

How to use Runway Brows stencils? It’s as simple as coloring between the lines.

How to Use Runway BrowsHow to Use Runway Brows

The Runway Brows kit comes with three different stencils. Choose the one that best fits your brow shape, then you’ll just flip it over for application on the opposite side.

To apply, place the stencil over your brow, then sweep the powder to the entire area. According to Runway Brows, the stencil edges will keep your application accurate, leading to symmetrical, defined brows.

Another application tip: It helps to apply the powder in the opposite direction of your hair’s growth. This allows more makeup to get onto your skin, where it will stick to create the illusion of fullness, as opposed to being applied to the hairs, themselves.

Runway Brows Pricing and Refund Policy

Interested in buying Runway Brows? There are two options to choose from. But, be warned, pricing gets a little confusing.

The Runway Brows Standard Kit is available for $19.95, plus $5.99 P&H—that’s $25.94 total. Or, it would be, if you were allowed to purchase a single kit. (You’re not.)

As common with As Seen On TV products, Runway Brows is currently advertising a ‘special online offer’ that doubles each order—for an extra $5.99 P&H. Selecting to receive both kits would bring your total up to $31.93.

We say ‘would’ because those buying the Standard Kit are also made to purchase a bonus pair of tweezers for an extra $4.99 P&H. (That’s on top of the additional $5.99 P&H for your bonus brow kit.)

We’re now totaling $16.97 in P&H charges.

According to the ordering page, the final total for two Standard Kits is $36.92. (That’s $19.95 + $16.97 P&H.)

However, prospective customers should be aware that selecting to purchase one Standard Kit shows a checkout total of $25.98. Note that the additional charges for the extra kit’s shipping and bonus tweezers might be added on afterward, and you should check your credit card statement carefully.

The Runway Brow Deluxe Kit costs $39.95, and is also currently promoted as two-for-one. If you choose to purchase Runway Brows Deluxe Kit, which includes the addition of sable-colored brow powder and the spoolie brush, your order comes with free shipping.

This keeps your total for two Runway Brow Deluxe Kits at $39.95.

Considering that consumers can’t opt-out of the bonus offer, the difference between ordering a Standard and Deluxe kit is only $3. While that makes the Deluxe Kit sound like a far better deal, it’s almost double the $19.95 promised on Runway Brows’ homepage—and the forced extra P&H charges feel a little dishonest.

What if you’re not happy with your Runway Brows order? Each order is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee—minus P&H.

In case you were wondering why on earth Runway Brows charges extra P&H charges for each bonus kit and the tweezers, even though they're all shipped together? It’s because, should you decide to return your product within 30 days, they get to keep that $16.97, which is almost half of the cost of your order.

Is Runway Brows A Unique Product?

In short: No. And, considering the confusion over Runway Brows’ pricing and refund policy, we wouldn’t blame you for looking elsewhere before handing over your credit card number.

What else is out there? Brow powders alone can be purchased at pretty much any store with cosmetics. Target sells multiple brands, including Cover Girl, e.l.f., NYX, and even Maybelline, that offer brow powders and gels.

You can also find them at Ulta, Sephora, Walmart—basically, brows are big business, and you can find powder anywhere there’s makeup.

“But, HighYa,” I can hear you protest, “what about the stencils?” So glad you asked:

  • e.l.f Eyebrow Stencil Kit: $4.90 on Amazon, includes four brow shapes
  • NUOLUX: $5.00 on Amazon, includes eight brow shapes
  • Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils: $4.99 online or in your local Sally Beauty Supply, includes four brow shapes

While it might be a little more trouble to purchase your brow powder and stencils separately, doing so does ensure that you get a better match for your skin tone and face shape. Additionally, each of the stores listed above allows for returns that don’t cost you $16 in shipping.

Bottom Line On Runway Brows?

Finding a brow powder that suits your skin type and tone can be a journey. Those with oily skin, or who sweat more, might find that some powders just don’t stick around for long enough to make the cut.

But, it’s not just staying power that makes or breaks brow makeup. Brows that are too heavily enhanced, or drawn on far outside of their natural shape, can overwhelm the face and distract from your other features.

The problem with stencils is that as much as we’d all love Angelina Jolie’s arch, some of us are simply stuck with brows that have less incline than the Bonneville Salt Flats. Try to paint them up too high, and you risk looking permanently surprised.

We’re not saying brow powders and stencils aren’t a great way to enhance your brows. Additionally, Runway Brows might be the perfect fit for your complexion and face shape!

However, if it’s your first time trying out brow stencils, you might consider picking up a set for around $5 at your local store and practicing, before risking the steep P&H fees that aren’t included in Runway Brows 30-day money back guarantee.

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